Study Medicine (≈MBBS) In Philippines – Everything You Need To Know


  1. Sir if a student gets below 65% in physics in 12th std and above 70% in both chemistry and biology and cleared NEET is he/she eligible for admission in this university. I'm from Tamil nadu,India. Please reply

  2. Advice to Indians coming to Philippines: please apply antiperspirant on your armpit after you bath, and take a bath twice a day(this is not an insult, its for your own good). When Indians pass by, the smell is so strong that everyone holds their nose/breath.

  3. According to the new rules of MCI, NEET is mandatory for doing mbbs abroad….. So when do students doing mbbs in Philippines attend neet-after plus two or after pre medical course?

  4. Philiippines may not be top in technology for medicine but i tell you they are way more knowledgeable compared the same level of doctor here in Singapore.

  5. Sir if a student scored 66% in +2 but didn't get 65% in physics and chemistry but got 70% in biology….
    My question he eligible for taking admission in uphsd University??
    Plz replay

  6. Why only Perpetual? They should offer UST and UP too. They maybe more expensive compared to Perpetual but they are the best medical schools and not as expensive in other developed economies.

  7. can i get a direct admission to MD course when i am an indian graduate in Bachelors in Science (Bsc) ? please let me know can i get admission to MD directly for 4 year medical program?

  8. also check out the university of perpetual help 'jonelta' its a good university too.. also in a philippines.

  9. Good! I went to medical school for one year on a full scholarship one time at Ateneo…. there are many good medical schools in the Philippines, most are in Manila, but some of them are outside Manila or in other islands… but the best medical schools (UP, UST and Ateneo) will not be easy to enter coz first you need to pass their difficult entrance exams…

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