St. John Hospital Medical Education – Emergency Medicine Residency

so I kind of remember my first day we had a patient with unstable vitals in stage renal disease on hemodialysis I think the potassium was maybe seven or so and the chief resident walked up to me and says this patient needs a central line now and you initially feel a little bit of panic but then you realize I mean the expectation is that you can do this procedure there is no hierarchy of patients you see first come first serve starting from day one and I think that just strengthens the experience you have here at st. John the big factors were things that I already knew that we're gonna get a lot of autonomy to do you know to basically learn and experience what we needed to to make ourselves competent physicians and I knew we were doing it with some of the best in the business so I felt pretty good about it and I knew what I was getting into I don't know how you guys feel but else I was the complete opposite I didn't know anything about this program at all I'm gonna start interviewing I you know I just started asking around and one of our chief residents next year did his 30 rotations here and he's like yeah man this hospital is great you should come check it out and I'd never know anything about it and when I interviewed here so I was talking to more people I mean it seemed great what I liked about coming to st. John was everyone felt like a family and I figured that out when I was a medical student and realized how much I want to do your part see John I was the exact same as you I'm from Windsor Ontario and I knew I wanted to do emergency and thought there's no better place to train for emergency medicine than here and I rotated here like you're saying Lindsay it was just like it felt like home it's just everybody felt so welcome well we've got obliged to bring you into the favour it's fair and I didn't have any experience at all with st. John I mean I'm from Philly and my advisor in Philly was one who told me that it would be a good idea to check out Detroit and I came out here and this was all about the interview day for me it was everybody really enjoyed their time with each other everyone's very friendly it was obvious that the residents were happy and that they were happy with their training and with the faculty and then the fact that it's one-stop shopping that we have our own peds that we have our own everything and that we don't have to outsource our education to other sites was really it's really pretty cool but it was really along the interview trail that I realized how much you know I like this program and even speaking to an attending at an outside Hospital that had nothing to do with it you know st. John said that st. John without the best residents of all the programs in the area yeah people would ask me why why are you staying in the tray like this opportunity to leave and my response is always why would I go anywhere else yeah I knew it when I'm done here and go anywhere yeah yeah it's exactly what Beck was telling me when she went back to Philly to interview they're like why you got trained in PR in the interview for jobs was almost over by the time I showed up and say like oh well you trained in Detroit it's like yes I trained in Detroit and it's busy and we see as much drama as you think we see and I think I'm ready to you know practice in Philly after training in Detroit and this is not a program where the intern has to staff with the third year who has to staff with a fellow who then gets to staff with the attending who has six other residents to talk to it's you and it's the attending and so you get your direct learning from the attending all the time even the med students speak directly with the attendings one of the things I really like about this program is that we're able to get credentialed an ultrasound as a third year I've done a lot of scans but the bottom line is that I mean I think that even as a first year I was feeling really comfortable at least doing procedures you know after my month of doing ultrasound with dr. bunting and in the department you know I'm teaching third year internal medicine residents you know in the ICU it's it's amazing like how many people are uncomfortable with ultrasound and how comfortable I am yeah we have such great teachers here and you know I mean during our alter someone's we get so many different scans and we get so proficient at doing simple things like IV lines family friend of mine is an ER and he paid someone privately like thousands of dollars to teach them how to use an ultrasound because he's like this is definitely the way with the future of ER because I can to not be able to do this is a skill I mean you can't you can't miss out on I mean they're so accessible you know why miss out and go to a program that doesn't have them I'm heading to South Dakota and I mean I'm gonna be in the biggest city in South Dakota in our emergency department he's 27,000 people a year and you know just when I was talking with them they were like not even concerned about do you think that you can handle it the questions were more like are you gonna be bored here yeah they have a really good sim curriculum they actually asked me next year to schedule more time with more residents cuz they really want to expand it I mean it's not just things like I'm REM but you do you see lots of cases that you don't necessarily see on a day-to-day basis and that's the point is it I mean it's really a state-of-the-art sim facility and they've got a really really cool curriculum with lots of different cases of yangtze as a first year it kind of takes a lot of the pressure off seeing how comfortable you guys are and how easily how easy you found jobs takes a lot of pressure off us you know because there is that fear of how am I going to learn all of this how am I gonna you know become a doctor in three years and seeing how comfortable you guys are and how the first year attendings that we work with how comfortable they are who trained here it's it you know it makes it seem like it's possible we can get there in a short period of time

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