1. I will also add that I been listening to your videos for almost a week now, daily with the recommended on how many times to listen to them and they work. 🙂

  2. ☕ I often feel like getting up and preparing coffee when listening to a video which is designed to overcome procrastination.

  3. Hey sapien, I have an request for a video since yours are so effective. Can you make one for guys to become a "bad boy" / Alpha male that has to do with having testosterone and being alpha male that attracts and mates with women,successful in general like ambition, working out, muscles, confidence, pride, etc. things that make a man Alpha (from the inside and obviously the outside), something that can be listened to before and after a workout?

  4. Procrastination is a very costly curse and the sad part is we are in fact just losing time, one thing we can never ever get back. Time stops for no one. We take birth and end up on the cosmic conveyor belt of time, basically doing nothing on the ride and oblivious to the fact that the time to alight is also drawing much closer than anticipated. I hope for my sake that this helps me to move. I’ve spent most of my life leaving it for later which never comes until the 11th hour and I do it under fear from impending threat. This has been a constant pattern in my life and I’m now approaching 58 this year, close to retirement and I look back to see all the time wasted and unfulfilled dreams. Sitting alone in my bed in an empty house surrounded by rubbish in a state of depression, knowing what needs to get done and painfully not doing it. A part of this is related to the recent loss of my partner, but this pattern is much older and telling myself off about it doesn’t help. I don’t need to be told what I tell myself every moment but find difficult to implement.

    I’ve told myself to ignore what this video is for and just listen to it, this is my 4th listening. I’ve made myself a promise to report back here to state the changes and I’m not going to listen to any other subliminals by others. The only others are sapien’s removal of subconscious blockages, and the wealth and abundance one.

  5. I've been sitting here doing a project for 2 hours. I don't know if it's this subliminal, but I thought this was worth sharing.

  6. Even in social situations i feel like i always hold back so much of myself. I already (4 listen) feel like im able to talk more fluently.

  7. Hey friends. ♥️ I just want to update Sapien medicin energy work. Been Lucky to be here 3 months. All gratitude 🙏.
    Now I will share what have changed since starting listening his creations. Not only my dear body have changed energy wise, also our owerweight cat have started running around at 4 am, and lost his hanging stomac, our flowers in kitchen, where I normally hear this sound medicin in morning, our plants are simply exploding with life power. Kombucha, that I make regularly have created the most beautifull scooby. ♥️ 🙏🌈

  8. I just came across this video and boy do I need it! I have underactive thyroid and hormone Imbalance, you can imagine how active I am – hello what's exercise LOL the only active part of me is my brain, thank goodness I have something that works. I am blessed to have been guided here, thank you so much.

  9. Anyone else having trouble feeling motivated more than usual lately?… Tired, too. I can't be the only person feeling like the earth energy took a nose dive… Its been bugging me a lot lately.

  10. Why all the viewers don't subscribe to Sapien's Chanel? His work deserves over 1,000,000,000 subscribers ❤️

  11. Day 2 of listening and I only listened to 2 videos yesterday . Today I've been listening for about 2 hourS

  12. FYI. I listen to this video numerous times a day and click "Like" 👍 everytime… but it doesn't stick. Mentioning it because there's no doubt it's a favorite for thousands but not being recognized. Love this vid!!

  13. As an update for those in doubt. Its been a little over a week for me, and I can really tell a difference. I no longer put off cleaning and have started picking up and cleaning every day instead of putting it off and dreading it later. My house has been consistently cleaner for about 4 days now! Which is huge for me! You can do it guys keep trying this really helps! Good luck on the journey to a better you!

  14. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Believe in yourself! Go take back control of your life, time, and happiness! You can do it!

  15. First thought-
    great…I will watch it later-
    Oh it's playing by itself-
    NOW, i'm doing what i'm suppose and I want to… Thank you. lol

  16. This help me tremendously by creating visions of success in my mind, that kind of visions where im actually feeling satisfaction and happines, Making me pumped up to do things. Thank You very much

  17. I have a niece of idk what you call it and she’s a teen.Since a teen is often tired because of hormones and things are growing and changing.Is it still okay for her to use this? Will there be any consequences?

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