Studying medicine – why I wanted to be a doctor

it’s probably around 14-year old when I started thinking about what my good at what things do I enjoy and then you start to think about sort of what your primary goal is throughout my education I’ve loved science I’ve gotten quite well with people finding out about their stories their background and I like a challenge and so when you combine those three things together the only thing on my mind you can come up with is it’s really medicine there’s no healthcare professionals in my family you had to do all my own research how do you take the initiative to find out how I would get in a Medical School there was one opportunity when I was told that I wouldn’t be able to do something that sparked a fire in me to say no one says what I can’t do it’s more of a case if I decide what I want to do have to stand on your own two feet and learn to be independent and learn to be resilient whilst doing that and studying you also have to work out who you are as a person your own goals your values but I’d like to think after the five years you become a completely different person and you walk out of the medical school essentially as a change to individual ready to tackle the challenges are the NHS will fierce the indical thing that will never change is my drive to be look good human and to do some good but I think the other things that kind of drive me to be a good doctor is being surrounded by such driven and enthusiastic colleagues who equally want to do good who want to make a difference you won’t have an impact on patients lives and I think the thing that sometimes overlooked is just how much respect the public have for healthcare professionals and as a future doctor I think I have a duty to make sure I’ve earned the right for that respect sometimes you start to wonder if it’s worth it because it’s such a long journey but then this defining moments when you’re in the hospital when you’re in out in the community you see patients that are severely unwell and that is all dependent on the care of the healthcare professions and then you realize just how important it is to keep going to find the motivation to keep learning to develop those skills so that one day you can be in a position to obviously make a difference it was to go back to my 14 year old self I think that just tell him to believe in himself I’m about enter into the into the medical world in the band the NHS and work as a doctor and all of that hard work will hopefully become worth it when I can make a difference to patient’s lives and have an impact you [Music]

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