Spring, TX Family Medicine Physician Dr. Chuong Nguyen

– My name’s Dr. Chuong Nyugen. I’m a family physician
at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (light music) Every day is different
’cause your patient problems, you change, you have
different sets of patients. Every day as you come in
and you listen to problems and you try to help them
out as much as you can. (light music) Kelsey-Seybold is a very big, multi-specialty clinic, diagnostic center. We have 400 plus physicians. It’s big, but it’s also small because each patients are considered individuals. You get to see your primary care doctors, your specialists at your choice. (light music) MyKelseyOnline is a tool that
we can use to communicate with patient and patient
communicate with us back and forth, a very
efficient and effective and timely manner. (light music) Mainly, it’s to prevent
problem, prevent disease in the future that we can prevent. But also improve patient quality of life. Good communication including
listening and responding to the patient’s problems. So I can help people out. I get to see patient for the long range and build relationships
and I can help them with their problem currently
and also prevent problems, disease in the future, keep them healthy. (light music) I got good supporting staff and I’m also volunteered to teach biomedical students. So that’s very rewarding. Keep me up to date. And also, a way of giving back.

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