Straight Conversion Therapy

– Wait, no, I thought I was
here to talk about my problems. – Yes, heterosexuality is a problem. (big bang) (tense menacing music) Today you’re here for
straight conversion therapy. We are of the opinion that heterosexuality is a mental illness and an addiction that we need to work through. – I know that, like, in middle school I, like, you know, had
some boy crazy moments, but I didn’t think it was that bad. – Let’s talk about your childhood. What we’ve typically found
is that there is some sort of childhood trauma that
has made you straight. – Um, no. – You don’t think so. – I’ve always been straight. – Watching my parents have
a loving relationship. – Four or five years old, I
got a little bit of reputation on the shool yard for
being a heartbreaker. – Like I was always just
attracted to females, that’s just… – Hmm, that doesn’t make
any sense to me at all. – I know. – There must have been some trauma that you can’t remember then that we’re going to have to bring out here in these therapy sessions. I like to tell moms: if
you don’t hug your sons some other woman will. (laughs) – I mean, I don’t think that’s the case. – So what I’d like to do
is I’d like to examine these heterosexual urges you feel. I’ve pulled up a picture of a woman here and I want you to take a look at it. I have here a picture of a man. – Well, it’s Mila Kunis. She is stunning. – She is wearing an
especially busty dress. – Oh my God, I feel like
I look at this picture and I instantly blush (laughs). – And he has a little, like,
nice tan, secret under– Ahh, my lo– What? – Ahh! – The goal of aversion therapy is to introduce a negative stimulus. In the future, when you see a man you might associate this
negative stimulus with that– – With you springing water on me? – Okay, so, when I think about hot guys I’m just gonna get wet. So that’s what you just
did to me (laughs). – It seems like it’s doing
more permanent mental harm. – I don’t think you
springing me with water is going to prevent me from wanting to make out with Zac Efron. – Do we need to try like shocking you? – Oh, I think this is kind of bull (beep). – Okay, so finally I wanna try some behavioral change therapy. If we encourage homosexual behavior then the feelings might follow. – I mean, okay. – Do you have a cat? – Oh yeah, lots of cats. – Okay, you’re basically
halfway there already. You should go home and maybe watch Brokeback
Mountain a couple of times. – Okay (laughs). – Invite your manfriend over
and just see what happens. – I’m not trying to like
hook up with a dude. – How many flannel shirts? – Maybe like four, for the winter. – That’s pretty good. I would recommend maybe
getting one or two more just so you have like one
for every day of the week, you know. – Okay. – It sounds like it’s
really expensive to be gay. – Maybe try taking up
wrestling as a sport. See how that works. – What’s gay about wrestling? – I am a l… – Likable person! – So I have one more question for you. Are you gay now? Did it work? – No. – Everything you have said to me today has had zero effect on my sexuality. – I like who I like. That’s pretty much all there’s to it. – Reparative therapy views
most same-sex attractions as reparations for childhood trauma. – I would be pretty offended
if someone were to say, “You are just straight, because
you probably got molested “when you were a kid.” – I think it’s a little
(beep) up to just assume that everyone who is gay had
like a traumatic childhood. – Beginning in the 1930s
aversion technics were used to eliminate or diminish
an undesired response by repeatedly pairing
the undesired response with an unpleasant condition. So basically, they are zapping people whenever they look at naked
people of the same gender. – I think it would make
you afraid to have feelings about anything. I don’t think that would,
like, make you straight. – I don’t think it really works. I don’t think people should be doing it. It’s probably just more harmful. – I don’t see how it could work. (hopeful music) – It’s here! It’s here! – (shouting) It’s here! – It’s here! – It’s here! Get it! – Get it!
– Get it! – There!
– There! – I think they got it. Get it! – Yeah, you get it! – It’s here!


  1. This is not funny. Being gay is okay. Being lesbian, bi, including straight is okay. Stop making a ‘joke’ out of something so sick.

  2. Conversion therapy is so much worse than this though…? They break people down for months as a phase 1 and a lot of people kill themselves because they end up hating themselves so much.

  3. When I came out I was always scared my mom would send me to a conversion camp or some Christian school, cause my friend came out a year before me and her mom wasn't that supportive and called her fat and abused her.

  4. The repressed childhood memories thing is too popular and some therapists (mine and a friend's) will us this and say it's not conversion even when you tell them

  5. This can’t be compared to homosexuality. He’s trying to reverse what’s being told to gays. But it’s not the same, being gay is OK, but it’s NOT Normal, naturally it’s not normal, so that’s why people tried to change gays, cuz men and women go together like a puzzle, men and men and women and women don’t. Opposites attracted, women who are weaker are attracted to alpha men who are big tall masculine, deep voices , who they feel they can protect them. Men like the small gentle soft skin venerable girl, who they can take care of and protect like the man they are. How are gays attracted to each other ? Is it just sexual for them?? One person in the relationship has to be the weaker one right, what man gives up his masculinity to the next? Anyways it all confuses me, really!!!

  6. I was about to rant off in the comments about the guy….

    But then I realized that this was a joke video

  7. Conversion therapy is terrible. There is no question. But this was kind of ridiculous and I don’t see how this would make a positive impact on our society. How is this bringing up change?

  8. Can we get some… "conversion therapy.. therapy?"
    I'd like to chase that guy with a spray bottle full of mace

  9. Not even gonna lie, I watched this video and cried. It's terrifying! They classically condition people to associate a negative reaction to sexual arousal, which can be extremely dangerous and detrimental do health. If my mother hadn't been so utterly wonderful and been completely accepting of me when I came out, this could have been me. What the absolute hell, people are f*cking insane.

  10. Ohhoo well you say they don't use aversion techniques anymore, but my dad's pastor doesn't see it that way. He kept poking me with needles until I said and acted straight. He doesn't know I'm banging his daughter lol.

  11. "Do you have a cat?"
    'Yea, I have tons of cats!'
    "Oh, you're basically half-way there already."

    too true tho ndbjkdhn,gh

  12. There's alot of things I wanna comment but instead I'll just say that the guy looks like Vladimir Putin

  13. They should do an “asexual conversion therapy” and just show them pictures of hot people and give a “positive stimulus” 😂

  14. I get what they are trying to accomplish with this video but it really doesn't reach the actual severity of conversion therapy. Like they've made serious videos before maybe treat this less like a fun game of what if it happened to cishet people and more like the serious and horrific practice it is.

  15. Conversion therapy is evil. People have committed suicide because of it. The fact that the Vice President of America supports it is ridiculous and I hate it.

  16. “We designed a therapy session based on real stories” (watched But I’m a Cheerleader and decided to make s video)

  17. Wow no RIP buzzfeed you officially hate straight people now instead of straight white males

  18. I'm not sure what I am, to be completely honest.
    I like both guys and girls, but I would NEVER have sex with a guy.
    I do not think I would have sex with a girl either, but that could just be the fear talking.
    I literally feel like vomiting at the very idea of having sex with a guy.
    Then again, I am perfectly happy not being with anybody at all.
    I feel like if I were to get into a relationship, it would be with a girl.
    However, I am not actually "out" to anybody, considering how confused I am.
    I would not know how to even begin a relationship.
    Yeah, I am just going to be alone forever.
    Maybe I will get a cat or something.

  19. What I like about this is that straight people are put in a situation where they have to justify their sexuality

  20. God forbid you actually revert back to the normal sexuality. Conversion therapy does work btw, otherwise you wouldn't have ex gays promoting it and several non activist psychologists promoting it. Like Robert Spitzer of the APA (who was pro gay and led to homosexuality being taken off the DSM) who wrote that homosexuals could, in fact, go back to heterosexuality if they are willing to try.

  21. Being gay is the natural state as there is nothing mentally compatible with the opposite sex. And if homosexuals did reproduce they would have out number opposite sex couples 1000 to 1 by now, the fact opposites breed does not make their relationships natural nor compatible with each other hence the divorce rate. I often wonder what society would look like if having babies was left solely up to the men to decide instead of allowing the woman to fall pregnant and informing the male 'oh look we are having a baby'! All hetro men should put their sperm on ice and have vasectomies at 15 instead of allowing females which like sex just as much as men to black mail them with child guilt!!

  22. So at the start I’m sitting here laughing at their reactions and then I realised “Crud…this is what my PARENTS might out me through this…”
    And actual conversion therapy is WORSE?!

  23. Ah yes. I remember being given a rubber band to wear on my wrist and snap it every time I had homosexual thoughts. My poor wrist was just about raw at the end of every day.

  24. this is laughable until you realize they are teaching similar things to young children in American schools. A form of straight conversion therapy.

  25. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉🤣😉😉😉😉😉😉

  26. This seems like it's supposed to be comidic and acted out but it gives me mixed feelings.

    On one hand: it let's less educated people (on the subject) understand it better.

    On the other hand: this stuff is horrible and shouldn't be taken lightly.

  27. I love how this is taking the truth of gay conversion therapy and turning the tables to explain it to other people in a ligher way…

  28. Wtf is this world coming to now we getting encouraged to be homosexual? The world's population is getting too big to the point where not everybody will be able to be fed, sheltered ect. This is the plan to stop our world from getting over populated FACTS whether ur ignorant about it or not!

  29. Evil.

    The Five Sins that Cry to Heaven:
    1. Voluntary murder
    2. Homosexual acts
    3. Oppression
    4. Taking advantage of the poor and marginalized
    5. Injustice toward the wage earner

  30. If a straight person can turn gay.
    Then a gay person can turn straight.
    Very simple.
    Have you noticed that gay people act very slutty around hot men. And they keep on saying that straight men all have a gay side,they say straight men can be gay.
    But if people say that gay people can turn straight,all gay people act mad. They say that they can’t change themselves.
    What fu**ing hypocrites they are. Gay people want hot men to turn gay. But when people say they should try becoming straight,they act mad and offended.

  31. Everyone is a product of heterosexuality. I hate the west so much, Islam needs to get here and slaughter these western infidels.

  32. My pastor has a gay friend who he sent through conversion therapy. The pastor has stated that he’s ‘making progress’.
    When he told us that, I didn’t know what to say. So I just left.

    If my pastor’s friend just so happens to be reading this, please know there’s nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful and kind and amazing. You are perfect the way you are.

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