Suicide Prevention Initiative

[Music] Hello, my name is David Dunning and I’m the director of the VA Medical Center here in Memphis and today, I want to talk
to you as a fellow veteran about what we can do to help prevent suicide. And what we can all do to not only prevent our fellow veterans from choosing suicide, but also, improve the quality of life that leads to the thoughts that suicide is the solution. 20 veterans a day take their own lives because they cannot see a way out of the pain and darkness that has become their life. This is 20 too many. We must find a way to zero first of all if you are another veteran that you know is struggling please reach out and let us help you. My hand in the hands of the Memphis VA are stretched out to you. During a series of webcasts, I will highlight the numerous programs we have here at the Memphis VA to help you. Some examples are our suicide prevention, substance abuse recovery, PTSD, therapeutic support employment services, veterans justice, and homeless programs. These are just a few examples of the more than a dozen programs that are available to help assist veterans in crisis and veterans who are determined to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. So follow me through these doors to see all there is to see, the first step is the most
important step. [Music]

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