Sugar Land, Texas Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Sheba Poulose

– Hi, my name is Sheba Poulose, and I work as an internist
here at Kelsey-Seybold. (gentle music) Internal medicine’s a great field because you become somebody’s
primary care physician, so you’re taking care
of their general needs, and you really get to know the patient and their families as well, and we give the general
overview of their health. Just having people right
at the same building, I can go right next door to someone, a neurologist or to an orthopedist, and show them a film or
review a case with them, and I can get feedback
right away on the patient while they’re still in my office. And we all communicate with each other. They can go downstairs, get their x-rays, their mammograms, their
labs, all in one location. It’s great for the patient
and it’s great for me as well as I manage them. Educating patients about their diseases and what are the complications
of these illnesses. How can we prevent disease, how can we prevent the
onset of these problems, and how can we reduce the risk and the complications of these problems, so that’s what I still emphasize
more than anything else. Patients know that they can
email me and send me messages. They don’t have to wait on a phone call. They even send me recordings
of their blood pressures, recordings of their glucose values and things like that online, and it’s nice because
our nurses triage it, so if there’s something
that’s probably more urgent, then they’ll call them as
opposed to just using the email. For me, I think it’s still
seeing patients on a daily basis. That’s what I enjoy
more than anything else. I enjoy communicating with
them, getting to know them. As a physician at Kelsey-Seybold, I really do enjoy taking
care of my patients, and I hope to continue to do
so for many years to come.

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