Squat Therapy

It is become exponentially better already. Your back, way better. We are going to find a place for Mia to learn. To make mind-body connections. So, the way to do that is to find the right distance and the right depth so that she can find that place where she’s struggling a little bit but also making connections. I’m gonna start with about this far and I’m just gonna analyze her movement with this depth, as well. You’re gonna come in front of the ball … I’m gonna scoot it back just a hair, walk back just a little bit, and the rules are your hands stay close to the wall, but they don’t get to touch the wall and they’re gonna stay relatively close together. Maybe you can interlock your thumbs if you want to, K? Let’s see if I can’t get her to take just a little more of a bow and send those hips back to that ball. Good. OK, knees open harder, harder, harder … good and stand. Let’s do another one. Ready and squat. Back, knees open. Yeah! OK, I got ya. I got ya. Did you see that transition? What happened, Sarah? [student talking] She needs to hold on, but you guys saw there was this moment where she went back her knees went forward, she’s like, no, and I saw her make that switch in between there. That’s the connection I’m talking about. That was really good. So we’re working on it. Couple more. It is working, I promise, it’s working. Hands up for me. Let’s do this, let’s go a little bit wider. Let’s go wider with your hands. Let’s see if that might help her out just a hair. Ready, nice and slow, girl. Come on back, reach back, stop right here. Back again a little bit more, hold on to the ground for me hold onto the ground, knees go open, little bit lower, you’re doing really great. Good job, you’re almost there. Hold on, I gotcha. I gotcha. You’re almost there. Right here, now stand. Quick. Better. How was that? It’s OK. I mean, I know how bad it is, so I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s beautiful, right. It’s so much better, yes. This is really awkward for people, especially in this environment where it’s like, man … Her squat isn’t bad, so I want you to get rid of that right now. It is become exponentially better already … your back, way better. We’ve got better movement pattern, you’re aware of things now.


  1. A lot of people on here thinking they know the right way to teach the squat loooooooooool. One thing I've learned through myself and training others is different strokes for different folks and there is no definitive way of how you should teach someone the squat. Stop talking like you know better than the next person in the fitness industry…..YOU DON'T! Know one does, that's the truth.

  2. I really don't want to jump on the crossfit hate bandwagon but these videos are always super cryptic and confusing. The cues they use and the methods of teaching are so convoluted and it's just awkward at times. Plus, the squat is arguably the hardest movement and everyone will develop a different technique for it

  3. I hate it when coaches are really condescending like she was just then, she was just way too smiley and fake, everyone's an adult there, just be normal. Plus, I really don't feel like she taught anything at all, from what we saw. Bit of a pointless video in my opinion.

  4. I don't think she's teaching the squat in the wrong away , actually using a box it's pretty useful for beginners , the only thing I don't get, why is she so super-excited ?

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