Study Finds Most People Don’t Read Pharmaceutical Risk Disclosures

here’s the latest on X Hawks calm despite the fact that consumers claim to read the risk disclosures on websites for branded pharmaceuticals research conducted at the University of Tennessee suggests that this isn’t always true what does this mean for pharmaceutical companies hello I’m Sara hand editor and webinar moderator for XCOM and welcome to this edition of X Hawks vitals risk disclosures are an important component in maintaining compliance in pharmaceutical marketing but some companies have been accused of failing to disclose risks in accordance with regulations set up by the FDA using eye-tracking two professors from the advertising department at the University study the website browsing habits of 29 seasonal allergy sufferers they then compared this information to follow up interviews based on the amount of information the participants read and retained while eighty percent of the volunteers reported that they read half or more of the information on the website the eye tracking data found that they read much less and instead focused on the drugs benefit claims as opposed to the risks according to the researchers this finding may not apply to all drugs as the participants could have felt they were already familiar with the common side effects of taking an allergy medication of course consumers might be more likely to read the risk disclosures if they were presented before the benefits for a drug however the solution is not likely to be popular among pharmaceutical companies subscribe to The X Hawks YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button below and visit XCOM for more information on this story and others like it in the life science industry you

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