Spring, Texas Internal Medicine Physician Assistant Sarah Sanders

– Hi, I’m Sarah Sanders. I’m a Physician Assistant in Internal Medicine with Kelsey Seybold. (quiet upbeat music) I think internal medicine is interesting. You never know what you’re gonna see and you learn something new every day. You help a variety of people every day. It’s a really rewarding field
and it’s a really fun field. I think the whole concept behind Kelsey’s approach is awesome. Primary provider can call the
specialist or walk downstairs and ask the specialist
an opinion on something. You’re a team with your patient
and with your colleagues and you all have the same goal. You want excellent care
and you want to do it the most efficient way possible. As a Physician Assistant, I can
treat most of the illnesses, most of the things that patients will come in to see the providers. Basically, we have the
same type of training. It’s just in a shorter timeframe. So it’s a condensed type of training. The more complex medical
cases, I will defer to the MD, or consult with the physicians. I look forward to doing a good job and having something to be
proud of at the end of the day. I mean, it does make you
feel good that you can put a smile on somebody’s
face and actually make them feel better or
continue to feel better.

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