Summer at COTM | What To Do When You Get Kicked in the Guts

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here’s to the way you like the way my back is to the future as it – here’s to Oh how’s everybody doing tonight you okay
good what an awesome time it is to come together as people who believe in Jesus
Christ the one son of God and paid for our sins and who we rejoice in tonight
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of all by his great that’s it on a single one more time
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have eternal who they shall have heater thank you oh thank you oh come on say
the name of Jesus tonight acknowledge him that he is Lord he is the true son
of God the Lamb who was slain from the foundations of the world
he is risen and alive and seated at the right hand of God the Father receiving
our praises tonight so come on church take a moment and praise Jesus right
where you are with whatever you have thank you Jesus between us how high the mountain high
could in desperation heart turned to him
and spoke into your loving tofu – ah the Jesus Christ in the king the car Church lift your hands Heavenly Father
you’re a God that as we were on a search for someone to choose us in our darkest
moment we turned around to see that you’d been chasing us all along that’s
what salvation is all about that’s what we robbing the grave is all about that’s
what the gospel is a relentless search for your children and that’s us
we love you and we are forever grateful for the sacrifice that we can never
repay but we can attempt every two to show you how thankful we are we love
you we love you Jesus Church can we make some noise for the
creator for the Great God who loves us oh it’s great to be here with you you
guys gonna have a seat I’m Adam if I haven’t met you before
it’s great to see you today thanks for joining us man we’ve got we’ve got a
great service that we’ve already have great we’ve already had a whole great
service people now we’re about to have another one pastor Willie George is in
the house people come on come on I was here last night I heard his message it’s
amazing I heard it you didn’t some just a little bit more spiritual than you
that’s fine that’s the burden I have to bear now we’re gonna have a great time
I’m excited Andy mentioned it before and and it’s not a throwaway line that there
are some amazing exciting things happening in this church that we all get
to be a part of there are amazing things happening and going to happen in our
city and the communities around us we’re going to talk about that here in just a
minute before we get to that I’m gonna set up give you an opportunity to take
out your giving so if you want to give we’re just gonna continue sort of in
this attitude of worship that’s what giving is all about it’s saying god I
trust you so much that I’ll trust you with my money that’s how much I trust
you and so we’re gonna do that right now let’s go with every ways you can give
you can use an envelope you can text the word give 2 to 3 101 that’s how I do it
and you just put your amount in there or you can text ly in for love your
neighbor that goes to the compassion offering
and then of course you go to see her team not info and you can give right
there so get that prepared we’re gonna give then I’ll pray over that here in
just a minute but I said there are amazing things happening in our city
love Day is coming up every year we’ve got we’ve got outreach is happening all
the time coming out of our church being led by people in our church who say I
see a need I want to fill it with my friends in our city but love day is a
day where we strategically come together and just make a huge impact in our city
and we’ve been talking about it we’ve told you to put it on your calendar I
want to talk about a little bit more so I’m gonna welcome my friend Jamie Joe
when you give her a big round of applause Jamie Jamie’s head in a blood day and so
she’s going to talk a little bit about it first
obviously the disaster relief it plays a big part of what we’re doing love day so
you want to talk about what we’ve done with our emergency disaster relief so
far sure so far to date we have sent $35,000 out into our community amazing
I’ve come to you guys that’s awesome that’s where our compassion dollars so
thank you for your generosity in addition to that Adam over 700 people
700 of you have texted us and said I want to help with disaster relief some
of those people have already gone out into the community some have yet to find
their their a place to serve but over 700 of people of texted us and said I
want to help that is amazing thank you thank you yeah
that’s awesome and so we’ve been in a mode of like emergency relief but you
were telling me that we’re moving into restoration so talk about that sure
absolutely as most of you probably realize when something devastating
happens like a flood and immediately there are needs and we went to work
right away to help meet those needs but our friends and neighbors affected by
the flooding they have a long road ahead of them
they’re gonna need help beyond just this initial help that we’ve given so we’re
committed to partnering with organizations in our community and
serving our neighbors specifically on the love day to help in this restoration
process so if you’ve been part of love day before you know that there are lots
of projects out reaches where we connect with organizations nonprofits within our
community food banks things like that to help them we’re doing that but we’re
also going to be doing a lot of work this year strategically in the
restoration Adam this is cool in January God began stirring our heart to start
meeting with city officials with the mayor’s office and tell them we want to
partner with you we want to help make a difference in the community you know
this is shocking to me but they didn’t believe me when I told them we will work
hard for this community so they were given us little bitty tiny projects and
then the floods happened and we jumped in and we helped right away and now all
of a sudden our cities are taking notice and say church Oliver will you help us
rebuild it’s an awesome opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to go out
in the community and make a difference just yesterday Sand Springs asked if our
church would help join with some other organizations
rebuild case community park I told them my god sighs dream for July 13th is that
we would rebuild that Park in a day they kind of laughed but I said oh you don’t
know you don’t know our people you don’t know how hard we want to work in that we
want to make a difference so we’re gonna gather with ministry partners who we
typically serve on love day and they’re gonna come along with us and serve with
us to make a difference in the community that’s awesome
want to be a big church that makes a big difference that’s a big difference how
do I get involved how do you get both next week in our project fine door opens
you go to see ot MDOT info you’ll be able to search through the projects we
will continually add new projects almost daily beginning next weekend through
July 13th so continue to check back if you don’t first see something that you
want to jump into that’s awesome now just we always love hearing your heart
about love days is there anything else that you want to tell us that just would
get us excited about the day yes I just want you to know look up and
look out find a need and fill it maybe go to the project finder and you say I
don’t see what I want to participate in I was talking to my friend Cindy last
night at church she said my sister lost everything in the flood and I said adopt
your sisters family for love day take your small group rally around her help
her rebuild and show her the love of Jesus this doesn’t have to be difficult
look up look out find a need and together let’s make a big difference on
July 13th come on somebody make some noise can we make a big difference for
the city of Tulsa Thank You JJ thank you so much oh man this isn’t the year to
bow out this is the year to get involved with love day we need it now more than
ever next weekend the project finder opens and then mark your calendar July
13th that’s love day that’s when we all get to be a big light in our city we’ll
take your giving in your hand and let’s pray Heavenly Father we love you thank
you for allowing us to be a part of the great work that Jesus started the work
of the cross bringing and injuring people to a real Jesus in their real
lives right now we pray that right now in this moment
the money we give will be blessed reach people for Jesus help some hurting
hearts we love you thank you for allowing us to be in your family to
Jesus name we pray and everybody said amen hey good morning Church on the Move good to see you. Good to have all you guys watching online as well. What do you do when you
get kicked in the guts that doesn’t happen very often but every now and then
it does and you better know what you’re gonna do because you get kicked in the
guts it can derail your life if you don’t respond in the right way. Now,
we all have disappointments I’ve been disappointed in the Dallas Cowboys since
1995. Disappointed. Disappointed in Kevin Durant he left the Thunder and of all
places he went to Golden State man I’m disappointed in Kevin oh he’s got a
right to do what he wants to do but I’m still disappointed I was disappointed
when the Beatles broke up and who knows what they could have done had they
stayed together just a few more years they might have had some hits. I was
disappointed when my best friend moved I was eight years old he lived on the same
block as me just right around the corner it was really good because my mom
wouldn’t let me ride my bicycle across the street. We had kids right across the
street but they couldn’t be my best friend because there was a street
between us and them. They were really close we could see them every day but around the
corner and on the same block in the middle house there was a kid that was my
age we were in the same class together school and he was my best buddy and he
moved and it was so sad I mean just so lonely I mean I’d ride by his house and
look up there and he was gone and then there was nobody like him anywhere in
the neighborhood anymore at least that I could hang out with and you know what
was crazy that was when I was about second grade. Eighth grade same house I
got a new best friend in that house same dad different mom you see the first kids
left because their dad cheated on the mom and so he gets remarried and
wouldn’t you know it — he does it again and my best friend moves off
oh man. Disappointed. Kicking my guts? No, not really that’s not quite that
serious but it was a big disappointment. then I had a few more disappointments —
a little more serious. I was disappointed when I was not accepted by a group of
ministers. Ministers that I thought would be my friends that I could run with that
I could be in the brotherhood and so forth, and they didn’t want me and they
had a pretty elite little club and so I was out. I was disappointed. Nobody likes
to be rejected. You’re disappointed when a girl doesn’t want to go with you we
have those disappointments, some of us, you know, we let that be a kick in the guts.
Don’t. If you have kicked in the guts all the time
it’s because you wear your feelings on your sleeve. One time I was unfairly
attacked on television I mean just blistered and they didn’t call my name
but might as well have. We’re talking about national broadcast it was
all about a guy who had come here and had spoken in our church and he did
something highly highly unethical and he gave out a book that had a bunch of
things in it that were just totally against anything ethical and all of that.
What he
preached was great. But in the process of time in the next week we had a chance to
read the book I said holy moly and he gave it away without even talking to us
and so basically he was telling people that if you have an unanswered prayer
you can get it answered if you will give a sacrificial offering but it’s got to
be a lot of money and it’s got to be given to me. I thought that was wrong and
so I called him and I told him I said you know what I feel like you you really
messed up on this one and I said let’s suppose you’re right let’s suppose that
all unanswered prayer is due to someone not giving a sacrificial offering. Why
can’t they give that to me or to our church? Why does it have to be you? You
just kind of took it upon yourself to go ahead and establish yourself and what
really bugged me — we had a little woman in our church who emptied out
her entire savings accounts and sent it to this guy and she’s being manipulated
I believe in sacrificial giving I believe in being generous I do but I
don’t believe that you tell people that their answered prayer is gonna be
answered if they give money to you that I don’t go for so I called him and I
said listen I just want you to know tonight in our service I’m gonna stand
up and tell everybody that I don’t agree with what you did I’m gonna point out
what is wrong with your book I gotta tell you
95 – 98 percent of what you said last Wednesday night I agree with it. 100
percent I think it’s — not 100% — 98% — there are a couple of things but
they’re minor and I think you have a good ministry but this is wrong and it’s
confusing to our people and it’s not who we are
and I’m going to tell our church people that they don’t have to fall into this,
okay? Well he got mad. Ttwo weeks later he and his hosts on national television
were giving away the book again and they ripped me up one side and down the other I
was disappointed it was worse than when my best friend moved but it wasn’t the
kick in the guts that came later. See I’ve had several what I would consider
kicks in the guts not several but, but you know three four five in my life when
my daughter charity was nine years old and she fell and developed a massive
blood clot on her brain and when she was very near death that was a kick in the
guts to me I couldn’t let it get to me because there was too much at stake so I
stayed victorious and I was careful with everything I said and I trusted God and
we came out on the other side but I got to tell you while the battle was going
on I got kicked in the guts. A few years ago some of you probably never
heard this story but Deliva had some serious stomach pain and she’s a pretty
tough gal and she just lived with it for a couple of days and finally I said baby
this isn’t right I took her to the emergency room and she had
an appendicitis. She didn’t just have appendicitis. They had actually ruptured
so they took out her appendix and the poison was in her body and the
antibiotics did not work after the surgery they sent us home from the
hospital but she kept throwing up she couldn’t keep anything on her stomach
and I knew this is more serious than they think and so we went back to the
hospital again and they did agree they said there’s a very deadly strain of
bacteria loose in her body and they put her on such strong
antibiotics and this bacteria was so deadly that they quarantined her in the
hospital when I went to go see her I had to put on a gown and a mask and and
cover my head and cover my shoes and and I had to be careful coming in and out
she couldn’t have just any visitor there was a big quarantine sign on the door of
the room. It would — in fact there was only one person in the whole Hospital who
could okay the medicine and so this is what I’m dealing with it was a kick in
the guts I didn’t let on though for her sake I
stayed strong but I wanted to curl up in a ball in a fetal position and just cry
but I didn’t I stood my ground and confessed God’s Word, believe what God
said and she came out of it okay But what I want you to see is that there are times when
we get kicked in the guts I think one of the worst kicks in the guts that you’ll
ever feel is when you’re betrayed by somebody you trusted maybe it’s a spouse
who cheated on you maybe it’s a co-worker who was crooked dishonest or
maybe someone turned against you, said things about you that weren’t true — that kind
of thing happen and especially when it’s someone dear and near to your heart
it’s a kick in the guts I’ve had it happen more than once and your first
thought is what’s wrong with me maybe it’s my fault then I begin to realize no
it wasn’t my fault these people have done this before and
this happened before and it’s just a part of who they are
because they don’t know how to be loyal and true blue when it’s time to really
be loyal and true blue they don’t know how to do that and I got to tell you
something that’s a kick in the guts and and when you go through it you want to
defend yourself and you want to tell the whole world and sometimes you can’t
sometimes you just got to zip your lip and shut it up and let God be the one
who defends you you know what I found over the years He’s pretty good at that
I’ve had that happen but over and again I’ve had those same people come back to
say I want to tell you I’m sorry I really blew it I shouldn’t have done
this I look now at how foolish I was and you know I accept that and I can forgive
I will tell you this though if you want a long and abiding friendship with
someone don’t do that much because they will always be guarded against you even
though they may love and forgive you you may not ever have the same relationship
you once had you can’t do your relationships like that that goes for
your children as well you’d better be careful how you guard your children when
you as a parent betray one of your children let me give you a little story
one night my mom was drinking and she came to about our bedroom and she
said there’s a man here she told me who it was he had just gotten out of a
mental hospital he’d had his head shaved in those days
the only people who got their head shaved were people who had been in the
mental hospital it wasn’t popular Mr. Clean had not yet had his influence
Michael Jordan had not yet come into fame I mean it was — so this guy had had
his head shaved and he looked a little odd and he was a little odd and he was
in our living room drinking with my mom my mom said I don’t want him here and
she said I want you to call the police and I thought well why don’t I just go right
now since he’s gone because he had left to get some more liquor and he was
gonna come back my mom said no wait till he comes back and by the way he’s got a
friend with him and the friend is sitting out in the car
and so my mom said I’ll give you a signal and you run to the neighbor’s
house they have a telephone we didn’t have one and call the police so the guy
came back the guy’s sitting on out front the friend is sitting in the front of the
car and I crawl out the window — the friend can see me and I run over to the
neighbor’s house call — a few minutes later the cops come and they picked the
guy up and hauled him off they’re taking him out in cuffs my mom
hasn’t said a word to him the whole time nothing she hasn’t told him to leave she
hasn’t told him she doesn’t want him there she’s not shown any any alarm
whatsoever and he’s looking at her in great disbelief and he’s saying why did
you call the cops and she turned and turned and pointed to me and she said it was him he
did it and as they closed the door and took him off my mom came into my room
and began to beat at me. Beat and yell and scream and attacked me for calling
the police I’m 11 years old you told me to do this I thought it was helping you
I thought I was protecting you I’ve followed your instructions to the
letter and this is what I get. Never, ever an apology. Never. She’s 87 years old today. I’ve never heard her say one time I’m sorry.
Not once. That was a kick in the guts, a kick in the guts and if it happened once
I could go on and on and on and describe another dozen times when it happened a kick
in the guts how do you deal with a kick in the guts what do you do well here’s
some good news there’s an answer you may feel like your situation is unique you
know why I tell that story I don’t tell that story to get even with my mom I
don’t I’m not trying to get even with my mom my mom’s messed up her own life she
suffers greatly because of the decisions she’s made she’s very much
alone nobody wants to be around her it’s because of how she lived her life
the Bible says if you trouble your house you’ll inherit the wind for those of you
who are impossible to get along with let me warn you, when you’re old nobody wants
to be near you when you don’t have what they want they won’t be around I just
would encourage you to be easy to be around especially with your children if
you want to have a relationship with them when you get to be an old person
some people are careless like that they don’t take care of their families and
some people say well I take care of my… I’m not talking about money I’m
talking about emotionally do you protect your kids do you watch over your kids do
you care when they’re abused maybe by someone else do you step in and do
what you need to do to guard them to make them feel safe and secure do you do
that well I’m just not wired that way I’m not like you pastor George you
better get wired that way you better choose to be a protector especially if
you’re a man that’s what God called you to be is the protector, the father of
your home you’re a guardian you’ll give account for how you handled it your
children will be very much affected by how you lead here’s the reason I tell it
I tell stories like that because I know there are loads of people who sit in
this congregation week in and week out who have gone through something very similar and
they go to church and about the only thing they ever hear from a pastor about
how you deal with these things is forgive forgive forgive forgive and if
we’re not careful as pastors we can almost put the guilt of the hurt on the
victim and not where it belongs and I’m not suggesting that we hold
grudges the rest of our lives but if you’ve been hurt and abused God
does not call you to go back under the authority of the person who abused
you. Am I helping anybody? I had to leave eventually and God blessed it when I
left and I’ve never gone back under her again ever
nor should I have to and what I want you to see is this you may be kicked in the
guts but other people have been through exactly what you go through you may have
been betrayed by a spouse you may have been betrayed by a co-worker you may
have been taken advantage of you’re not the first person to ever go through that.
You’re not the only one who ever faced your pain here’s what Peter said I Peter 5:8 “Be self-controlled and alert your enemy the
devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour
resist him standing firm in the faith because you know that your brothers
throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.” Not everybody’s
going through this but somewhere someone has gone through — is going through
right now exactly what it is you faced. You’re
not by yourself. You know it’s amazing what you can endure when you realize
you’re not the only one to be going through it if you’ve got a whole group
of people when you’re on a football team and you’re all running and puking and in
the heat and humidity and so forth you know it’s kind of tough if you were the only
one on the team who had to go through that the coaches are blowing the whistle
you’re the one who has to do all the up downs nobody else it’s kind of tough to
go through but when you look over and your buddies are going through the same
thing that you go through some of you who were in the military and you went
through boot camp you know what I’m talking about — misery loves company.
it’s a little easier to bear it’s tough to bear if you think you’re the only one
but what I want you to see is the Bible tells us you’re not the only one Paul
said this, “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man and God’s
faithful he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear but when you’re
tempted he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up
under it.” Do you know that with every temptation even the ones that you feel
like are unique to you and nobody else has ever gone through it like you’re
going through it do you realize God says there is a way
out there’s always a way out there’s a way of escape there is a way to get over this.
Some of you maybe in the recent days have been affected by the floods and the
rain and maybe you’ve lost property and you may feel like I don’t know what to
do I don’t know that other people are going through this and maybe you look
around and you think about other folks that you see who seem to be carefree you
know what I’ve learned you may not be going through this or they may not be
going through this right now at the same time you are but there’s some experience
in their lives that’s very similar to yours they may have had the same kind of
loss or something similar years ago you never know just because they’re not
going through it right now it doesn’t mean they haven’t been there and what I
want you to see is the only way you’re gonna beat this is if you learn to
invest in relationships because when you get around to other people that’s what
Paul was warning about — don’t let the devil isolate you Peter was warning
about it don’t let the devil isolate you because when you become isolated in your
thoughts it’ll carry over into your relationships you’ll you’ll be cut off
from people who help you and it starts with your thought life you can be in a
house full of people and still cut off from all the people around you that’s
why you need to invest in relationships relationships are risky you may reach
out to someone and hope that they’ll be your friend can I tell you this when you
first reach out don’t reach out with pain don’t dump all of your heartache on
people the first time you meet them I had a friend who could never keep a girl and
the reason he could never keep a girl is because every girl he ever took on a
first date he told her he wanted to marry her that’s a little bit fast I’m
not saying that it can’t happen I’m just saying that just you might want to slow
down a little bit you might push away the very thing you want the most because
you don’t know how to make your initial approach but invest in other people
don’t talk about all your own problems that’s my next point don’t talk about
your problems don’t talk about all the things listen you’ll get the healing you
need but learn to realize you’re not the only person who’s ever had problems
you’re not here a while back I was going through a tough time and I sat down with
the Lord I just unloaded and I started telling
him about this had happened to me and then it happened to me and I’ve gone
through this and I’ve gone through that and I’m just really really kind of
complaining to the Lord about what I’ve been through and as I’m going through
all of this I started realizing, “Dog gone, I’m talking to Jesus I’m telling Jesus
about all this pain and suffering I’ve been through and this is this is Jesus if anybody has been through pain and
suffering it’s Jesus nobody knows pain and suffering like him. Lord I’ve been
lied about yeah he was too. I’ve been rejected yes he was too — I haven’t suffered
nearly like he suffered but here I am crying out to God about — and all of a sudden
I started realizing you know I don’t have anything complain about I don’t
have anything — I was ashamed of myself as I started thinking about what
was going on but you know I want to tell you never one time that I hear from the
Holy Spirit never one time did I hear from Jesus through the Holy Spirit, “Aw
shut up. You got nothing to complain about.” He was kind and sympathetic the
whole time listen to the book of Hebrews chapter 2 and verse 18 because he
himself suffered when he was tempted he is able to help those who are tempted do
you know there’s nothing that you’ll ever go through
that he didn’t face first? some of you are very lonely you don’t have any great
relationships you don’t feel like you have any friends or there’s really not
many or maybe not anyone in your life right now you feel like you can talk to
you can open up to put yourself in Jesus choose who does he talk to when he’s
here on the earth his only go-to is God the 12 apostles I mean they’re good guys
as far as they know to be but they’re babies compared to him they’re always
fighting with each other about who’s gonna be the greatest they have very
limited understanding of the scriptures don’t know much about the Lord in fact
later on it would be said of them that they were ignorant unlearned men and
this is who Jesus is running with he’s got no one of any real spiritual depth
that he can sit down and talk to even John the Baptist who was raised up by
God to introduce him to the world John the Baptist is having second thoughts
about him his own mother and brothers quit believing in him because they tried
to kidnap him at one of his meetings and pull him aside and tell him it was
losing his mind and the reason they buckled is because they didn’t expect
that he would face all the opposition that he faced see everybody’s for him
being Messiah as long as everybody’s happy but when he began to step on
people’s toes and expose the hypocrisy of the religious crowd and when he
developed opponents then all of a sudden the people that he thought he could
count on were no longer there it was a lonely place you may feel like you’re a
despised and rejected of men which is what the Bible says about Jesus but can
I tell you this he went through that not for himself he didn’t need to go through
that for himself he went through that so that he could
rescue you from the same things so that he could tell you I know your pain I
have been there and he will never treat your suffering like it’s nothing
Am I helping anybody? What I want you to see is you got to get your mind off
yourself now listen you may not realize this at the time but
you’re gonna grow closer to God in these tough times than you are when it’s
smooth. You’ll learn something about yourself you’ll learn something about
the Lord I’m not saying bring on the tough times that’s not my point
but I’m saying even when they do come and they do come from time to time when
they happen you’re gonna grow if you do the right things the Bible has an
interesting way of telling us to deal with this here it is in the Book of
Psalms chapter 37 and verse 5, King James Version, “Commit your way to the Lord
Trust also in him he shall bring it to pass.” The same word is used in Proverbs
chapter 16 verse 3 talks about committing your your way to the Lord and
then in the Book of Psalms chapter 2 a prophecy about Jesus said that he
trusted in him the word trust in that particular verse Psalm 22 8 it’s the
same Hebrew word as what we see here it’s galal g-a-l-a-l galal here’s
what it means it means to roll. To roll there’s a verse in the New Testament
that says we cast all of our care on him because he cares for us that’s 1 Peter 5:7 and that word cast in 1 Peter 5:7 means to throw we throw our
cares on him. You ever been in a service where they told you to take whatever it
is you’re worrying about write it on a piece of paper — we’ve done it here at
the church — it’s been long time ago but we’ve done it where you’re take and write
your problem on a piece of paper and you walk up and you throw it on the platform we
had the platform covered with wadded up pieces of paper Well that’s not what I’m
talking about because some problems are too big to throw with your arm some
problems are so big the only way you can move them is to roll it’s like moving a
piano you don’t throw a piano you lower your shoulder and you push with
everything you’ve got to move it across the floor
some years ago we built moved a gigantic roll-top desk into our house had to go to
the second floor and we had a very narrow stairway the only way to get the
roll-top desk to the second floor was to go vertical with it — I don’t
know who designed this desk but they didn’t make it where you could break it
down. A good roll top desk can be broken down into a lot of pieces this one was
one piece you pull the drawers out that’s it
and so I’ve got to get this thing up the stairs and I didn’t want to ask anybody
else to do this I had some guys helping me and they were up on the top they were
lifting but I’m the one who had the load and I got under it and put my shoulder
under it and we were going up that staircase
Vince Poland was with us on that one he looked down at me while we’re going he
said pastor you still got it I wanted to say thank you Vince but I couldn’t say
anything but… Keep going keep going keep going it’s not time to talk this is not
where we talk about strength or how much you’ve been lifting weight. Forget that we’ve got to get from here to there nothing matters but this right
now that’s what happens when you roll when you’ve been kicked in the guts the
problem that you face can be so serious you don’t even know what to pray. You don’t even
know what to say you hurt so bad that that that a long lengthy prayer is
probably not gonna come out of your mouth you’re groaning and the Bible
talks about this kind of experience in Romans chapter 8 it says that the Holy
Spirit steps in with us and we pray and we begin to groan with words that can’t
be expressed in articulate speech those things don’t happen often but they do
happen some and there are times when we go through something that’s so deep and
so troubling that about all you can do in your prayer to God is to groan can I
tell you this God understands groans he knows what
you’re saying when what comes out of your mouth is so deep and so hurtful
that the only way you can express it is with pain and he hears it he knows it
give it to him give it to him Lord I’m giving this to you I’m rolling this to
you I can no longer carry this by myself this is too big for me it’s beyond my
ability I don’t know what to do there are a lot of things I pray about where I
immediately know how to structure a prayer I know how to pick the scripture
I know how to come to God I know how to tell him what it is that I need I may
even have the model number and the sticker price I may even know what
amount of money I need I may even know what disease it is I’m fighting and I
can come to God and ask him for help I may even know exactly what I’m doing
but then there are gonna be times when I don’t even know exactly what to pray for. I
just know I hurt. The Bible tells us that when we go to God in these
situations and when we cast our care on him and when we lay the burden on him
the Bible says in Philippians 4:7 “The peace of God which transcends all
understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” We used to
have a song we sang, I’ve got the peace that passes understanding down in
my heart what is that you see this peace transcends
understanding here’s another word this one’s Greek the other one was Hebrew
it’s huperech√≥ or huperek√≥ — I don’t know I’m not a Greek scholar I just see the
words and pronounce them as best I can — I know huper means
above and that’s what it means it means to hold or to have above to be superior
to be better than in other words my peace is better than this problem the
peace I have is greater than what I’m going through and although I really
shouldn’t be at peace I am although I’ve got every reason in the world to be
hurtful I’m not although I’ve got every reason
in the world to be devastated I’m not because I’ve got a peace that tells me
no matter what you’re seeing right now it’s gonna be okay
that’s a peace that passes understanding and that’s what happens when you roll
your care on God here’s the last thing and I’ll close with this — play all four
quarters of your game you and I’ve been called to the long game in other words
it’s not a quick quick win some battles we face are over more quickly than
others those are smaller you know Jesus’ disciples came to him one time and they
said there’s a little boy here who has a demon and the demon throws him
into the flames and the demon tries to drown him. He walks by water the demon
tries to get him to drown himself and they came to Jesus and and the dad
actually comes to Jesus and said Lord I came to your disciples and they couldn’t
cast him out and after Jesus cast the devil out of this kid they came to him
and said why couldn’t we cast him out which tells me this they had cast out
loads of demons before but this one was tougher sometimes you’re gonna run up
against things that are tougher than what you faced two years ago not all
problems are of the same weight not all have the same gravity sometimes you get
into something you say whoa I trusted God before and it went away very quickly
this time something is not right doesn’t seem to be working
no it’s just you are fighting a bigger demon there’s just a bigger challenge facing
you God’s Word is still true you may have to apply yourself a little more
seriously but play the long game you may not always be ahead at the end of the
first quarter you may not be ahead at the second quarter when you go into the
locker room in half you may not be ahead it may look like you’re gonna lose the
game when you’re in the third quarter but listen we’re in a four quarter game
and can I tell you that sometimes our games go beyond the scope of our lives
here on earth this is an amazing thing here in the book of Hebrews the Bible
talks about Abraham the father of our faith I want you to listen to what it
says about him by faith Abraham when called to go to a place he would later
receive as his inheritance obeyed and he went even though he didn’t know where he
was going by faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a
foreign country he lived in tents as did Isaac and Jacob who were heirs with him
of the same promise for he was looking forward to the city with foundations
whose architect and builder is God what does that mean it means God told Abraham
there’s a land here I’m gonna give you and I want you to see it and go walk in
it and he went there and he walked up and down in the middle of that country
and he sojourned there for the next hundred years of his life but he never
built a house he never had a city the whole time he lived in a tent you see he
realized that everything that God had said to him would take place beyond his
lifetime God’s plan for us is bigger than us I couldn’t have seen this when
we started Church on the Move in 1987. I would have thought that I would be the
one who would pastor this church till Jesus
came back and obviously that’s not the case and as time passed and things moved
on I begin to realize wow this is not a marathon I thought it was a marathon
it’s really a relay I’ve got to pass the baton here who knows how long the race
goes but here’s what I know I know that the end is in the next life and
here’s why this is important sometimes precious people we’ve known them right
here in our congregation who walked with God and their lives ended in some cases
prematurely or so we’ve thought but did we lose no because we’re playing a
four-quarter game and we’re playing the long game and sometimes we don’t see the
full impact of someone’s life until years after their life is over Am I helping anybody? I want to tell you a story of an old evangelist Texas
evangelist traveled in small country churches way back in the day in a time
when a lot of people lived in the country and there were loads of little
country churches he’s on his deathbed and he’s crying and he said I never
preached to a big crowd very rarely did I ever preach to a full church he said
I’m not like so many of these well-known guys that I have read about heard and
seen he said I haven’t done anything I wish
I could have done more and he left this life thinking that he’d been a failure
and what he didn’t realize is in one of those little country churches in nowhere
one day a little boy stayed home from school
a ten-year-old and his mother felt like he needed to be in the daytime revival
meeting and she brought him and he gave his heart to Christ that day not much
happened that you could see but he became one of the greatest pastors in
the United States of America built one of the largest churches in all of this
nation but he wasn’t just a gifted speaker he wasn’t just a good leader he
was an influence on the whole country and he was led to Christ when he was a
10 year old boy in a little country church by a very uneducated itinerant
evangelist who thought that he had done nothing
we’re playing a four-quarter game people you don’t know the final score is not on
a score board here in earth it’s in another land we’re going to be blown
away when we see who did what that little grandma who prayed and and stood
guard over her family who was never well known but her prayers worked like a
shield over her grandchildren that little faithful mother who prepared
meals for her family and kept a steady hand while her husband was maybe a
little bit wild and unfaithful but she was always there she thinks she did
nothing but you don’t know I’m telling you Jesus said in that life
many that are last will be first and many that are first will be last we’re
playing for the long haul God knows exactly where you are what you
going through and you may be kicked in the guts but you’re not by yourself not
by a long shot you’re here today and you do not know
Christ I want to pray for you heads bowed and eyes closed you say pastor Willie
I’m far from God today I want to come home I want you to follow me in this
prayer right now dear Heavenly Father thank you for sending Jesus to die on a
cross for my sins I believe that he took them all so that I could be saved
Lord Jesus I believe that you’re raised from the dead
so with these words I surrender Jesus is my lord thank you for saving me amen
look up here if you prayed that prayer if you prayed the prayer when we leave
today you walk in that lobby there are placards out there that say I lifted my
hand I didn’t have you lift your hand I just took you right to the prayer we
skipped a step but go over and say pastor Willie told me I could skip a
step but I did pray and when you go to the table tell them that we got
something we want to give you don’t walk out of here without it today god bless
you thank you very much. hey just to reiterate what pastor George
said if you raised your hand or you or you wanted to raise your hand or right
now inside you’re raising your hand you go right out into the lobby there are
signs that say I raise my hand and there are people that want to connect with you
it can be easy especially you coming to a big community like this to feel like
you get lost in the shuffle that is a way to not feel like your loss there are
real people there who want to give you something to begin your journey with
Christ and also to answer any questions that you might have right now hey a
couple of real quick things before we head out Father’s Day dad Fest is next
weekend if you have a car or a bike that you want to show off at the car show
then it’s not too late to sign up you can do that at co-team dot info if you
know a dad grab a dad come next weekend we’re gonna have a blast celebrating
Father’s love day July 13th the finder opens and next weekend make a little
note on your phone or reminders so that you don’t miss that and last but of
course not least if you walked in today and you want to agree with someone in
prayer you have a prayer need you got a couple of ways that you can connect of
course you can text prayer two two three one on one that’s a real easy way to do
it maybe you’re a little nervous about going and talking to someone that’s a
way to connect with someone and on Saturday they will pray for your prayer
request or if you want there’s a care center right over here just go out this
door make a right and there are people there who are excited want to hear your
story want you and your name so everybody stand up
anybody have a good time to church today pastor George’s the message how about
that come on yeah but I get you fired up all right
well we love you see you next weekend may the Lord bless you and keep you may
the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you make you lift up
his comments upon you and give you peace love you see you next weekend


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