Studying Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Development at Bath

currently the pharmaceutical industry has a lack of graduates with the skills that requires to enter directly into the pharmaceutical industry and develop new drugs we’ve developed the degree in pharmaceutical sciences and drug development to try and plug these gaps and produce graduates with the skills that are necessary to develop the medicines of the future we cover every step of the process from the discovery of a drug to the initial testing the formulation into a suitable dosage that a patient can take the clinical trials the eventual regulation of the drug and then the marketing manufacturer all the way from discovery to when a patient receives the drug we offer two variations the first is a three-year bachelor’s degree and the second is a four-year master’s degree where you spend a year in industry or winner regulatory authority experience in what it’s like on a day to day basis to work in that environment the staff that will be teaching you have extensive backgrounds in the pharmaceutical sciences whether it’s pharmaceutics pharmacokinetics medicinal chemistry analytical chemistry pharmacology we have a very hands-on research focused degree while you’re building lots of practical research including in the final year a year-long research project where you can specialize in a particular area that you’re interested in after doing this degree you’ll be well placed to enter into the pharmaceutical industry where you can go on to do a research career in the development of pharmaceuticals you could potentially go into the design and running of clinical trials into the regulation of drugs as well as a number of other related areas thanks for watching and we look forward to welcoming you to bath you

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