Spring, TX Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Frank Hua

– Hi, I’m Dr. Frank Hua. I’m Internal Medicine doctor for the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (upbeat music) Become a doctor was my childhood dream. Two of my uncle was a doctor, are my role model when I was young, so I always want to be a doctor. It’s been a rewarding experience. (upbeat music) Kelsey-Seybold is a multi-specialty group. We have a very good supporting system, strong supporting from the front desk to the medicine personnel, laboratory, x-ray. Between the primary
care and the specialty, we have a good relationship and we help each other. (upbeat music) We share the same epic system, the medical chart. We can assess from the primary care and the specialty doctors. I can see their treatment plan and I can see other and test results. And also, if I have a question, I can just even pick
up the phone, ask them. (upbeat music) MyKelseyOnline actually is
not just you check a lab. It’s, you can make an appointment, you can see your previous appointment, you can see your future appointment, and you can request to refill medicine and also you can send an email, which is encrypted
communication with the doctor. (upbeat music) As a primary care doctor, we really emphasize the preventative care. Treat the patient. If they have the medical condition, we can treat them early. If they don’t have a medical condition, but they do have the family history, or their lifestyle may
be increase the risk of certain medical condition, so that we can start
it from the beginning. I think that’s very important
as a primary care doctor. (upbeat music)

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