St. John Hospital Medical Education – Pediatric Residency Program

I'm Kate Bruni I'm a first year resident in the pediatric department I am a native to southeastern Michigan and kind of a homebody so I was looking to stay in the area it's a great place to live a great downtown area with some great suburbs and a great family values so I really didn't want to move away I love my four seasons as crazy as that sounds there's something really magical about this area there's huge diversity you go five minutes this way and you're right in the middle of downtown and all that high stock where you go five minutes this way and you're on the lake and a big lake we're not a free-standing Children's Hospital which I actually think is a benefit we have a lot of other specialties in the hospital like family medicine adult medicine adult surgery and not just associating with people who only see kids so it brings a wider knowledge base to the hospital for me having education built into my day was incredibly important and as a student I kind of realized that when I rotated even at Saint John that having that education day and day out was really important it's kind of strange people think oh Pediatrics you're just gives to kids all day and then when you really delve into all the different specialties within Pediatrics it's really kind of overwhelming but I think we get a nice exposure we spend quite a lot of time just on general pediatrics we have a lot of impeachment months a lot of clinic months we also have great specialties we have an NICU and a PICU in house we have pediatric surgeons in house and that's huge my first day wasn't as terrifying as I knew a lot of the people there just from the interview process and from orientation and everyone had been really welcoming and friendly and the nurses were really helpful the other residents were really helpful and even though they were stressed because it was their first day as big second years and in charge like they were still taking the time to say okay Kate are you ok what do you mean I do you have any questions did you find what you were looking for oh that was helpful if they're not just your work colleagues and you spend too much time for it just to be like oh these are the people I work with there you end up spending so much time that it's really I mean it's your family I see them way more than I see my baby it feels strong strong friendships and I think that that's that's fun and we we definitely take advantage of it when we can so I mean I guess you can see the person hippy has to be a little more enthusiastic than other professions because this is what we deal with every day and that's why we went into it we love kids even if you're having a bad day you walk into a room and a kid smile in ition it makes it all worth it you

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