Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Surgeon: Lee H. Diehl, MD

My name is Lee Diehl, I’m one of the orthopaedic surgeons here
at the North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic. I’m subspecialty trained
in sports medicine, so that’s what I focus my practice on. Like a lot of people that are orthopaedic
surgeons, especially in sports medicine, my experiences as an athlete through my
school years and in college I think showed me what orthopaedics was because
of having a few injuries and having some interactions with
orthopaedic surgeons at the time. And that was really the genesis
of my interest in medicine, and specifically in orthopaedics. And as I went through my training, I kept
my eyes open to see if there was an area of medicine that would generate that
same kind of interest as orthopaedics. But I kept coming around
to sports medicine because I like the patients
that I work with. I like the type of
problems that they have. And I think that that
allows me to help them. Typically I work with
people from all ages, elementary school kids all the way up
through high school, college, and adults. The kinds of conditions
are primarily sports injuries and other musculoskeletal
overuse type injuries. And I work with them by talking to people,
obviously finding out what their goals and desires are,
what their limitations are, and the problems that they’re having
doing what they wanna do. Any problem has different kinds
of treatments, as I mentioned. Some can be surgical and
some can be nonsurgical. I think it’s a matter of what
the patient’s interested in. Certainly I have a vote in
regards to my experience and what I think the best treatment might be,
but the person has a vote as well. I think a patient should come see me
as part of Duke Orthopaedics sports medicine because we spend a lot
of time learning constantly and trying to come up with
cutting edge treatments, as well as kind of staying abreast
of what’s happening research-wise. And I think we have the ability and
opportunity because of that to provide them with the best treatments that
are available in today’s marketplace.

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