Sports Medicine Specialist: Andrew Kubinski, DO, MS

My name is Andrew Kubinski, and
I’m a non-surgical orthopaedics and sports medicine specialist at Duke Health. I got into this line of work from being
an athlete in high school and college. I really enjoyed learning about the
anatomy and the biomechanics of the body, and how it functions as a whole. I take care of people who
would have strains or sprains, non-surgical ligament injuries,
non-surgical broken bones. All the way up to degenerative
joint diseases or arthritis. I do bring the extra expertise of
ultrasound to my office visits, I might use it to help with
diagnosis of a problem. Or I might use it with the intervention of
some sort, whether it’s an injection or some other new procedures in
orthobiologics or regenerative medicine. I really enjoy helping people maintain
their function for as long as they can. I think that’s something that I
try to strive for personally. And so I really can feel like
I meet the patient there, when we’re trying to figure out, what’s gonna
be the best way to get past an injury. Outside of work,
I like to stay active with daily exercise, as best as I can on a busy schedule. I also enjoy taking hikes outside and being in the outdoors with my wife and
my dog.

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