1. At least she is in a decent neighborhood. I actually hope she got arrested and was given an inpatient treatment option.

  2. I did run straight up
    But I was 18 to 22
    I mean like nearly a fifth a day, if I ate two slices of pizza that was awesome
    Smoke cigarettes and drink pass out
    I am a true addict, I went from substance to substance
    Glue, white out and solvents
    Benzos in 100 pill pharmacy bottles of course stolen by my pharmacy friend
    Halcion valium Xanax restoril
    Opiates from my coke loving old friends with Ms contin and oxu contin scripts
    Cheap off the block coke crack
    Heroin and fentanyl
    I got clean in jail
    Years clean, broke my leg in half….did some drugs nothing appealing to me not drinking not benzos or opiates not coke or even heroin
    Like I did in such extreams I couldn't touch them… thank you God I only revisited a little bit because I was seriously that addict
    But I only drank like that for a while and later could not

  3. At one time, in her, your life, she was being trashed, that life is repeated trauma, repeated trauma

    As in abuse,

  4. If you not there you didnt understand inside of people went through i was one of them i drank every night Vodka straight only 1n half month i became alcoholic that time i lost everything my kids my money my heart felt hopeless i thought that only one best friend i can trusted was "Vodka"

  5. the clear just like water laced with fire,probably the worst of the demon dancing spirits,took my brothers life in a flash aged 45

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