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if artificial intelligence can improve a chess player it can also improve a physician this is Bethel Mexico and you’re watching the channel of the medical futurist in 2011 a very interesting television we show to place in the US featuring two men who won the competition several times and one computer named Watson after the founder of IBM IBM Watson had hundreds of servers and a cooling system and it was stored at a different location not to disturb the players and guess who won the competition Watson could beat them right away cognitive computers have been dramatically improving over the last few years mainly due to three major technological bases one is massively parallel computing with new graphics processing units the second is the huge databases now we get access to such as more than a decade of search results our web cookies and variable devices producing data and data and the third one is new algorithms better ones designed and built by companies such as Netflix Amazon or Google in the early 19th century a French physician developed a wooden cube through which he could listen to cardiac and lung sounds that was the first telescope back then I think cognitive computers have the potential to transform the way we practice medicine in the same way stethoscope did more than a hundred years ago even the most acclaimed professors might keep a few studies in mind at once but there are millions of them what cognitive computers such as IBM Watson does is that it goes through all the major papers textbooks it goes through the information needed to make a good medical decision and then makes a suggestion but every time the doctor makes a final call in some cases positions by physician friends ask me about the responsibilities here that when Watson makes a bad suggestion who has a response to it there then I tell them when use your stethoscope you hear something a long sound a cardiac sound you make a decision based on that and that was a bad decision then it was that a status code for it’s your fault telescope is just a tool just like cognitive computers if you’re not replaced positions but assists them in a great way just like host telescope did many many years ago people especially medicine do not like change in many cases after my talks people ask me about the potential chance of being replaced by robots or artificial intelligence in the future but I think that we have to find out the winning combination of using the human touch plus technologies one example right now a physician is struggling every single day to find the information they actually need there are millions of papers on PubMed calm a huge amount of information can be found out there and it’s a struggle to find what we actually need and cognitive computers such as the supercomputer from IBM Watson could give us that chance finally giving us the chance to focus on the patient to deal with the patient while getting the information that they actually need just one story about this in 1997 the IBM supercomputer that time deep blue could beat Gary Kasparov in a chess match that was the first time that and almost artificial intelligence could be the nagger if M could beat a human player in chess at the world reigning champion by the way later on Garry Kasparov said that he could have performed better if he had access to the same kind of massive databases so now these days there are competitions freestyle bottles in which chess players can play against chess players with artificial intelligence chess players plus the computers in a recent competition the chess players could win 42 matches but these hybrids of artificial intelligence and the human players could win 53 matches that’s the winning combination using the human mind the human creativity plus the amazing computing power of artificial intelligence read more stories about artificial intelligence and how it can change the way we practice medicine in my new book the guide to the future of Medicine and please share what you think about the use of AI future on the Facebook page of the medical futurist thank you

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  1. AI is well on it's way to the medical world….I agree, not to replace, but to be available as a trusted technology in making accurate decisions. Computers don't get tired, overwhelmed, emotional and are a "TOOL to ASSIST" the increasing burdens placed on the medical community in the delivery of far greater healthy outcomes.

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