Summer Mentorship Program: Penn Law

We went to the criminal justice center
and we saw a lot of court cases and we got the lawyers in action to
actually see how they would be an Richard Shore was my favor
because he was a criminal lawyer I was used to hearing with the DA had to say or
like from a police officers point of view it was nice to see how the defense
attorney feels and why he’s defending the person when there’s a chance that
the person might may have did a really bad thing I just thought when you just did a crime you just like go and see a judge but it’s like with a
prosecutor that you go to a preliminary hearing and then you go to trial I learned a lot of new things know anything’s another moment that I liked was the opening statement
competition because we had just watched my cousin Vinnie which is a very funny
movie and we had to become the public defender and we had to write an opening
statement defending the two young boys that you college boys in the movie Billy
Gambini and Stan Rothenstein the side and luckily I won the competition along with
my other friend Claire, so it was, nice. My favorite parts were the lecture we had
at the pre-college program about refugees because I’ve learned a lot of
things from that lecture alone like what a refugee actually means and how there
needs to be fear in the person to be considered a refugee or else is just an
immigrant and just the different levels of a refugee and how you can get
citizenship or you can just stay here temporarily another time I think I’ll
remember is when we do the law is news discussions that’s when you know we take
a newspaper article and we discuss our opinions on it I think I’ll remember
that because it’s it’s a it’s an environment of many different ideas and
how people think and I think it’s good to get many different perspectives I
think that on skills that I will use not even just throughout high school
throughout my college and genuinely to my career are speaking and
acting with others of different backgrounds I feel like that was a great
thing that I learned I feel there’s like absolutely made me more mature than what
I am before I came to the summer I’m really looking forward to going to
college now

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