Studying at Trinity School of Medicine

Trinity offers a wide range of courses we have undergrad and post-grad courses available do we offer undergraduate teaching in physiotherapy in occupational therapy radiation therapy in Dietetics and nutrition and then human health and disease we have a long history of teaching medicine to undergraduate students we celebrated our 300 year anniversary a few years ago the tutors offer a lot of supports your interns you have a lot of small group learnings and a lot of lab work we are in smaller groups so this one-on-one or one on ACE teaching which is good for learning they have a very varied way of approaching it with lectures and tutorials and small group sessions I think that's a very good way to get students to interact early on and to actually get to know each other as well Trinity has a lot of international students so there's a great community here for everyone really from all cultures wasn't heard of our student number at the present time come from all around the world we have more than 25 countries represented at the present time I'm from Norway and I felt very welcomed and supported I find the Irish very friendly very welcoming it's one of the advantages about coming here I'd say the benefits to an international students coming to study at the School of Medicine in Trinity are primarily the international recognition that our school has it carries a great deal of weight to say that you're a graduate of the School of Medicine we topped the world rankings in many areas our graduates are a huge demand around the world was a huge diversity of opportunities my favourite thing about studying in Trinity is that I really do trust their academic level I feel like studying medicine and Trudie will give you a level of knowledge that will help you in the future as a doctor so I would definitely recommend it medicine is very transportable degree at the moment there's a lot of doctors emigrating from Ireland going to America Canada or Australia New Zealand she just says that you can really use your Irish medical degree anywhere in the world last year I volunteered in Africa for the summer so I did four weeks in a hospital in Zambia and then I traveled around Africa after so it was a pretty interesting experience I got hands-on experience the job opportunities after finishing a course in the School of Medicine in Tunisia are quite diverse if somebody's studying medicine then there's obviously a direct career path for those people equally with the vocational therapeutic courses like physiotherapy occupational therapy radiation therapy etc the graduates who qualify with a PhD or an MD from Trinity College the School of Medicine tend to be snapped up quite quickly so for students who want to come who are driven who are motivated and want to enhance their career opportunities it is a good place to come I've loved my time at Trinity yet I love to have another six years here I don't want to ever leave you


  1. I am only 10 and l have a passion for medical thats way l am determined to go to trinity and graduate to be a docter it may only be a college but for me l feel like it is magical it opens doors for many new discovery and l want to be in trinity it would be like a dream come true 😊😊😊😊

  2. hi,
    I want to go trinity and do medicine ,
    but I only do biology and physics,
    and I didnt take chemistry,
    will I be allowed ?

  3. watching these videos to keep me motivated for the hpat (aka my nightmare), id love to know what trinity honestly thinks about this aptitude test

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