SUJOK THERAPY for KNEE PAIN/Sujok SEED THERAPY For Knee Pain/Sujok Therapy POINTS For Knee Pain

you are welcome to my youtube channel apaka health guru today i am going to share with you about sujok therapy for knee pain you can also call sujok therapy to sujok seed therapy or sujok acupressure let us begin sujok therapy for knee pain for sujok therapy , you can use any of your hand this is our head , thumb is head this is our chest this palm area is our abdomen or tummy area these middle two fingers work as legs and these outer two finger work as arms these two proximal joints are hip joints these middle joints are knee joints these distal joints are ankle joints here also these joints works as shoulder , elbow and wrist joints accordingly now we will do acupressure to these areas in these leg area , this finger is right leg and other one is left leg and this is left knee joint we will do acupressure to this joint and this is right knee , you can do acupressure to this joint also for sujok seed therapy , we will use fenugreek seeds fenugreek seeds work as natural cleanser , work as natural pain killer , or we can call these seeds natural steroid to stick these seeds , use 1 inch paper tape , easily you can find it out to chemist shop stick fenugreek seeds to this one inch paper tape stick seeds nicely ,so that seeds can cover whole knee area in our finger now stick this tape to left knee area of finger all seeds should be in firm contact with skin now press it so it stick to skin nicely now with other half inch paper tape , cover the open ends of one inch paper tape , so seeds do not go out here healing energy of seeds will starts curing our disease now press all these seeds , so seeds press acupressure points keep these seeds for 4 -5 hours minimum , then remove them now we will do acupressure with the help of sujok ring you can get this sujok ring easily to acupressure market or online now massage knee area with this ring for 2 -5 minutes , 2 – 3 times a day here we have used right knee area now we will press this knee area with this diagnostic tool easily available online or at market you can press whole knee area or just find out painful point and press this point only this is sujok therapy for knee pain if you like this information about knee pain , please like it share with your friends and relative .so that they can get benefits also if you want such a helpful videos , please subscribe to my channel thank you for watching


  1. sir ji nice video meretale manke me dard hota jab long sitting ho xray mein straightning aya hai pl koi threpy batao doc. kehte hai injection lagana padega pl sir

  2. Is there a particular time in which this methi seeds therapy to done…. i.e, done only in day time??? or can be done at night also?

  3. Hello sir… I have severe lower back pain n knee pain. My age is 29.When we can do dis before eating or after eating. How much time gap should be there. Please waiting for ur valuable rply. Thank you.

  4. Εγώ πάντως δοκίμασα το Knee Active Plus για το γόνατο μου και με βοήθησε πολύ. Το φοράω καθημερινά και πραγματικά το γόνατο μου έχει αναστηθεί.

  5. Kya ashadhy rog ka koi ilaj hai. Mujhe spinal muscular atrophy had. Mere leg ka Panja niche ki or Gira hua had. Agar koi upay hai to bataiye

  6. Do you have a drawing or chart how you explain which finger and joint is for what as you explain?it was hard for me to remember!

  7. If someone has stagnation in feet area which is due to DVT then can one use methi seeds on that area or one needs to use pepper corns. You mentioned methi is for pain relief. If stagnation is due to coldness then will putting pepper corns improve the blood flow. Kindly confirm.

  8. sir
    mere ko tonguue cancer 3rd staz me hai ,milk juece pe jinda hai, age 45 hai
    kiya sujok acupressar ,puncher se thik hogi

  9. Sir…. I am doing seed therappy for knee pain for two's very effective… But nowadays my fingure joints occured black marks due to seeds tight pressure… Can i do this therappy on other hand… I mean can i do this seed changing fingures alternate days i.e.. Today right hand tomorrow left hand

  10. Sir aaj agar Mai methi daane laagathi hoon, 5 ghante ke Baad tape Nikal details hoon, phir se kab methi daane laagane hai, kitne ghanto ke Baad Mai ? Sir kindly reply kijiye ? Thnk u very much for Ur helpful information.

  11. "Freedom from hospital" Kya Doctor Sahebji cartilage damage in both knees repair kar sakthe hai with medicines and/or exercises? Mera cartilage kharaab hai both knees main aur mujhe bahut pain hota hai chalne firne mei. Agar un ke pass ilaj hai without surgery tho main personally aap ko milne ke liye tyaar hoon Santosh Narayanaswamy 9322609978. e-mail I'd: [email protected] Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Doctor Sahebji. From: Santosh Narayanaswamy,Thane,Mumbai.

  12. Habrà posibilidades de traducir en castellano ? O subtitular en castellano ? Muchas gracias si lo hacen

  13. Knee pain ke liye sujko therapy fayademand he. Thank u….. mera beta 14 seal ka hei….. zyada mota he!…. use rath ko neend b athi nanhi. Neend and ke liye aur motapa kam karneke liye kuch therapy he?…. pls bathaiye…..bahoth kuch kiya magar teek nahi huva … pls…

  14. many thanks for this informative post , Since there are NO subtitles in Youtube on my screen I just wonder WHAT's in that box, I could not make this up in the comments and responds. thank you 🙃 🙏🏼

  15. For ligaments injury in knee please help me I am 32 years old it's difficult to walk please help

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