Student Profile: Wendy Goldstein, University of Maryland School of Medicine

My name is Wendy Goldstein, and I am from
St. Louis Missouri, and I got my undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, College
Park, and I am a dual degree in molecular genetics and in public health. The faculty at Maryland…they are all fantastic. I think you have a really great mix of PhDs,
who can give you things from a research perspective, as well as a lot of people who are fantastic
clinicians as well. All of the faculty are extremely approachable
and that’s important. During your first two years, every lecture
is at the end of it “if you’re interested, come talk to me, follow me in the clinic,
come do research with me.” And that is really warm and opening. The Office of Student Research here is a great
resource for students who are interested in doing research either at this institution,
doing it at another institution, or abroad. So the thing that is nice about the Office
of Student Research is that they can take your interests and direct you to where that
is, whether it is here at the University or somewhere else. My classmates? They’re a very diverse group of students and
everyone is very close knit, especially in the first two years, especially during anatomy
when everyone is in anatomy lab together. Everybody is very close friends. And I think as you get into the third and
fourth year, everyone is kind of at different hospitals and exploring separate interests,
and it becomes difficult to maintain the friendships that you hadin the first year when you were
all together. but I do think that what’s important is that
I have maintained a close-knit group of friends that do make an effort to find time to see
each other. I never felt as though my classmates were
cut-throat or competitive with each other. I think for the most part, people are mostly
competitive with themselves, and people have been great with sending out review spreadsheets
of the list-serve or websites that were helpful for studying. So I think all-in-all, the class is very cohesive
in the sense that everyone wants to help each other to be the best that they can be.

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