St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program

a therapy dog program has been one of those great areas that we’ve branched off to into recent years I have been very very greatly impressed by the therapy dogs because it is an extraordinary therapy we actually visit a hospital here in Toronto so we kind of evaluate when we walk in what kind of patient we have and the ones that we know love dogs and there’s some that they said they don’t even talk and then when they see Bridget come in it’s like oh she’s here she’s here I can’t wait to see her you know I guess they have a lot of doctors and nurses prodding at them all the time and the patients do and the dogs just give a bit of stress relief and anxiety relief and because the real dogs really don’t want anything from the patients so we go into the libraries we have about five libraries in Burlington she lays down on the floor just like this in the library and the kids come with their books the hell their books up there in the dark and it’s absolutely amazing and because the dog is is not threatening is not too judgmental the child grows in self confidence we’ve seen children go from stuttering unable to read a sentence to reading all chapters in a space of six months they don’t have to be specifically trained for this volunteer work they just have to be a quiet stable dog that enjoys being patted and you know constant attention she’s good with children if you’ve got a nice dog who you think could work with the John Ambulance go for it they’d love to have you it’s a lot of fun and just the unconditional love that dogs to people there’s nothing else like it it’s you can’t measure it you can’t measure the happiness you bring to other people and you go home with that feeling it just makes your day a little smile from somebody who’s been in a nursing home who hasn’t had visitors and you’re able to take that home with you is wonderful maybe people that haven’t smiled for a whole week since last time he’s been there and they like right up and it’ll bring out memories of maybe when they had a dog when they were living at home you go into a hospital or a nursing home and you see the joy on people’s faces and their smiles you walk away with a warm heart and you really truly know you’ve done something wonderful for this world and and I want to congratulate it’s enjoined in the caravana on this superb program having our dogs interact with seniors interacting with children just an opportunity to have that animal layer it’s very disarming it’s very comforting for that individual and it just gives us a new way to be able to branch out to Canadians you


  1. LOVE This!  So excited to be partnering with your organization for Spin for the PAWS event this May!  Way to go to the humans and therapy dogs for all you do to make our world a better, kinder place.

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