Spring, Texas Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Lucy Buencamino

– Hi, I’m Dr. Lucy Buencamino. I’m in Internal Medicine
at Kelsey-Seybold. (bright music) I enjoy seeing my patients who I’ve known for more than 20 years and also treating their
friends and family. I am excited to get new patients and I want them to know
that this is a partnership. I decided to go into Internal Medicine because my father was also an
Internal Medicine physician. I used to spend time going
on rounds with my dad at the hospital in the Philippines, and being the oldest child in the family, the intent was always for me
to go into Internal Medicine. I like the group practice, lab, x-ray and specialties all under one roof. It’s very convenient for the patients. I like the way that Kelsey has all our specialists integrated and that really helps me
with seeing my patients. Some of the support staff have been with me for over 20 years and we do function like a
team at the nursing station. We are also friends. I am fairly conservative and I don’t like to start
patients on medication right away. I really believe in the same
three things for everything which is that everybody needs to exercise, have a healthy
diet, and get enough sleep. The best part of the job is
seeing that patients improve in their health, and that they
follow the recommendations. The most satisfying thing
that we do here at Kelsey is improve the health of our patients and make them have longer, better lives. (bright music)

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