Sugar Land, Texas Family Medicine Physician Dr. Manish Gandhi

– Hi I’m Manish Gandhi. I’m a Family Medicine Physician
here at Kelsey-Seybold. I think it’s important
these days that patients are aware of their
condition, why they’re taking their medication, and understand
their disease process. And the more understanding they have the easier it is to
discuss treatment options and they feel kind of engaged
with what we’re doing. You really get the
confidence of the patient, their trust, they, they feel comfortable talking to you especially once you’ve
seen ’em for many years. It becomes like, not
necessarily a medical visit, more of a social visit sometimes. How’s the family doin’? How are the kids? Where are they going to college? So it become a real nice
relationship with the patient. As a Primary Care Physician the collaboration we have with all the specialists in the group, the support we have with the nurses and the different teams that take care of
different disease processes really make it, working with Kelsey a
really great experience. I think from a patient perspective they really enjoy the fact that they can go to one location, get their labs done,
their EKG, their x-rays, see a specialist, see
their primary care doctor. So I think these are all things that patients really like about Kelsey. I think it’s important to both listen and also make sure you’re
telling the patient what they need to hear and explain to them, make sure they’re understanding what we’re talking to them about. You get a relationship with a patient and they tend to be able to
discuss things more openly with you and I think it’s a combination of both listening to what they’re saying and making sure they’re hearing from us what we need to convey to them. I’ve been with Kelsey-Seybold
for over 25 years. It’s been a great experience and I look forward to what
comes ahead in the future.

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