1. This sounds so nice! I’m told we are not allowed to bring a bag for clinicals-everything has to fit in scrub pockets

  2. The one thing no one mentions is after your nursing career. You will spend a lot of time crying in retirement. So, do your job with the best faith indeed and love yourselves everyday. Much love to all you good great nurses.

  3. Robin, what tips would you give to adults that are in nursing school after years of being a parent?

  4. I'm an LPN student and I totally love the little bandage scissor holder with pens. I use mine all the time and it is inexpensive. I like how prepared you are. I totally need to invest in some Listerine spray (brushing isn't always 100% at 7AM), travel deodorant, and a better watch. I had a tiny, white watch I bought which was "water resistant" and of course it drowned one day after clinicals in my shower. Invest in a "water proof" watch because you will get wet as a nurse! Another important item for me was keeping a pocket-sized drug guide instead of lugging around a huge drug guide that I could not take to the floor. It saves you a trip to the storage room or employee lounge to look up some drug you forgot. Also, your clinical notebook should not be big and full of mess. The most you will need is a folder to keep assessments, vital signs, I&O's, nurse's progress notes, medication list, and a timeline sheet so that you do not forget when you actually performed a task before you chart it. Helpful reminders such as head-to-toe example assessments, braden skin score assessment, etc. are really great to keep in your folder so you do not leave out anything in your assessment.

  5. Hi Robin!!
    I really enjoy your work!! I am starting my nursing school journey after 21 years as a stay at home mom as well.I love your channel and will visit again.

  6. Wow! I wish I had seen these before I started Nursing school.  You touched on every thing I got yelled at !  These videos are excellent!  I will be sure to pass them along to other students!

  7. I love your videos! I just got into a career and tech program for health careers in my high school. I wanna be come a nurse and love watching these videos!

  8. i truly enjoy all the info and help you give us i will be starting only pre-reqs great inspiration love your videos and keep them coming you are great robin and it is a journey i hope to go and take bsn but with your advice it is great to find you thank you soo much 

  9. You are so caring. In most of your videos you always make sure your prepare and have extra for your classmates. I pray I have the resources to help out my classmates like that. #role model much

  10. this is a good video! I am in a RN program as well! I have 2 more semesters left and it does really require working hard! thanks so much I will be watching all of your videos!

  11. I have watched almost all of your videos and yes, you are very helpful. I'm looking to hopefully starting in January at SPC in Florida.

  12. Use that nervousness to keep you on your toes, but more so, I want you to be excited! You worked hard for this…enjoy it all! You'll figure it out and be wonderful. 🙂 Let me know how your first week goes, ok?

  13. I am entering my program next month and your advice is awesome! I must also say that your classmates are lucky to have you because you are really special to think of them the way you do! Keep the vids coming honey!

  14. Another great video, Robin! When I get closer to clinicals, I'll definitely be printing your list out and using it as my jumping off point. My start date is getting closer!

  15. Thank you so much for your videos. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and giving tips to those of us just entering nursing school.

  16. I love your videos! Could you do a video like how you studied in nursing school. Your study routine.

  17. I LOVE your videos. Can't wait to see your upcoming videos. I'm starting my first semester of the RN program on 8/26 🙂 Do you have any suggestions on "extra" books to buy? Books that aren't mandatory but helpful. I did by Mosbys Pharmacology pocket guide. I'm looking for any suggestions on NCLEX books and others. Thanks so much.

  18. Never too late honey! I've realized we are meant to do and go through things when we do…good or bad, it's all part of our journey. Doing something new and having to "start over" can feel intimidating, but if it's REALLY what you want, you have the desire, then go for it. Live for you…life's too short.

  19. Hi Cooper! Great question…and it will be answered within this series. 🙂 Thank you so much for watching.

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