Superfoods : How To Grow Red Amaranth – Amaranthus

loaded with vitamins and minerals
amaranth greens are not only extremely healthy but also very delicious unlike other green leafy vegetables like
spinach which are cool season crops amaranth actually grows well and warm to
hot weather now it’s extremely hot it might go to bolt so you can sow amaranth
seeds early spring or in the fall season and as long as you don’t have
extremely cold temperatures amarant will sprout very quickly and grow into some
healthy plants so the potting mix that were using here is a 30% peat moss
30% compost and 30% perlite with some worm castings
and you can see here after two weeks the plants have emerged very well and what
you need to do now is transplant these seedlings into another container or your
raised beds so in this case we’re going to be
transplanting are seedlings into our raised bed so we’re going to pick
our healthiest plants and then transplant them into the
raised beds just like that and as you can see here we can
grow a lot of amaranth in this raised bed this is a 4’x4′ raised bed you can see I’m growing about
30 plants or so in this raised bed and as you can see here
the plant looks very healthy now amaranth doesn’t really require any
fertilizers as long as you have a lot of good organic material in your soil
amaranth greens will grow very well and produce these nice-looking leaves this
is the red leaf amaranth and both the leaves as well as the seeds of the
amaranth plant are edible and the seeds just like quinoa are very high in
protein and tastes like true grains and the leaves are very much edible as
well and after 40 days of sowing we’re going to be harvesting our greens are
amaranth greens and to harvest them just snip the top part of the plant and
what will happen is after your harvest the plant will send out more shoots from
the sides and your amaranth plant will keep growing into a bigger plant so as you can see here
these leaves look beautiful there are a lot of leaves that are
growing here now some of your leaves might have a green color and that’s
perfectly fine it’s just a different of variety of a plant but it’s stil amaranth and
as you can see here these leaves look beautiful they are large leaves and the
leaves are also very nutritious they’re mostly used in stirred fries and
soups amaranth leaves are also a great source of vitamins and minerals they
are rich in calcium iron potassium and magnesium and it’s also gluten-free so
for those of you were looking for a gluten-free alternative amaranth leaves
and amaranth seeds are a great option and amaranth also has
some other medicinal properties it lowers your cholesterol it’s known to be good for your heart and it has anti-inflammatory
properties and it’s great if you have aching and
inflamed muscles it’s also rich in antioxidants
and it improves immunity and amaranth leaves were traditionally
eaten for easier digestion so it’s also said to
improve your digestion so a lot of good health
benefits in amarantth so you might want to include it as a part of your diet for
good health amaranth is also very high in fiber so it’s a good addition if you
want to increase the fiber in your diet and amaranth seeds are also a good
source of protein so all in all this is a great plant and
some people call it a superfood because it’s very nutrition dense it provides a
lot of vitamins and minerals and there we have it folks that was our episode on
growing the red amaranth plant and i hope you give it a shot it’s very nutritious
and it’s very delicious and you might also like watching some of our other
videos to your left we have a video on growing two spinach varieties and on the right we have another video
on growing amaranth and i hope you like these two videos we’ll see you again
soon happy gardening


  1. What a super plant that is. I tried sowing it 2 years in a row but i think both years, the weather did not cooperate. I bought a packet of a variety called 'molten fire'. Very beautiful. I hope i can eat it, probably. 😀 I'm also hoping to sow quinoa and chia next year. See how they do.

  2. CG thankyou for posting this video, you inspire me to plant different veggies, I had no idea amaranth was such a super food! I'm planting some tomorrow!

  3. it looks similar, except for the color, to a very commonly eaten vegetable we call calaloo in Jamaica. Calaloo is green.

  4. A Bengali delicacy, expensive to buy here in Calgary. Only a couple of friends grows a little larger leaf verity. Vegetarians recipe also known as Lal Saag.

  5. Just happened that I picked up a seed pack from Chinese grocery store and sowed some seeds on Sept 3rd. So far most of other seeds sprouted but none of the amaranth has. I'm really excited that they're super food. Hopefully I'll get some this fall.

  6. "Something completely different"
    Could you do a short video on growing roses in potatoes, explaining what season, when they can be planted in the ground, etc?
    There are several youtube with no commentary, usually bad music, and no details except one in Arabic.
    I have a very old Cecie Brunner I'd like to save and propagate.

    Thanks, Will

  7. would have liked if you had touched on insect management on these plant, my amaranth plant are infected by pests which leaves several tiny holes. do u have any recommendations

  8. You are on a roll!
    I have a question unrelated to this video. I watched one of your gourds videos recently and wondered if you have a video on how you built your PVC trellis?

  9. wonderful video. lovely looking amaranth. i hav planted the green variety here in kenya. is it as good in nutritional value? please advise?

  10. I live in the Midwest and I will have to bring in my vegetables inside soon before it gets cold. What products can I buy so do not have bugs in the house. Any suggestions? Thank you

  11. how are the seeds harvested and from what part of the plant or does amaranth bolt like cilantro? Also does red variety grow I. tropics?

  12. Looks very pretty. Lovely shade. I've never heard of this plant. What does it taste like? Very interested in growing some. Are the seeds hard to find? Kind of sound like Ashitaba. Thanks for the info!

  13. I grew amaranth for the first time this summer and the tops of the 5 foot plants are fuzzy and the seeds look nothing like the ones I planted. Do the seeds take long to mature? how do you collect the seeds?
    I wish that was in your video.

  14. Thanks for the wonderful videos. You have truly inspired me. I never knew how great amaranth is. I'm going to order some seeds and get those going.

  15. how does this channel not have million subs while stupid pewdiepie gets it, idk..

    anyway, CG, can u tell me how often amaranth grow seeds after the first flower grows?

  16. Your videos are so informative.  I was going to grow these just for me birds.  I didn't know I could benefit from the leaves also. I bought: Red, Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth.
    Thank you.

  17. hi ..thanks for the beautiful gardening tips.
    i have a question,where do i buy all the seeds like amaranth,malabar spinach
    can i grow okra at this time.

  18. Hello, I enjoy watching all your gardening videos. Can you please share a video on the drip irrigation system you have here in this video ? what parts are required it is connected to the sprinkler system etc. thanks,

  19. What's a good companion plant for red amaranth? And more importantly what not to plant next?

  20. I cook Amaranth: Sauté some onions, add some diced sweet pottatoes, clean amaranth leaves and some fresh shrimp. Add pinch of salt and cook under low fire. Bon apetit !

  21. these r gorgeous! I've just started growing this reddish variety, about 2 months ago, but it was given to ne as a gift, so I had no idea what the plant was named! thanks for showing!

  22. can it be grown indoors? I stay in Dubai… I have these seeds given by a friend but unfortunately moved to a house with no balcony.

  23. Thank you for the video. Where can i get a variation of amaranth seeds? Any source you can recommend? Thank you.

  24. On austral Africa  there are red amaranth of for meters high…years old,  like a threes…..the people harvest the leaf to cook…. like spinaks….

  25. The information in your video was very helpful. I did not know what this plant was nor the benefits of eating it,now I know…Thank you, very interesting ,and educational video!

  26. LOLit's Quinoa seeds , the black one:) I believe that it's someone form india.sounds like that. Amaranth seeds much smaller .It's quinoa without doubts. I have seen only yellow , white yeallow and rose amaranth seeds.


  28. here i am not purchasing any seeds, we can produce seeds from the plants. cut it from bottom (place 2-3 leaves) it will grow again with many branches. this methods will give you more result. my channel published more than 25 videos about amaranth growing.

  29. I soaked them for maybe 20 hours then put them in soil …no one sprouted in 10 days absolutely nothing …. I'm trying again but will try to germinate in tissue paper

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