Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Surgeon: Andre C. Grant, MD

Hi, I’m Andre Grant, I’m an assistant professor of orthopaedic
surgery here at Duke Raleigh Hospital. As an orthopaedic surgeon, we take
care of musculoskeletal problems and injuries to bones, joints,
muscles, tendons, tissues. In orthopaedics, the patient is,
has to be seen as a whole. The problems that they have,
usually come from an injury, or an overuse problem with a bone, joint,
a ligament, a tendon, or so forth. And so, we have to look at
those patients as a whole, because there are a lot of different
factors that come into play when treating those injuries, whether
they be traumatic, or an overuse variety. So, I feel as though an approach
with the patient as a whole, a more holistic approach
is ideal to get all the pertinent factors out in the open and treat that ailment in the best way
possible with all that information. I see a lot of athletes and
I see a lot of young, athletic patients. They come to me with a myriad of issues. But I think that patient
population is most gratifying. The most gratifying thing I think is to
getting that patient back to their sport, whatever that sport may be. They are so happy when I finally
tell them that they’re free to go, and they can go back to that sport. And the goal for us as the patient and the
doctor is to get them to go back fully, so they don’t have to lose
any more time down the road. And so when I give that go ahead the smile
on their face is just tremendous.

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