Student Spotlight: Tomi Ifelayo, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

I pick nail because I think they cared about what I cared about when I came to interview Mayo was one of the only schools basically was the only school that actually cared about the things that were important to me I remember I wrote in my personal statement that I did not want to be a cookie cutter physician I didn't want to be the cookie cutter pretty attrition that everyone sees and everyone knows exactly what they're going to do next that wasn't me and it's never been me and here I can be the kind of physician that I want to be and I have that chance and I'm allowed to differentiate if you will when I came I saw that people here were genuinely happy they were here whoever was here it could be whoever they wanted to be here and so that was kind of an underlying thing but it became more pronounced as I was here and I went through classes and I went through interactions and things like that one aspect of that I really enjoyed was one day I got to interview the patient myself and ask questions about you know the issue at hand and what I wanted to know and it was so much fun being actually just being a real person with a patient it was weird it actually came so natural I was kind of shocked but it it was wonderful and I really enjoyed it and then I feel like here more than anything that's what I've learned to embrace about myself and to make sure that I hold on to about myself is that as long as I care about my patients they can see that

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