Steve Massini, CEO – A Penn Stater at Heart – Penn State Health

I had an uncle that would take it was my
cousin and I and we started I think we still do it today it’s 40 some years
later but when I was 8 years old we would go he would take us out of school
for a week and we would go trout fishing up around all around Centre County
and State College, Penns Creek, Spring Creek Always driving by the stadium and through the campus and around that area
so it just you know to me when when I ultimately got to that age of kind of
thinking about where I was going to go to college you know that that
Pennsylvania and Penn State was always kind of a home to me a second home even
though I grew up in New Jersey I spent summers up there I just it was an area
that it just was felt comfortable to me and interesting it’s really the only place I
wanted to go and you know ended up fortunate not to go there so the Penn
State story continued for me after I went there like most Penn Staters it
kind of get it in your blood and it’s part of what we do couple my daughters
I have three daughters one went to law school I have a sophomore up there now
it’s been in the family for a while for us

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