Stem Cell Therapy For Alzheimer’s/Dementia

Year 2008 This is the story of Giulia Serafini, suffering from dementia for over 2 years. These pictures are from before her stem cell treatment. As one can
plainly see, she does not communicate and is 100% care-dependent. February, 2009 Via internet and telephone, she contacts… … The XCell-Center in Cologne, Germany Eduardus Hospital in Cologne, Germany Stem Cell Implantation Day At 3 months, she begins to comprehend speech 5 months after stem cell treatment 7 months after treatment, she has regained 70% self-care capacity. November 16, 2009 Walking on the beach. Conclusion: One can see the difference before and after the stem cell implantation.
Although the disease remains, our family is extremely satisfied with the outcome.

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