Sugar Land, Texas Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Cecilia Lowder

– Hi, I’m Cece Lauder and I’m an Internist with Kelsey-Seybold. The relationship that a patient has with their physician goes beyond the relationships even what
they have with family members so it allows me a window of opportunity to affect someone’s life in a positive way that perhaps other careers don’t give you and I really enjoy that about my relationships with my patients. My philosophy of medicine
is that your body, mind and soul must be in sync and in balance in order to obtain health. And I’ve come to realize that the one who knows best
is always the patient. They really have that innate intuition that I try to encourage them to listen to. I give them all the data, all the information that they need. It really is a team effort
in caring for that patient and I always tell them that
the last decision maker is always the patient. I also do video visits with Kelsey-Seybold which I really, truly love. I find it a fascinating form
and future form of medicine and especially now with all the technology that’s available to us but also more importantly
it affords patients the ability to take care of themselves in ways that they would
not be able to otherwise. Especially with their busy lives and difficulty getting
into see physicians. I have grown with these patients and they’ve heard stories
that I’ve shared with them about my family. Likewise I’ve heard stories
that they’ve shared with me. So I have grown with them and I see them grow from
having little children to now they’re grandparents and see them through the
stages of their lives. It’s almost like an innate friendship and a knowing-ness that we share and that gives me great joy
every time I come to work.

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