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hey guys in this video we're going to be talking about big ABA changes that are coming that we're implementing as of today I'm really excited to talk about it and so it's good all right so for the last month or so we have been thinking about making some adjustments to ABA therapy the main reason that I started thinking about making adjustments was because of school after this year's IEP and seeing all of the disorganization with regards to school and how there was not enough aides and how they weren't providing enough assistance to Christian so for the last year or more he has had consistently five days of ABA therapy to two hours a day in-home ABA therapy that had to change in the beginning of this year January 2019 because of insurance problems we switched insurances um the whole state funded assistance changed everything changed and the left us in a situation where we had to adjust and we had to go down in hours and I do believe that that affected him a little bit he was doing really well before that in December doing a lot of milestones and he kind of just like stayed neutral and then kind of went down a little bit so and then with school how they lost an aide and all of that just made me kind of like start thinking and like trying to focus okay what can we do to make this better for DC on and after talking with Hugo and my family we decided that we're gonna try to do more ABA hours and that's a big decision to make not only because you have to pull them out of school for more hours but also because it's a lot of money ABA cost a lot of money and to do more hours you know we have to see how we can find actually do it so that's one thing that we had to consider but you know with how police and was doing in school we felt like it was very much something that was needed so the changes that we're gonna be doing is we're gonna be going from only in-home ABA therapy to clinic based ABA therapy which is a it sounds fancier it sounds more than it is it's pretty much still the same ABA still the same the same plan and everything it's just that it's gonna be not at home in clinic it's gonna be still with the same our boutique but it's gonna be with other kids that are on the autism spectrum and it's going to be in that space and he's not just going to be in a little cubicle working you know his table work anything like that it's gonna have engagement with the kids in a breakfast lunch and like kind of playtime with the other children so it's kind of like school except every child has their RBT so it's one-on-one 100% Monday and Wednesday he's going to be going to clinic ABA and he's gonna be going for seven and a half hours for Monday and Wednesday and on Friday he's gonna still have his in-home maybe two hours so that's a big change that's that's instead of doing two hours for those four that day my name Tuesday he's gonna be doing seven and a half hours so it was very exciting but also scary so I'll go ahead and jump back to this morning where it all began I decided to record everything for his first day I was very excited and Christian you'll see in the video I'll go ahead and roll the clips hey guys we're gonna make a quick stop to get some snacks like bananas some pretzels little things he can munch on hey buddy we're actually right on time we left Haiti at 8:00 so we have about 45 minutes before he has to go into therapy okay so from the 99-cent store we got pretzels that he likes prettiest and decided he wanted some of these which are probably not great but hopefully keep us and get them every day I'm gonna leave these things in the in the clinic and the therapy clinic and bananas you can't go wrong with eating we're gonna get going now there's Cristian hi buddy hi buddy you're gonna have an awesome day home hey Stan remember I told you you're gonna be seeing him here for a few hours okay does this kind of like school you're gonna have new friends here baby you're gonna have such a good time you're gonna eat snacks and play and work with your friend good times all right we should probably get going cuz it's probably a long walk to the actual center and I'd rather be early than late let's go ready for therapy yay let's go buddy come on this way so I just dropped them off I feel happy but a little nervous he was a little nervous I could tell he was um he's a little bit like why are we here he kept looking around but he seems happy afterwards yeah but I love seeing all the little kids I saw like four kids and they were all super excited and loud and happy and like all the therapists seemed super friendly so I'm excited she said she's gonna give me updates and I asked for a school letter because of course I can't just take him out and I'll get anything for that for the school so yay so far so good I'm happy I feel happy leaving him he seemed okay we're gonna go to Target to get some snacks and other essentials but I actually got off the phone my husband and he mentioned to me how I should give the insurance a call because last time in the beginning of the year when we were changing everything up our a B provider said everything approved but it actually didn't sunlight so after three transfers and talking to somebody that wasn't the most polite I got the confirmation that it was approved so yeah hey guys I just got home from Target I did some shopping for some essentials and I just got the first text from Christine's BCBA and everything looks great they said he is adjusting well to the time you know the extended time change and I'll go ahead and sit down with you guys when I get home I need to drop off everything and and I'll talk to you guys a little bit more about what's going on my next mission is to take everything down in one one go will I achieve it I'm weak the universe is against me having a nice garden it's not even summer yet / Eliza what are you doing okay saying do you want to tell her friends what a great day you had you did so good in speech as well you were very engaged I'm proud of you you know that I am super proud of you you're proud of yourself – hum buddy is that how we do sunny yes all right so for his first date I couldn't have asked for a better day as you can see and he seemed a little anxious in the beginning but when I picked them up I picked them up and he was in the play area and another RVT and another child and he was I could just tell he looked happy and content and he hadn't seen me yet so I thought like you know the impression of just seeing him observing him without him seeing me and then when he saw me he got happy you know he gave you a little smirk like oh hey ponder here so when he came over I set him down and I said oh holiday I'm so happy they told me had a great day he was just all Smurfs and giggles kind of like right when I spoke to TC RVT he did say that he had a really good day but he was not sure how he was gonna react to the hours and the change but if he rude he reacted amazing he didn't have any behaviors other than the ones like he usually does which are his thin hands sometimes stood in the way of his work and also some things he'll hit the wall hit the floor hit the table you know anything he can kind of like stim on so other than usual since he didn't have any other problems he would respond to his name I noticed that when he said biting his RVT and when he said bye to the other RBT all they had to do was you know per se SE se by increasing would immediately waves I was very like impressed at how much he was engaging and aware and in the morning I when I saw him interacting with some of the kids he was just a little bit like what's going on there's kids okay you know song I'm excited to see how Wednesday goes um they did say he had two accidents on the on his pull-up but he also did go two times on the on the toilet and that he ate all of his lunch which I'm surprised I wasn't sure if he was going to but mmm sounds like he had a really good day I'm very happy because he seems happy even now and I don't know if it goes together but he had a really good speech day as well he was very engaged and he got like six out of eight right of identifying and he did really want with the pack so overall really good day but tomorrow he has school and then Wednesday he has another clinic ABA day so I'll go ahead and update you guys probably Friday or Saturday next time I try to vlog and let you guys know how that goes but for the first day I say it's a success and I'm very excited school and 8th May so that gives me about a month to see how things go and if everything is going in order I will discuss with the BCBA trying to get at least one more day more hours in the clinic so instead of summer school I'm just doing a BA in clinic hours because summer school was not the greatest last year more than anything because it's disorganized and it's kind of just like the kids do as they please – not very structured so I'd rather have structure and hours of him engaging in work versus just being washed at and at a classroom that the teacher doesn't really know what's going on with him so I'm excited and hopefully everything was well we could have more hours later on and also with insurance because insurance made it a lot harder than I thought they were gonna make it we had to get a doctor's script is what they call it saying that please he and his autism requires 40 hours of ABA therapy and after that they decided to go ahead and approve it so I wasn't expecting so much of a push from insurance but so they made it a little bit harder I was hoping to start like two weeks ago but because of insurance we had to hold off on it so yeah I'll let you guys know how that goes I'm very excited and see you guys real soon thank you bye


  1. We are so happy with our Clinical ABA. My twins are thriving. I used to work in Special Education for CCSD and what we are getting in Clinical ABA is more than CCSD could ever provide.

  2. Yay! He looks happier💙 it makes me happy. How’s the potty training! We need more updates! I’m still struggling with my one boy but my Sebastian is officially in underwear! Finally😩an almost 9 year old in pull ups was not easy 🤦🏽‍♂️also, the Autism walk is this Saturday here in LA! I wish you guys lived closer my daughter has been dying to meet Haydee and Christian, she’s 6 I think she has a little crush on your boy over there😂we love you guys

  3. Yay Christian love how he's so happy my little guy Tatum started ABA in January an Tatum has been doing awesome they have been teaching him how to use his tablet to communicate well the other day there was this lady who as we were getting out of the car about to head in for ABA she says to don't you think your son is to old for a binky I said who are you to tell me what my son is to old for I said he is 3 an 1/2 the binky is his comfort an I'm not about to take it away from him anytime soon I said I can Imagine how you treat your son an I left it a that an me an Tatum walked inside

  4. That's so great!! We don't do summer school, we just increase aba hours. I think it's way better use of time. Good luck with the changes!:)

  5. That is so exciting! It was great to see you so happy about the enthusiasm of the ABA therapists and Christians productive day at the clinic. Such a contrast from the disappointment after the frustrating IEP meetings at the school 😊👍

  6. Ah so happy he had a good day! How did it go today? I’m a BT and started watching your videos a while back to get tips/ideas on potty training my kiddos.. our clinic has social groups for our kiddos but we don’t have a full day program that is super cool that your ABA company offers that. Thank you for sharing your journey! Hugs!🤗🥰

  7. He looks so happy after his first day! I am so thankful you were able to get Center based ABA for Christian, I think he is going to really excel in that setting! So exciting!

  8. Yay! How exciting, best of luck with this new change! Also, don’t you just hate it when people are rude? Especially when it’s their job to help people. It costs nothing to be nice 😁. Side note: the summer school program provided in my district is VERY unorganized as well it almost seems more like a day care

  9. I still trying to get ABA for my son. I will not have him for a month in summer when he with his dad so I am going try whole month to get ABA for my son.

    I am so happy he had good first day. It sound like ABA does more for him then school does.

  10. Watched till the end.. And I want to thank you for sharing. Yay Christian you got this baby… Dios les bendiga. You guys are a awesome parents. Good job guys!

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