Super Pulsed Laser Therapy for Osteopathic Medicine | Ronald E. Williams, DO

So we’re here at the osteopathic convention and I have Ronald and he’s gonna give just a little bit of his background, when he was younger, and the back pain that he has, and then also what you do to manage your back pain. I’m Dr. Ronald E. Williams, I practice in San Antonio. I started out many years ago in the Special Forces, I did a couple tours in Vietnam. Lots of parachute jumps. I ended up over a long period of time having a back injury, neck injury, I’ve had two cervical disc fusions in my neck. I’ve had a lumbar discectomy with stabilization with rods and screws. I have chronic pain. I don’t take any pain medicine whatsoever and never have. But I have been getting injections, anywhere from three to five injections of steroids in my low back about every two to three months. It helps for a few weeks and then it wears off. This laser caught my attention with the advertisement
here. I’ve looked at some of the data here which
has to do with cellular changes and I’m really enthusiastically going to approach this. I just had a treatment and I can tell you
that I can feel the difference after about five minutes on this thing.

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