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Study medicine Europe is the global
leader in medical student recruitment. We have over 10 years experience
recruiting students to Eastern European universities and our network continues to grow. We are the official representative of the top, accredited reputable and most affordable European
medical universities, dental universities and veterinary
universities in Romania and Bulgaria. We have offices
in the UK, Germany, Greece and Cypress and our staff
are resident in the city’s we operate from in Romania and Bulgaria. The universities
we deal with all award qualifications that are
recognized by medical authorities internationally. Rur partner universities
are GMC GDC and RCVS registered, meaning you can
start working in the UK or any EU you country with no for the
conversion tests. Thousands of students from the UK and
Ireland have earned medical qualifications through our
longstanding partnerships with universities in Romania and Bulgaria. Study Medicine Europe is allocated a set
number of positions for our clients by our partner universities every year, if the applicant meets
minimum university requirements we are allowed to secure a place for him
or her without the applicant having to compete against other applicants. This is the reason why we can secure and,
in fact guarantee a place for our candidates to
study abroad. Thanks to our long-standing
collaboration with universities in Bulgaria and Romania we can guarantee you a future in Medicine.
In Bulgaria tuition fees start from £4800 pounds
per annum. In Romania tuition fees are €4000 per annum The cost living in Eastern Europe is
another great reason to consider studying medicine abroad, with monthly living expenses as low as
£170 to £350 per month. Thanks to our
many years in this business we have developed strong
relationships with student financing departments from relevant local banks. This means you can apply for student
financing when you study abroad , to cover both tuition fees and
cost-of-living. Study medicine Europe will act as a guarantor, using the
company’s reputation and good standing to secure your financing. We offer a full range of services to our
clients and we are with you every step of the
way, from application to admission ; to relocation until graduation. We even
help you find a job afterwards. For our part we offer
guaranteed entry to the highest possible year,
complete management of the admission process, we cover the payment of your
application and test fees, if applicable. When you arrive we
offer airport pickup services and we book
temporary accommodation until we find your accommodation that
suits your tastes. After we show you a number in apartments
you select the one that you like. We also review the housing contract and
negotiate the price. We register you at the University. We can
apply for and secure approval for a student loan.
We open a bank account and explain all the banking documents
which are written in the local language. We set up your internet access, organize
your cable television and even arrange your cell phone. We
provide ongoing support for all six years in
your studies. Once you graduate we continue to offer
support, we register you at the local medical
dentistry all veterinary Council or respective
regulatory body in the UK and help you find a job by offering
interview training, and by arranging interviews. Contact us
today and take those first important steps
towards the career that you always dreamed of.


  1. may i ask if i can apply even if i have already a bachelor's degree and my secondary education is only 10yrs not 12?

  2. Can we take direct admission without the entrance test
    And what will be the package for indian students

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