Spring, TX Family Medicine Physician Dr. Zakia Nuruddin

– Hi, my name is Dr. Zakia Nuruddin. I’m a family physician
at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (cheerful music) I’ve always wanted to be
a doctor since childhood, but now it’s an honor and a privilege that I don’t take for granted and to help people in their hour of need so that’s no greater joy and satisfaction. The variety in family medicine, seeing patients and their families, taking care of the whole family sometimes at the various stages of their lives, people of different ethnicities,
cultural backgrounds. It’s very humbling to guide them into leading more healthier
and happier lives. We can manage the
healthcare more efficiently, referring them to specialties, especially the EMR has really helped us to be an integrated healthcare system. To be attentive and listen to our patients because the information they give us really helps us a majority of the time to come up with a treatment
plan, a diagnosis, and the best way forward. I always think that to be caring and humble is very
important in our profession and to have empathy. That’s my philosophy. So it does give me satisfaction because I can see the patients through the different
stages of their life. We get to know their whole families, the unique family dynamics, and it is really fulfilling
at the end of the day. I’d rather not be doing
anything else besides medicine. It is a very joyful profession, very satisfying and humbling. (cheerful music)

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