Studying medicine in english in Milan, a brief history and explanation of the confusing terms

Hey guys welcome to my channel, Le Avventure di Dan
and today we’re going to talk a little bit about the history of studying
medicine in English here in Milan and we’re going to try to clear up all the abbreviations
and jargon used because it can be quite confusing so if you’re thinking of
studying here or you just want to know more you’re in the right place. So the
story really starts off in 2010 when the University of Milan decided to create its own medical
course in English. So the medical course here last six years, and the first two
years are devoted to basic sciences such as histology, anatomy, and physiology.
This is then followed by four years of clinical experience and lectures on
clinical sciences, so for example in the first two years you take classes there with
everybody and then in the third year you’d be sent to different hospitals to
basically start your clinical clerkships. Our course in English is a little bit
different in that our entire course was based in one hospital called Humanitas
and so we did all our basic sciences classes and our clinical clerkships at one
hospital. So to get into the course you had to take an IMAT exam, and this stands for the international medical admissions test
the course was run by the Universita degli Studi di Milano, which is in
English University of Milan and it was commonly abbreviated to UNIMI. Now
because it’s also state-run course the university is also called Statale here.
The course itself was called MIMED and basically because it was an
international medical school it’s also called IMS. So this course was taught at
Humanitas which is actually a group of hospitals spread all over Italy, the one
in Milan which is also the largest one is called Istituto Clinico Humanitas
which is sometimes abbreviated to ICH Right so let’s clear this up a little bit. So
in 2014, what happened was that the course actually split in two. On one side
was basically Humanitas, on the other side was basically the University of
Milan, bascially Humanitas formed their own private university called Humanitas
University… very creative… and its medical course in English was called Hunimed. On
the other side the IMS basis retained its name and the name MIMED is no
longer used. So how is the course organized then? For example if I go through humanitas, I would do my clinical sciences and my basic science all in the same place, whilst if I did it through UNIMI I would do my first two years at a laboratory
near Segrate which is called LITA and basically I would take my clinical
experience in hospital Milan at Ospedale Sacco.
But what about all the people that arrived before this split what happened to the
people that arrived before 2014? For example as I arrived in 2011 what would
happen to me? Well an agreement was reached between the two universities, that whoever was studying there before was allowed to stay and continue their medical
education at Humanitas and we were basically given a choice of who we
wanted to graduate under, so were allowed to stay in Humanitas and we were allowed to choose who to graduate under. For example, we could graduate under UNIMI,
the University of Milan, or we could have graduated under Humanitas University. So
I hope this clears up all the jargon and abbreviations used that could be quite
confusing, and if you liked my video please click subscribe, thank you.


  1. Hello, I'm a prospective student hoping to study in Italy as an international student.. would you be able to answer a few of my questions?

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  3. Hi, thanks for the video. Really cleared things up for me, I'd like to know more about your experience at uni. I'm applying for 2018 entry, is there a way I could contact you privately?

  4. Wonderful video,
    I m a French guy who wants to apply to this Uni after my nursing studies.
    I plan to study in Italian however At the moment I m still learning it.
    According to you , working as a nurse in Italy then start studying medicine there in Italian could be ok ?
    I m asking my self if the Italian degree could be accepted in EU country and USA ?

    Please may I get your e-mail to ask you some question ?

    Thank you anyway

  5. Hey, I completed my high school last year and haven't join any university yet. Can I apply for IMAT? because someone told me 1 year education of university is must.

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