SSP Defibrillator Defender AED Cabinet

SSP Direct’s best-selling Defibrillator Defender
is designed so that AEDs are instantly available in areas where they are most needed, whether
inside or out. Fitted with a combined audio alarm and strobe
light, this product has grown rapidly in popularity because it also deters anyone looking to misuse
or steal life saving equipment. To set the alarm, simply use one of two keys provided.
Once in the set position, the alarm will sound. This alarm can be set at either the lowest
setting of 75 decibels, or the higher one of 100 decibels. If you are the authorised
user, you can turn it off with the same key. Better still, an authorised user may turn
it off before opening the cabinet door, as you can see demonstrated here. Around the edge of the unit is a rubber gasket.
This is there to stop any water or moisture seeping into the Defibrillator Defender, and
ultimately affecting your AED’s performance. On both the edge of the door and the base
is a contact.These contacts trigger the alarm to sound when the door is open. To the right of the cabinet is a smooth action,
quick-release thumb lock. This simply needs to be turned 90 degrees to open the cabinet.
As a further deterrent, and to identify when the unit has been tampered with, there is
a hole jutst above the thumb lock. A break seal (also available from SSP Direct) can
be inserted, as shown here.Alternatively, you can go one step further and insert a key
locking padlock or combination padlock. The Defibrillator Defender is attached to
the wall using the four polycarbonate lugs provided. These are pushed into the rear of
the cabinet and then, using the screws provided, can be attached accordingly. Alternatively, for greater security, you may
wish to attach your cabinet to the wall using the semi drilled pilot holes in the rear of
the cabinet. The backplate and wire rack are both made from tough wearing metal, meaning
it can hold any weight of AED. The model shown in the video is our External Defibrillator
Defender. Also available in this range are; An internal Defibrillator Defender, with the
alarm on the outside to maximise the space inside the unit. We also do a heated version of our External
Defibrillator Defender. This ensures that the AED that it contains is always ready for
use, no matter how severe the conditions. This just needs to be attached to the mains
by a qualified electrician. Finally we do key locking and thumb locking
cabinets without alarms. For more information on ou full range of AED
cabinets, please see our website,, or ring us on 0844 997 0101.

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