Sunburn Relief & Skin Care Tips : Natural, Organic Skin Care Products & Sunscreen: Part 1

Hi! I’m here at the Raw Organic Day Spa and
I’m meeting with Kristi. Hi Kristi. Nili, so happy to have you today. Thanks for coming.
Likewise. I’m really excited to see some of your products that I’ve heard about that are
natural and organic and sunscreen products. What’s the first thing you have to show us?
Absolutely. The first thing I want to talk about is the tomato sunscreen, which is this
one right here. It has an SPF of 16. This doubles wonderfully as a hand cream as you’re
driving. That’s really important to keep an eye out for, as well as you use it all day
on any part of your body. This has likopen, which is a derivative from the tomatoes. All
of the ingredients and Eminence products go through a cold press organic processing. This
is really wonderful because they’re allowed to keep their natural ingredients. The likopen
in this tomato sunscreen is wonderful for helping your skin to boost it’s natural properties
of defense that we’re already equipped with. This just gives us a little added bonus. Another
wonderful product is the sun defense powders. This is a highly concentrated dose of minerals
and vitamins and fruit. You can put it anywhere but it’s wonderful on your face. The most
important thing for application is just to keep it in a nice circular motion. This helps
it as it’s trying to grab onto the individual hairs on your face.
Then if you’re needing to make it waterproof. Where did I put that other one? Here it is.
Once you’ve applied this, it’s excellent to use a toner or a tonic. We choose the stonecrop
hydrating mist because it’s wonderful for all skin types. Stonecrop is a plant very
similar to aloe vera so it’s wonderful for hydrating, lightening. It’s great for protection
against natural pigmentation that comes from sun exposure. After you’ve applied the sun
defense powder, you can just do a light spraying of the stonecrop hydrating mist and that will
bind the powder to your skin and it will create a barrier for waterproofing.

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