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feed our faith and then we're going to release our faith now if you've been in this meeting all week your faith should be way up here there's been some marvelous word preached in this place this week now listen to proverbs 3:1 my son forget not my law or teaching but let your hearts keep my Commandments for length of days and years of a life worth living and tranquility inward and outward and continuing through old age till death these shall be add to you now how long should we live in peace and tranquility how long should we live in blessing till we leave here through old age now you know the world they think now we can't think like the world things that's just something we don't want to do because the world's under a curse they're in darkness and they're all messed up so we don't want to think like the world thinks but the world you know when you get older 60 70 80 90 they think you do you know just write you off no let's know what Jesus said that's not what proverbs says proverbs says that you can be strong through old age isn't this a great grip sure length of days and years of a life worth living you can have years of a life worth living and tranquility which is peace inward and outward inward and outward continuing through old age we should live in peace and blessing and tranquility and shilling all of our days in the earth well if I keep getting healed how am I ever going to die well here's how you want to die you just leave your body God just calls you home one day you can be out ninety-nine years old on your jog and God can say okay you can come home now you're out of here that's the way to go your spirit leaves your body you don't have to be sick to die but that's the world's thinking we can live through old age well strong able MN isn't that wonderful that's what the Bible tells us in tranquility outward inward and outward continuing through old age till death well death is just leaving for us till we leave here these shall they what the word the commands of God the Word of God will add to you so if we'll live a life on the Word of God and do what you've been learning this week you've heard some mighty wonderful preaching because I've heard it myself it's been good teaching us how to walk my faith how to how to stay connected how to stay right in there with our faith not let the devil talk us out of faith for healing prosperity or anything else that belongs to us we just hang in there we don't quit we persevere in the Word of God amen well that's what we're doing that's what you need to do where you're where your healings concern God the scripture says all scripture this is second Timothy 3:16 all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction and instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly a early furnished unto all good works well in the scripture it says Jesus went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil so we know that healing is a good work to be healed is God's idea he provided healing in the Old Covenant people provide administered healing in the Ministry of Jesus he provided healing in our covenant amen glory to God so we're just going to feed our ferret with the Word of God faith comes and we receive it and we are healed so the scripture says tradition says that healing has passed away but the scripture says i am the lord that healeth thee how many of you know that the Lord does not change it's this Bible says I am the Lord I changed not in Malachi 3:6 for I am the Lord I changed not and the scripture in Exodus 15:26 says I am the lord that healeth thee and all through the scripture Jesus the Father and Jesus brought healing to the people healing in the Old Covenant healing in the New Covenant healing Eve in the Ministry of Jesus and then in the New Covenant that he brought about by His stripes we were healed no devil can change that hallelujah he can lie he can try to make you think it's not true but it's true I'm telling you it's true how many have found it to be true you absolutely have already not just this week but you've been supernaturally healed by the power of God we testify to that worry to God hallelujah the less let's look at well the scripture says in saw in Psalm 103 let's you know some people pray if it's your will Lord heal me but let's look at Psalm 103 and see what the will of God is and it'll it will leave no doubt this is just one place that you can look at it I like to give this Psalm in every healing service it says bless the Lord O my soul this way we ought to be doing every day bless the Lord O my soul when you get up in the morning don't start your complaint list with God start saying good things about God worshiping God give God something to work with bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy Name say some good things about God bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits it's so wonderful that God's got benefits in every area of life who forgiveth all your iniquities you're here today and you've you've you know you've not been living right and you're saying I'd sure like to get healed but I don't think I will because of what I've been doing well what do you do you repent and he forgives your iniquities repent in the name of Jesus and let iniquity go you know when you when you repent I mean we all make mistakes Jesse says he doesn't sin but I don't know about that but I'm telling you the people I know have to repent I'll have to ask Kathy if that's true but at any rate I'm just kidding you know Jesse's not my problem he knows Oh Kathy most of us have to repent most of us you know we'll get up and we'll say something in the morning we shouldn't say walk out of love get out of faith whatever it is well be quick to repent even if it's serious even something that's really serious what do you do but what can you do after you've done it there's not anything you can do but repent and go free from it but thank God we can repent we can ask forgiveness we can receive it God is is quick to forgive he's just to forgive the scripture says bless the Lord who forgiveth all thine iniquities so don't let iniquity stand in your way this morning don't let sin stand in your way just repent in and make up your mind I'm not doing that anymore we don't repent and think oh well if we sin again we'll just repent again no we live to do what's right we want to walk in love we want to keep the commandments of the Lord that's our desire who he loves he forgives all of our iniquities who healeth all thy diseases glory to God now does that settle it is it God's will to forgive you today yes is it God's will to heal you today yes of everything yes you can get healed with more than one thing who redeems your life from destruction that means the Lord is the one of the benefits of God is that he gives us safety and protection if I have an opportunity today I'd like to talk to you about I'd like to give you some scriptures about safety and protection it seems to me there's an unusual amount of things coming upon the earth we have disasters here and disasters there we we give Fox and CNN some than to say somebody gives them something to say generally everyday about some terrible thing don't let that bring fear on you you're in the word you're not in the world without God you're in the world world with God if Jesus is your Lord and when bad things are they say are coming your way like storms or whatever it is you immediately get your word out and you you take your stand and you say no you're not coming here in Jesus name you're not coming here let me see if I can find that I don't know if I can or not but I'll try I saw this in the New Living Translation this is in Proverbs 3 in the New Living and it says I'll just read what's a little bit above it my child don't lose sight of good planning and insight hang on to them for they filled you with life and bring you honor and respect they keep your keep you safe on your way and keep your feet from stumbling you can lie down without fear and enjoy pleasant dreams now if you're bothered by bad dreams here's your scripture you can lie down without fear and enjoy pleasant dreams here's the scripture in verse 25 proverbs 3 this is the New Living 3:25 you need not be afraid of disaster or destruction that comes up on the squeakin for the Lord is your security and he will keep your foot from being caught in a trap you need not be afraid of disaster or destruction that comes upon the wicked glory to God as much disaster as we have going on in the world what a wonderful thing to know that we do not have to be afraid of disaster he will keep your foot the Lord is your security he will keep your foot from being caught in a trap now let's look at Ezekiel 14 even if Noah Daniel and Joe were there their righteousness would save no one but themselves I suppose there was an invasion of wild animals to devastate the land and kill the people even if these three men were there the sovereign Lord swears it would do no good it wouldn't save the people from destruction those three alone would be saved but the land would be devastated our he said suppose there was law and then he said the same thing I suppose there was an epidemic of disease even if Noah this is first twenty twenty even if Noah Daniel and Joe were living there the sovereign Lord swears that they could not save the people they could not save the people they alone would be saved by their righteousness so that's saying to us and war in famine in disaster the righteous survived who are the righteous those are the ones that are believing God believe in the Word of God acting in faith obeying God the righteous survive hallelujah that could be the same thing you could say from sickness and disease Deuteronomy 5 says about the about Israel oh that there were such a heart in them that they would fear me and keep all our reverence me and keep all my Commandments always that it might be well with them and with their children forever hallelujah so it's up to us how secure we are and I'm telling you disaster can come but you don't have to participate I'm in but what happens if when you begin to hear the bad reports you know there's a hurricane coming there's storm coming this that no there's a plague what happens if you if you don't realize or don't act on your faith well you become open to it but we've got to walk by faith and not by side we've got what we see in the word and not just what we hear I'm in so let's look at some we've looked at we didn't finish Psalm 103 diddly who forgiveth all thine iniquities who healeth all thy diseases who redeems our life from destruction now that would be disasters or our plagues or anything else that was destructing your life who crowns thee he not only delivers us from destruction but he crowns us with loving-kindness and tender mercies glory to God now help to whom is that wonderful care given to those that serve him to those that do as will you know you do as well it's up to you whether you stay in as well or whether you get out of his will now if there's something you don't know about he hasn't dealt with you about its you know if you would just stay in his will in black and white you would be in great condition just what we can see in black and white if we would just obey the word just you can just read if you just obeyed the book of Proverbs after you got born again you would stay out of trouble and proverbs you don't even have to have revelation to get proverbs I mean it just tells you to do this and you'll be blessed you do this and you'll be cursed and you got to make the choice so he redeems our life from destruction he crowns us with loving-kindness he satisfies our mouth with goods so that our youth is renewed like the Eagles I believe in that I am subscribing to that it is working for me hallelujah who satisfies the mouth who the Lord executes righteousness and judgment for all that are oppressed he made known his ways unto Moses his accent to the children of men his accent to the children of Israel the Lord is merciful and gracious aren't we glad slow to anger and plenteous in mercy glory to God those are the ways of the Lord we've got benefits long life benefits healing benefits prosperity benefits but if you don't know what they are and you don't agree with them and you don't walk in the light that you have you won't be blessed so it's up to us what what what do we want do we want to live a godly life and be blessed I say yes we do because I've tried it both ways and I didn't like it I didn't like being the tail and not the head I didn't like being below and not above just the you know whatever would happen we didn't know any better than to let it happen before we got born again and got in the Word of God and things weren't good and they aren't won't be good in your life but if we will walk with God and do what he says we can live in the blessing of God every day and the big things in the little things healing in our body prosperity in our life well-being in our family the blessing of the Lord it makes rich in every area of your life hallelujah let's look at let's look at some scriptures in Psalm I'm gonna talk to you about Jesus ministry in a minute but let's just just let's just look at Psalm 91 but I want you to think about course of protection but also how much there is about healing in here he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide glory to God he shall stay he shall buy abide this cross-reference says he shall Lodge under the shadow the covering the protection of the Almighty now this scripture and those of you that are watching in our rack today and you're in the midst of war and situations this portion of Scripture is one of the portions that can save your life by the way everybody welcome all over the world on the internet this is an international healing school today and the Spirit of God is present where you are right where you are the healing power of God is there to be received hallelujah ah this person abides logis stays under the shadow the covering of the almighty God's God will overshadow us like we read in that scripture where he overshadowed the people even in when the all the people around them were being killed and not surviving God's God overshadowed those that trust him I will say here's my part I say I will say he is my refuge in my fortress my god in him will I in him will I trust the amplified says in him will I lean in rely and Trust hallelujah I will trust the Lord with my life what is that that's faith I will in him well I trust he is my refuge just like you receive Jesus as your Savior you receive him as your healer you receive him as your refuge and your fortress see this is this takes faith it doesn't just fall on you because you're born again it's it's available to you because you're born again it's available to anybody that would receive it surely I trust my part my part is I trust I say watch how much you say you know what we learned about faith this week is you say it faith talks you get what you say well here's another safe scripture I will say of the Lord my part is to abide under his shell abiding is obeying my part is staying connected abiding under his shadow and my part is to say I say my deliverance I say faith whatever it is I'm believing for I say hell I say protection I say wisdom I need wisdom every day I say whatever the scripture says I take it I say it I put it in my eyes in my ears and I get it in my heart and I say it with my mouth hallelujah surely here's what happens surely me have assured be assured he shall deliver you when you abide and when you say he does deliver and you know everything is like that in the Bible healing prosperity you say what he says you do what he says do you prosper you you if you're not going to do what he says do to prosper you're gonna have to do the best you can do but he when we say when we do what he says about the things in our life we're walking in obedience we can expect protection supernatural protection so we say that therefore we're not saying we're afraid we're not saying we're scared we're not scared there's not in our heart the Word of God is in our heart we're not saying we're gonna die young we're not saying I have a terminal disease we're not saying we might say the doctor says this but I say I'm healed I'm in God has the last word about my health in my life and how long I live and how well I live I say it he agrees with me because I've got the word he said it first he said it first I said he's already in agreement because he said it first I mean surely he will he shall deliver thee from the snare the Fowler and from the noisome pestilence surely he will deliver you from any trap set by the devil and from any pestilence sickness disease biological warfare you know any it's out there these days I mean that's not far out at all the enemy the enemies of our enemies have biological warfare and the people without God they they don't have any recourse but we're not without God we've got the 91st song and it says surely he God shall deliver thee from the snare of the Fowler and from the noisome are deadly pestilence verse 4 says he shall cover you with his feathers glory to God we've got a covering if biological warfare were to come in contact with us we'd be covered with something else that that couldn't penetrate what is it the power of God the deliverance of God the spirit of God we have spoken words of deliverance we are walking with God we have his attention hallelujah we obey God we're in a safe place obeying God is a safe place living in obedience is a safe place living in disobedience is a dangerous place you're subject to things you don't want to be subject to now who could change that God can't change it you'll have to change it if you're living the wrong kind of life and you'd like to walk without fear and you'd like to walk and the protection of God what do you do you have to make a change things that aren't right in your life you make it right and then you go all out for God he'll cover you with his feathers and under his wings shalt you trust his truth word of god shall be your shield and buckler your shield and armor that word buckler shield in the hebrew commentary it says the shield has three sides front and sides but the armor is a circle and it completely encircles you so you've got a shield and a circle and you'll find in the scripture that idea of a circle with with your protection now now look at psalm 119 just keep your place there and we'll look at some 119 I'll show it to you in the it may have this in your Bible and a lot of Bible is it has the Hebrew alphabet and it has the letters a letter of the Hebrew alphabet and it does in mine and in psalm 119 let me see where it is it has a it it's I don't know how to say it Rachel's a Hebrew scholar but she's I don't know where she is when I need her but it's spelled s am e CH how many of you in you're in psalm 119 over portions of scriptures you've got a Hebrew letter and a name okay that let you see how that letter is enclosed there's no opening in it that the Hebrews that that's that is on purpose this this letter this word describes what's underneath it what portion of scripture it is now watch what it says there I hate vain thoughts but I love thy law do I love now that's the same thing as saying being obedient I choose to walk with God I choose his thoughts now look what happens in 1:14 thou art my hiding place and my shield hope in thy word I hope in thy word when when you hate vain thoughts youyou don't want to go the world's weight you want to go God's Way we God's Way we love doing what he says God becomes your hiding place your circle of blessing your shield hallelujah I hope in thy word bless the Lord depart from me you evildoers for I will keep the commandments of the Lord there's there's a the obedience brings about that hiding place uphold me according to thy word that I may live there's preservation of life the Lord upholding this person because he loves the Lord he loves the word he obeys and let me not be ashamed of my hope hold thou me up and I shall be safe see that this whole portion of psalm 119 is about safety and protection and deliverance I will respect I will have respect unto thy statutes continually thou has trodden all them that down all them that air from the my statutes for their deeds their their deceit is falsehood thou puttest away all the wicked of the earth like dross therefore I love thy testimonies see in the way we handle and treat and obey and honor God and His Word that's how much protection we can expect from his supernatural power hallelujah my flesh tremble if for fear of thee I'm afraid of God judge manat afraid of his judgments because we know you know people that are in fear of God are in disobedience but people that know God and are walking with Him no we have nothing to fear because we're doing what he says I'm in so the whole the whole idea of protection and in other places even and you know and in my mind it's like a circle of blessing and I see this in reading the Jewish commentaries and like in the team and where they in the Psalms and in this Psalm where it has talks about protection see and realize that that circle the power God makes a circle around you and it talks about being hidden let me look at a scripture let's see if I can find a scripture in Psalm 27 here to mention that this would be from sickness and disease this would be from poverty this would be from mean people see in Psalm 27 in verse 5 it says for in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion well I see that in the secret of his Tabernacle I see that as hiding me in the circle of his presence are the circle of his blessing I see that 91st psalm and the other Psalms like this I see our protection as making a circle around the unarmed the armor that word armor goes means all the way around you those of you that are in the war this is a great scripture the the circle of protection God forms a circle around you now who to whom does he form or for whom does he form that circle for those who are dwelling in him obeying him trusting him trust causes faith causes this circle now you know in the hiding place talking about the hiding place you know when they were going to throw Jesus off the cliff and he walked through the middle of them that would be hard to do with the mob trying to throw you off the cliff you couldn't do it the natural what happened well God made that circle about him hid him they didn't see him walking through her they too stopped him he hid him and he just went right on through glory to God God can hide you literally hide you in a time of truck glory to God I like this because I believe this stuff hallelujah Psalm 91 the circle so so something I want to leave with you there is the circle of blessing this word if you looked it up in the in the tailee min 11 page 11 36 it says buckler is armor and the word armor is taken from circle it makes a circle around you all the way it says that you're protected from the east west from six sides east west north south above and below that's a circle that's a circle that's a bubble that's what I call it I call it a bubble every day I thank God for the bubble of protection that's around me and my family hallelujah I'm in the bubble glory to God I don't you maybe y'all aren't this old but there used to be a commercial and it was a toothpaste commercial and these little kids brush their teeth with this certain kind of toothpaste and they went in this bubble they floated in this bubble all day long because of this great toothpaste and I think that that old commercial is what made me to think and see in my mind's eye the bubble but it's a circle above below north east west south glory to God we're encircled by the power of God and when necessary you can just totally disappear glory to God hallelujah glory oh you're far out yeah I am and I really like it out here it's right out here you'd like it too if you'd give it a chance hallelujah he shall cover thee with his feathers and under his wings thou shalt trust what is that that is faith our are under his wings shalt you flee for refuge his truth the Word of God shall be thy shield and buckler hallelujah thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night nor the arrow that flies by day you could say the bullet the missile thou shalt not be afraid of the arrow that flies by day nor the pestilence that would be plague sickness the pestilence that walks in darkness nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday now this scripture says to us we shall not be afraid it is not scriptural to be afraid we should be trusting in the Lord if you have to read the 91st psalm every day that would be a good thing to do if you're afraid just like people read healing scriptures every day if they're sick you could read deliverance scriptures every day until that gets over into your heart and overtakes your mind and you know I am safe if you get a report from the television there's a hurricane coming there's a tornado coming what do you do if you something jumps up there you say I shall not be afraid and then you take authority over it you rebuke it in Jesus name fear has no place our lot in our lives if you've been given a report by the doctor and he says you're not going to live and it's brought fair into your life deal with it go to the scriptures that give you a long life and even if you're 70 80 90 a hundred you don't have to be sick to die don't sickness is under the curse there's no question about it it says every sickness and every disease not written under this curse not written here is under the curse so we know that we're redeemed from every sickness and disease now we need to feed on healing scriptures when we're well and when we're sick all the time hallelujah thou shalt not be afraid for fear opens the door to the devil thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night nor for the arrow that flies by day nor for pestilence it walks in the darkness nor for the destruction that lays waste that wasteth at noonday we hear a bad report a destruction report here's a scripture for will not be afraid of pestilence will not be afraid of destruction a Thousand shall fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but it shall not come nigh thee now pestilence is a sickness or a disease it says we're not supposed to be afraid in other words of sickness and disease pestilence is an ongoing horrible disease we don't have to be afraid of it we've been delivered from it it can be so bad that 11,000 people die right around you but what it shall not come nigh thee now I have in my Bible it shall not come nigh me why because I'm abiding in the secret place of the Most High I've taken my place there 24 hours a day I'm abiding in the secret place of the Most High that's where my faith is that's what I believe for that's what I shall experience is deliverance supernatural deliverance only with thine eyes shalt thou behold the the Hebrew commentary says only says you'll merrily you'll merrily peer you'll see it but you won't partake of it you could see it but you won't partake of it but now when you see it you can't let fear in you still have to walk with faith because you can't be moved by what you see but but what you believe I'm in only with your eyes show you behold and see the reward of the wicked because here's our part because thou has made the Lord which is my refuge even the most high the habitation what is that saying habitations where you live it's not where you visit habitation is where you live we've made the Lord our refuge we live we've chosen to live in this circle of blessing you say well I wish I could just be that sure I wish I could but I wish I could be that stuff you can be that strong it comes by the Word of God it comes by meditating and seeing the word of God and saying it with your mouth and putting it into your life there she'll because that was made the Lord you have made the Lord your refuge even the most high your habitation there shall no evil befall thee no evil that could be accident disaster of any kind neither shall plague come nigh thy dwelling that's sickness and disease so up here in verse six that's sickness and disease pestilence isn't sickness or disease it's under the curse and verse 10 says plague under the curse sickness disease borne by the Lord Jesus Christ now the 91st psalm was available to those even with before Jesus came they could have that kind of protection by believing their covenant but now how much more is it easy for us when now Jesus has come and he's born and carried in his own body soul spirit our sicknesses and diseases and the whole curse of the broken law everything bad Jesus has delivered us from it glory to God hallelujah we're in a safe place we're in a much stronger place than this they say Moses wrote this 91st psalm we're in a much stronger place than they were in those days and I'm telling you they got some powerful deliverance God moved heaven and earth when they'd walk with him and when they Doby him nothing could touch them but when they rebelled and didn't obey they became open and subject to the curse but we're not subject to the curse not unless we choose ourselves to open the door you say well I haven't known well none of us knew before we knew but now that we know we can do hallelujah it's just up to you thou has made the Lord because you'll just see the you will see it you might be a rat it might be around you and in boat it says you'll see the reward of the wicked in the bullinger Bible it says the lawless you know just because something happens to the lawless doesn't mean it can happen to you not if you're being obedient because thou has made the Lord which is your refuge even the most high the habitation there shall no evil befall thee what's evil well everything over there under the curse is evil that would be your children being stolen from you that would be every sickness and every disease that would be poverty that would being be being below only and somebody else always being above you every evil look at the whole curse and you'll cease what if you're in Christ Jesus you'll see what you've been delivered from there shall no evil no evil no evil I mean that is a mouthful right there that covers no evil that covers every evil there shall no evil befall thee neither shall any like their sickness and disease again come nigh thy dwelling for he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways thank God for the Angels the Angels deliver us howl ouya the angels will keep disaster from coming up on us even if it comes to our city they're sent to protect and to see to and surround their guardian though we call them guardians don't you have a guardian angel and there's lots of angels there's plenty of angels because lots of people even believers aren't using theirs and the devil and the evil people they could have angels but they're not using them so there's enough angels to go around but they're not being very busy so we got we can have all we need there's a nada there's not an angel shortage glory to God he shall give his angels they're looking for something to do actually because they can't just protect anybody they are sent in a sign to those who believe God who walk with God who obey God who are covenant minded who expect God to deliver them that would be me he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways they shall bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against the stone and notice that the angels apparently are involved in keeping evil and the plague they're apparently involved with the plague keeping the plague sickness disease because it says neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling for he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all their highways they shall bear thee up in their hands lest thou dash thy foot against stone thou shalt tread upon the line and Adder my goodness this is powerful stuff the line and the adder they can't do anything to you the wild animals can't do anything to you the young line and the Dragons shalt thou trample under feet this is victory glory to God because how come where do you get it because he you have set his your your he has set his love upon me because he God has set his love upon me and you therefore will I deliver him because he the man under the shadow God set his love upon me I set my love upon him and I received from him therefore God says will I deliver him because he has set his love upon me what does the Bible say about love it says the one who does what God says is the one who loves God so if you want divine protection of this magnitude you get divinely obedient and you you make it important to you to set your love upon him and that he can deliver you at any time you know you're treading on thin ice when you live in sin and when you're disobedient it's not a safe place but the safe place is when you set your love upon him and he will deliver you I will set him on high God says I will set him the one who sets his love upon me and what is love doing the will of God obeying God's Word if you love me Jesus said you'll what keep my Commandments so we know how to get there we know what's promised I will set him on high because he's known my name he shall call upon me this one who abides this one who obeys this one who trusts he shall call upon me and I will answer him I will be with him in trouble anytime trouble comes if you're obeying God and abiding in him God is with you in that trouble and if he is with you in that trouble he is only there for one reason to bring you out of trouble if you do if you doubt that you do a study I'm coming out of trouble and you'll see that that's what he does and you'll see what's required I will deliver him God says I will be with him in trouble so we're never if we're abiders we're never in trouble without God if we have God we're not in trouble because he'll get us out I will deliver him here's what he does I will deliver him and honor him with long life here's longevity again I love that long life business in the Bible you'll like it more – as you get older with long life will i satisfy him and show him my salvation who the one who abides the one who obeys the one who trusts the one who says there's that saying again faith talks faith says with long life will i satisfy him how long should you live what brother unit Hagen used to say 70 or 80 years and if you're not satisfied live oh so brother Copeland's hit 70 he's not through yet so he's living on actually I think he's stronger than when he was 50 or 60 with long life will i satisfy him how long should you live you should live till you're satisfied and you you're ready to go and you know it how Olli and show him my salvation now in verse 16 it says in the margin with length of days length of days is God's Way of saying long life hallelujah so there's lots of places in there that talks about a healing protection from sickness disease and protection from disasters our are any kind of situation man-made or natural hallelujah so we're safe say I'm safe I take my place in the 91st psalm the Lord is my refuge the Lord is my fortress I shall not fear in Jesus name hallelujah glory to God we looked at 103 did I finish that I don't know if I got sidetracked or not but let's just look at one verse if we didn't be sure Psalm 103 whoops that's 105 he redeems our life from destruction he crowns thee with loving-kindness and tender mercies he satisfies my mouth with good things verse 2 says don't forget his benefits he forgives all thine iniquities he heals how many of our diseases Oh thy diseases if you're a die and you've got a disease God I'll heal you he just has to have an open door he can't work through he could but he doesn't normally work through unbelief he might if somebody were praying and fasting for you and doing all of somebody else might use somebody else's faith for you but most of the time it's what you say out of your amount that you get and what you say out of your mouth comes out of your heart so if you're if you have more belief in your heart for sickness than you do healing you're going to be talking sickness and disease and if you notice that when you're sick you want to tell somebody you just feel like somebody needs to know no we we don't need to know when you're sick and you don't need to know when I'm sick God needs to know and he does know and I read just returned healing scriptures back to him hallelujah God's Word proverbs 4 says is medicine to all our flesh and it says we put it in our eyes in our ears it gets down into our heart and then it comes back out our mouths hallelujah with power and faith in it bless the Lord so faith has everything to do with your healing it has everything to do with your protection it has everything to do with everything in your life if you're if you're new and you haven't been in the conventions before and you haven't you don't have the tapes and the books and the CDs and all that you need to gloat up you need to take stuff home with you you need to not wait until another meeting comes you've got to have the word every day study the Bible your own Bible every day take some portions of scripture every day it's healing to all your flesh it's life to your flesh now that's right you take God's medicine when you're well and when you're sick and that medicine is the Word of God look at 4:20 let's just look over there you really need to get this revelation because this is the way you're supposed to live this is the way you live well well healed he said in in verse 13 in proverbs 4 he said take fast hold of instruction let her not go keep her for she is your life and the instruction from the Word of God is life to us and then it says it or not in the path of the wicked go not in the way of evil men so we obey God verse 18 says but the path of the just and righteous is as the shining light that shine earth more and more unto the perfect day the way of the wicked is darkness they don't know it what they stumble here's the answer for you do not to do that my son instead of doing that instead of stumbling in the darkness attend to my life my words and the interests of God's words give light incline your ear unto my sayings do things my way hallelujah let the words of God not depart from your eyes keep them in the midst of your heart for they are life unto those that find them and health are medicine to all their flesh the Word of God is God's medicine you can take it every day you should take it every day you should get a big dose of it every day you can't overdose you can't get too much the more you take the stronger you get though the healthier you get the more prosperous you get there's not anything in life that you can do with your time including your job that will pay you greater dividends then the Word of God going in your eyes when you're here and getting in your heart so that it talks to you how do you know if the words in your heart it will talk to you you'll hear it it'll come up how do you get it in your heart can you take a pill no can somebody else do it for you no can you hire somebody to do it no you have to do it yourself you have to put your eyes on the word and put your ears on the word listen to the word gets down into your heart it becomes faith it's available to come out at a moment's notice I get in the word every day I mean it's very very rare circumstances absolutely beyond my control that I don't get in the Word of God why because I live by the word I mean I've chosen to walk my faith and I've chosen to live by the Word of God I can't live by the Word of God if I don't eat it every day I'm in glory to God so however strong you want to be you determine it's what you do with the Word of God let them not depart from your eyes keep them in the midst of your heart for they are life unto those that find them and health healing health to all their flesh I always talk about Dodie Dodie Osteen she's my good friend who was healed of cancer years and years ago I think it's been over 20 years now healed of cancer you know John Osteen her husband they passed her great church in Lakewood she said she used to be John's wife and now she's Joel's mother but she's healed hallelujah she's still going strong she outlived John she's well she's just twenty something years ago they said you can't live there's nothing we can do for you they were in the hospice he was in the hospital they said well they can't help us here let's go home they went home the Lord told her to start taking the word twice a day go over healing scriptures twice a day now this has been 20-something years ago go over healing she just had her 70th birthday a year to a gold Ken and I went to the to her party her lunching up in New York she was beautiful of course and healed and well but she still takes those healing scriptures every day every day she goes over them twice a day and she's just in perfect health glory to God now what did she do she did this she put the eye of the Word of God in her eyes in her ears she doesn't let it depart from her eyes she does it every day and it gets down in here and makes life they the words of God are life unto those that find them and health to all their flesh see that's God's medicine the healing the prosperity scriptures are God's medicine for your prosperity and increase you can be you can be strong in healing and and and strong in that area that portion of the scripture and be weak in prosperity but you don't have to be weak in either one of them you can put the word concerning whatever you need in your life in your eyes or isn't in your heart and you'll become strong in that area and if you'll keep taking those words you'll stay strong what else happens when you take the word faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God so use your faith stay strong in that area now you can it's your choice you know if you want to prosper do what I did I mean back there when before John ever even started to school Kelly was just a maybe a second or a third grader we needed money we were well but we were sick financially I had a list of healing scriptures I don't I don't know how I don't know how I knew to do that far back but I had a list of healing scriptures I could go right now if I were at home and find them and show them to you I had a list of not healing scriptures but financial scriptures every day I'd go over those financial scriptures I was well in my body but I was sick in my finances and those healing scriptures I mean those financial scriptures turn my life around glory to God hallelujah they will do exactly in the financial realm what the healing scriptures did for Dody in the physical realm she was dying she had inoperable cancer the doctors could do nothing for her she started taking God's medicine for her body the Word of God she started taking it twice a day she got totally delivered she's still delivered she's still well now you take the prosperity you take the financial blessing scriptures of course you can't skip them you can't be selective you know tithing is one of the scriptures for finances so you're not going to do well if you say well I don't like that one but this take these others no nevel work but you take those financial scriptures and you go over them every day and and do it don't do it as a habit but do it as I'm gonna put my eyes on this word I'm going to get it in front of my eyes on prosperity and increase and I'm gonna get it in my ears and I'm gonna let it get in my heart and I'm gonna say it out my mouth the same thing will happen glory to God you'll begin to prosper where you never prosper before the Word of God is supernatural it's God's medicine for your flesh it's God's medicine for your for your surroundings your your job your whatever you're gonna do you know whatever you're doing in life it's God's medicine for your family it's God's medicine for your finances if you've got children problems get children scriptures go over them every day believe you receive when you pray don't go to God and talk about how bad he is now give God something to work with what's he gonna do agree with you and then look what happens now you give God something to work with you stand on the Scriptures that promised deliverance for your children and give God something to work with and it'll come to pass hallelujah so the 22nd verse says they the words of God are life to those that find them and health to all their flesh keep your heart with all diligence and above for out of it are the issues of life hallelujah glory to God now let's look at well I'm going to save that one chill right before we pray I want to look at the Ministry of Jesus some today let's just look at how how easy Jesus was to heal to receive healing from look at Luke let's let's look at Luke 5 we're gonna look at Jesus the healer he's the one that's healing here today he hasn't changed he's the same yesterday today and forever he still operates the same way he was so willing to heal so eager to get people delivered let's just look at a few places here in Moore in Luke 5 let's look at verse 3 wait what I want to start let's look at 12 go down to 12 and it came to pass well he just had the miracle of the fishes you know in chapter 5 he had told them where to fish even though they told all not at his word they let down their net in a different place and they got this huge net breaking boat sinking load of fish a miracle catch and so then they they followed him he took the disciples they became disciples Simon became a disciple John James and it came to pass in verse 12 when he was in a certain city behold a man full of leprosy whose seeing Jesus fell on his face and besought him saying Lord if you will you can make me clean and he put forth Jesus put forth his hand and touched him saying I will be thou clean and immediately the leprosy departed from him hallelujah look at five well let's see what else we want to look at here here in verse 17 it came to pass on a certain day as he was teaching that there were Pharisees and doctors of the law sitting by which were come out of every town of Galilee so the professionals were there and the power of the Lord was present to heal them and behold men brought in a bed man which had the palsy now the amplified it says he was paralyzed he couldn't walk they had to carry him Andhra bed on a bed they sought means to bring him in and lay him before him Jesus lame before Jesus and when they could not find by what way they might bring him in because of the multitude they went up on the roof they went up on the housetop and led him down through the tiling which his with his couch into the midst of before Jesus and when he saw their faith Jesus can see your faith this morning you know you might look good to me but he knows when you're using your faith and when you're not he sees your faith now this morning when we pray you're going to give him something to work with you be receiving his word right now believe in his word right now and when we pray you begin to do what you couldn't do before give God something to work with let him see your faith they saw when he saw their faith you know I don't know that he saw the man's faith but he saw these fellows that were you letting him down through the roof he saw their faith he said unto them man thy sins are forgiven thee of course if you had a few friends that wanted to bring you over to the convention center today and you couldn't get in the door and they said well we'll just go up and tear the roof off if you didn't have a certain amount of faith yourself you'd say I don't think that's a good idea so I believe the man did have faith he said man thy sins are forgiven thee and the scribes and the Pharisees they saw this this miracle before their face and they begin to reason saying who is this that speaks such blasphemies who can forgive sins but God alone but when Jesus perceived their thoughts he answering said unto them what reason why reason you and you heart is it easier to say your sins be forgiven heart to say rise up and walk but that you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins he sat unto the sick of the palsy I say see Jesus is used in his words he operated a faith just like you're supposed to I say unto thee arise take up your couch and go into your house and immediately he rose up and took up that whereon he lay and departed to his own house glorifying God hallelujah take up your bed and get with it now that's what we're gonna do this morning we're going to Luke when we probably we're going to release our faith Jesus is here he always comes to healing school we never had healing school that people didn't get healed so I know he's here and they were all amazed and they glorified God hallelujah look at let's look at let me see where I'm gonna go from here look at Luke 6 in verse 6 just right next door so the scribes those professionals are after him again they're here too it said he in verse 4 he went into the house of God he Jesus was preaching a sermon and he said unto them that the Son of Man is Lord also of the Sabbath verse 6 and it came to pass on another Sabbath that he entered in the synagogue and taught and there was a man whose right hand was withered his right hand was deformed it was shrunk it was unusable and the scribes and the Pharisees watched him you know they say if you're on fire people will come see you burn well that's true they watched they didn't want to participate but they were looking to see how they could trap him really the scribes and the Pharisees but they didn't seem to slow him down he the scribes and Pharisees watched him whether he would heal on the Sabbath day that they might find an accusation against him isn't that a sad commentary but he knew their thoughts and said to the men which had with the withered hand rise up stand forth in the midst and he rose up and stood forth I will ask you one thing he said to them to the Pharisees to the professionals is it unlawful to on the Sabbath day to do good or to do evil to save life or destroy it and looking round about upon them all he said to the man stretch forth your hand and he did so and his hand was restored whole as the other here was this man here he was all gimped up his little hand wasn't normal it didn't match the other hand Jesus had a lot of opposition present did it bother anything no just gave him something to work with he said stretched forth your hands help there it went glory to God Jesus is the healer he's the one that heals you today it doesn't really matter whether you're paralyzed whether you you know you've got a missing part whether you you need a new a new liver a new kidney whether you need life in your legs Jesus is the healer and when we pray he's the one you're looking to I'm giving you the word preach the word faith comes but Jesus is the healer he's the one that's with you when you're at home and nobody you're not in a healing service symptoms come on you what do you do you do the same thing you do here when you get on the Word of God and you command sickness and disease to depart from you in the name of Jesus he said stretch forth your hand and he did so and his hand was restored whole as the others and as the other and wouldn't you think those professionals would be glad about here's the man that had his hand messed up probably most of his life or all of his life now it's straight but look what happened verse 11 they were filled with madness that's the sick people they were filled with madness when this man got healed and they went they communed with other than each other what they might do to Jesus we don't ever want to be a Pharisee or against the move of God sometimes you might not understand what somebody does and you might not know that it's in the Bible and it could be in the Bible and you didn't know I just think we might not know everything so the best thing for us to do is to not volunteer to be a judge that's the safest place if it's not in your business don't mess with it hallelujah that'll help you stay well too and so let's see what we want to do where do I want to go it says here in verse 18 verse 17 in Luke 6 says he came down with them and stood in the plane and the company of his disciples and a great multitude of people out of all Judea Jerusalem from the Seacoast of Tyre and Sidon which came to hear and to be healed they came to hear and they came to be healed of their diseases and they that were vexed with unclean spirits and they were healed and the whole multitude sought to touch him for their wint virtue out of him and healed them all who is the same yesterday today and forever Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever virtue is going out of him by his Spirit to heal all every person that will give him something to work with today call faith can receive let's look at I want to just look it and he began to teach on love there and let's see what else so so that gets you in a place to receive he says in 35 love your enemy he taught them on sewing get up and it'll be given unto you let's look at 612 Jesus prayed he got healed the multitude came to hear and to be healed he taught on love he taught on obedience look at look at chapter 7 in Luke 46 Luke 46 chapter 7 he said why do you do why do you call me Lord Lord he said love your enemies in this chapter a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth that which is evil who decides what's in your heart does your wife your husband your pastor no you decide what's in your heart these eyes and these ears they belong to you you put them on whatever you want in your heart good or bad I want good in my heart so I put mine on the Word of God out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks Jesus said why don't you call me Lord and don't do the things that I do and it says he that doeth not those things that he says he he's like a man without a foundation so we can't just ignore what God says and expect to be blessed I'm in we obey God we can live if we do that we can live a life of healing and blessing let's look at the Centurion let's look at the Centurion in Luke's chapter 7 the Centurions servant the Centurions servant was sick and ready to die and when he the Centurion heard of Jesus he sent unto Him the elders of the Jews beseeching him that he would come and heal his servant this is 7 for and when they came to Jesus they besought him in instantly saying that he was worthy for whom he should do this for he loves our nation he's l to synagogue Jesus went with them now was Jesus easy to receive from you know Jesus was a very busy person is we've just seen but when he comes into faith he makes time and so these men he went to see the Centurion and when he was not far from the house the Centurion sent friends to him saying unto Him Lord trouble not yourself for I am not worthy that thou should enter into my roof wherefore neither thought I myself worthy to come unto thee but say in a word and my servant shall be healed say in a word for I'm a man of authority said under Authority having under me soldiers and I say unto one go and he goes and to another come and he comes do this then he do with it Jesus heard these things he marveled at him and he turned about him about and said unto the people that followed him I say unto you I have not found so great faith no not in Israel what was that great faith it was faith in what Jesus said he said you say it and it'll be done glory to God well that's our attitude today we see it in the Word of God we see where the word gives us healing and we say it'll be done I'm in the Word of God I'm not seeing so great faith and they were set so so in these places where we talks about individual space or individual healings normally you'll find faith you'll find faith with it what is faith faithfully is believing what God says in his word rather than what you see or feel or experience they that they return to the house found the servant hole that had been sick what was standing between that servant and being hold faith in the Word of God faith in the G image in Jesus called sickness to be gone from that servant what was standing in the way lack of faith but when he found faith when he believed God the sickness and disease was gone now that's all this standing between you and me today and our healing is to believe the Word of God and to act on it faith say in a word I want to look at the woman with the issue of blood and mark she's also Luke 8 but this is our favorite spot for that woman and we're going to act on this today she really brother Hagin used to use her as an example of what to do to receive anything from the Lord and it works let's look at verse he ran into this one that one and he ran into one that was possessed with the devil he delivered him the madman of Ghaderi remember him you might have my in trouble today but I doubt you're in this condition or they'd have probably kept you locked up he wouldn't wear clothes he was crazy he was possessed with Devils it says in verse 15 and they come to Jesus he see that him that was possessed with the devil this is 515 mark 515 see him that was possessed with the devil and had the Legion after Jesus got through with him he was sitting and clothed and in his right mind glory to God and they were afraid now they're afraid now that he's in his right mind they're afraid this says up here in verse 5 earlier that he had no clothes on he was crazy he didn't even have his baggies on he had no clothes on and he was come out of the ship immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit so whatever is wrong with you today the deme devils or sickness or disease the power of God is present to heal and to deliver you you only have to receive it when we pray and so you know he was in the tomb he was really a case here he cried out with a loud voice what have I to do with thee Jesus thou son of God son of the Most High God I drew thee by God that you torment me not for he said Jesus said to that demon come out of the men the unclean spirit hallelujah if you're done here today and you feel you're bothered by unclean spirits when we pray we'll believe God with you and you believe God and you cast them out and when when the devil tries to come on you don't let him what have you got to do you've got the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus the son the devil is subject to the name of Jesus you stand faith in the same way that the devil was subject to Jesus when he was in the earth that name still carries that power in authority jesus said in my name cast out the devil in my name heal the sick thank God for the name we have the name hallelu we're going to use the name today bless the Lord and they came – lets see down here and Jesus Jesus delivered him he was clothed and in his right mind he wanted to go with Jesus be part of the team Jesus said go home in verse 19 go home to your friends and tell them how great things the Lord has done for thee and has had compassion on thee then Jesus left there went to publish into capitalist the or he departed the man departed and went to publish into capitalist great things Jesus had done for him and all men did marvel now look look there there is the ruler of the synagogue Jairus by name glory to God and he is he's looking for help for his daughter in verse 23 Jairus besought him greatly saying my little daughter live at the point of death I pray they come lay thy hands on her that she may be healed and she shall live seating gyrus was he was saying with his faith what he wanted to happen what he expected to happen he fully believed that if Jesus would come this is exactly what happened he was given Jesus words to work with my daughter lives at the point of death I pray come lay your hands on her or actually it shows here that that's an italics and he actually said my little daughter lies at the point of death come lay your hands on her and she that she may be healed and she shall live he said it he said what he expect what he wanted he said the end result he said what he expected to come to pass she shall live look what Jesus did Jesus went with him he saw his fate he knows faith when he sees it he knows your faith this morning and when we pray I want you to let loose with everything you've got moving shaking begin to do what you couldn't do before run around the building do what you couldn't do Jesus is present to him just as quit he's just as quick to heal as he was when he was in the earth in person Jesus went with him much people thrown him on the way a certain woman which had an issue of blood for 12 years now I know you've heard this story you need to hear it again because you're no worse off than she was Jesus is here today to heal you but she had something she had faith a certain woman with an issue of blood twelve years had suffered many things of many physicians and spent all that she had was nothing bettered but rather grew worse she was not only sick but she was broke now this sickness had cost her everything she had she had gotten no better when she heard of Jesus she heard about him I don't know if she heard about the one of these other I guess she'd heard this the mad she might have heard about the madman a Ghaderi she might have heard about this miracle or that miracle but whatever she heard it got her in her heart when she heard of Jesus of course everybody was talking about Jesus he was he was on the lips of every person there were multitudes of people that had been healed the man with the withered arm all the different ones that have been healed the withered hand all the ones that have been healed people talk you know when they get healed you see a man with a withered hand and then you see him again the next day and that withered hands normal you're gonna just naturally say what happened to you she heard that things were going on she heard about Jesus and even though she was taking her life in her own hands she got out of her place when she heard of Jesus she came in the press behind and touched his garments she was not supposed to be it was against the law against the rules for her to be out in public with an issue of blood but she she fought her way in now there was a multitude around him but she fought her way in she touched his garment for she said see her faith is talking she said if I may touch but his clothes I shall be home she said it and she not only said it but she did it she fought her way through there and straightway the fountain of her blood when she touched him straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague glory to God plague plague killing her plague nobody can do anything about a sick woman but she heard of Jesus faith came and she said something see faith says something they say if I may touch but his clothes I shall behold when faith says something Jesus agrees with it and the moment that she touched him virtue power the anointing went out of him into her he perceived that anointing had gone out of him and he said who touched me and Jesus immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him turned him about in the press and said who touched my clothes and his disciples said unto Him thou seest the multitude thronging thee and sayest thou who touched me he looked round about to see her that had done this thing but the woman fearing and trembling knowing what was done in her she knew she'd received it came and fell down in his feet and what did he say to her daughter thy thy faith not my faith thy faith has made thee whole go in peace and be whole of that plague glory to God now brother Hagin used to say anybody I believe he said this I should ask him to verify this but I believe he said this anybody that will do the four things that the one with the issue of blood did can receive anything from the Lord what did she do she said it with her mouth she acted on it she did it then she received it and then she told it she testified – glory to God that little old woman Jesus knew about her when as far as we can tell when he knew that virtue went out of him but when she was ready he was ready he might not have I don't know that he knew about her until that time he might have but he didn't say it but when virtue went out of him he knew that anointing had left him and he said who touched me what happened to that woman she brought the power of God down into her body with her faith with her words her words of faith cause healing to come into her that day she said it she did it she got herself out of the room it was against the law for her to be out of the room but she got herself down there she thought she had to come in the press can you imagine the people that were surrounding Jesus that we're trying to get healed but she fought her way through so whatever you've got to come through today unbelief whatever it is come through it and receive when we pray Jesus is the healer he is here to heal you hear this this morning set aside in every meeting specifically to get you healed hallelujah he always comes he's here when we pray I'm going to read you the scripture in in Isaiah 53 54 and we're going to pray on it see we we're in we're in a more powerful position than the woman with the issue of blood was but she didn't have any trouble receiving because she had faith faith receives faith receives she did it she heard it she did it alright and she received it when she acted on now now I'm going to read the Amplified Bible because I think I like this translation well this is about Jesus I quoted it earlier I think but this is what happened on the cross we're way ahead of where that woman was but yet every person that came to Jesus in faith received everyone that would receive did receive hallelujah Jesus is no respecter of persons when we pray today when you pray at home you get your you get the words of healing out you put them in your eyes in your in your ear say them out loud receive them into yourself and then you you're a believer you in the name of Jesus say food I rebuke you in Jesus name you got off my body all you've got to do is receive the words on healing you your healing list your have those ready have words ready to go to in the Word of God at the first symptom of healing I mean it of sickness you know that healing is the will of God sickness is not the will of God the first pain the first moment you but you you realize I've got fever something's wrong here are you feel sick or nauseated or whatever happens at the first sign of a symptom you have your own healing school right there you have everything ready you know where the scriptures are they put them in your eyes in your heart and then you say in the name of Jesus I rebuke you sickness you get off of me I'm healed you have your own healing school mothers have to have healing school all the time for their children I'm telling you you lay hands on those children those little fellas come in and they've got fever lay your hands on them and rebuked the fever and rebuked the source of it in Jesus name you are responsible for keeping them he'll surely this Bible says Isaiah 53 for it says in the amplified surely you can count on it surely he has borne our griefs sicknesses weaknesses and de-stresses and carried our sorrows and pains yet we ignorant Lee considered him stricken smitten of God and afflicted as if with leprosy but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our guilt in iniquities the chastisement of our peace and well-being was upon him and with the stripes that wound him we are healed and made whole when was this this was on the cross when he took our sins he took our sicknesses he took our weaknesses hallelujah he was wounded for us he was bruised for us he died and was raised again for us and he took the whole curse Galatians says every sickness every disease every malfunction every weakness every infirmity you can have today was under that curse it's been done away with now today we're going to act on this word right here by His stripes we were healed hallelujah glory to God by His stripes we were healed the King James says now Peter looking back at the cross I say is prophesying it Peter looking back at it said by his stripes ye were healed where the were healed glory to God it's already happened we're not in Isaiah's position he saw it he saw what was gonna happen but surely he has done the deed now Jesus has borne our sicknesses and carried our diseases by His stripes we were healed if we were healed we are healed what stands in the way of our our Redemption receiving believe now what do we read in mark about believing believe you receive when you pray and then you say it you tell it you you take it with your mouth so when we pray today and we're getting ready to do that very thing right now we're going to believe we receive that means you take it you believe it you act on it you begin to do what you couldn't do before now we're all going to be believing in receiving so don't be thinking well people are looking at well what'll they think well people aren't even looking at you they're thinking they're looking at them we're all going to be believing in receiving and it's just us believers here today it's just the family here today just Jesus and the family here today glory to God so we're going to be bold in the name of Jesus and act and take hallelujah now just stand up and receive our healing are you ready to receive glory to God thank you Jesus Lord we we have faith today our faith is in you Jesus we thank you I thank you Lord for the healing anointing that's about to hit this place we we are coming into agreement just say this I agree as touching this fact Jesus is the healer he bore my sicknesses and carried my diseases and by his drop I was healed it's been done in the name of Jesus lift up your hand I receive my healing Jesus you're the healer I receive my healing in your name I'm gonna do what I couldn't do before now in the name of the Lord Jesus I'll break the power of sickness disease malfunction abnormality over you spirit soul and body I commend you to be made home in the name of Jesus from the top of your head to the soles of your feet [Applause] Jesus the healer is healing you now Jesus the healer is I commend parch to come back I command your eyes to be healed your ears to be healed your bones your back all of your bones you're glad to be healed I rebuke cancer in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I speak to the spirit life in cancer you leave these people in the name of Jesus they are healed by the stripes of Jesus himself cancer you did not stay in the name of Jesus I rebuke epilepsy in Jesus name hard condition I command your heart to be healed I speak to paralyzed limbs in Jesus name from the top of your head to the soles of your feet made in Jesus [Applause] every disease depart from your body now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command new parts to come if you need kidneys whatever you need be made whole kidneys be restored repaired replaced healed whole in Jesus name a new heart new hearts new hearts new parts new ears eardrums where there were eardrums your eyes to be made whole in the name of Jesus the healing anointing to flow into this play we receive that Lord just lift up your head and say I'll receive that your healing anointing coming in to me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet I'm here glory to God [Applause] yeah sister Gloria is just still taking place you know men of God ought to be healed here's a pastor brother Brad's got a testimony for a glory this is Pastor Ragnar Capener from Sunnyside Washington he's one of our pastors Ashleigh his church is watching the broadcast right now in their church and he's been dealing with the branchial issue for over a year and when brother Copeland had that word he's completely healed and he brings us praise I don't know you breathe deep boy Oh hallelujah that's pretty sore don't yeah absolutely yeah I've been able to preach or teach or sing or do anything without coughing or or hacking up phlegm and all that stuff so wasn't just your lungs is your voice that got restored absolutely everything well Gloria say hi to your church hallelujah praise God preachers are getting glory they got miss Gloria this is Donna from Racine Wisconsin and she's had a bad left knee she's scheduled for surgery on the 31st but she said when we pray today she started walking back and forth and she came all the way down and all the pain was gone and she's some pain but I can walk without any pain without having to limp well look at that you can't do that [Applause] [Applause] me that it wasn't in the baby bow then I said yes it is jesus heals chance it would work for knee surgery and I said no it's gonna work 100% God's gonna do it but sister Gloria you know those joints that we spoke about right up here they're being healed of all kinds of this dis gentleman says he can run now we're gonna hear his story of a pastor Elliot a man's sister Gloria this is David Howell from whip on Wisconsin and he says he had CIPD disease which is a disease of the Texas central nervous system that stopped him from being but a runner do anything and he says now he's as strong as a 16 year old I can run well [Applause] we're so glad you're healed brother Gloria this is Carlita wanders from Milwaukee Wisconsin she suffered from stomach pains for five days and during the meeting all the pain left her stomachs three years ago she had lung surgery and she had pain in her back during this time she also had a great deal of difficulty breathing she can breathe clearly now and all the pain has left her stomach and her back okay last year I ruptured a disc in my back and I had had pain off and on when I would sit for a long period of time and if I moved the wrong way that sort of thing I've lived in fear for several months of ever doing it again and this morning when you were teaching on the healing I said to God you know I'm gonna follow the four steps and I'm gonna get in the line this morning and if I am just touched by a healer I will be healed and made whole my sinuses will be whole my back will be whole and I believe that this is going to happen and I didn't even have to get touched if the Holy Spirit did it and I give God the glory I thank and praise him because my back is healed no sinus problems no trouble praise God [Applause] I was seven years old since I was seven years old and praise God it's over Wow you were touched by the healer there's testimonies gonna roll like a river today here's Melinda with another one Gloria this is Karen Swanson and she's gonna tell you her testimony sister Gloria okay Tuesday I was walking to lunch down to the mall and my I stepped in a pothole and my ankle gave out and it was excruciating pain and I was putting walking on it and walking on it through the whole you know these last couple days and Thursday night it was just like a grapefruit well now I can go like this [Applause] Chicago and she had had pain in her neck and she says it got worse this week and she says now the pain is gone there's a little bit of numbness we're believing for that to go to for it to go I was to the point where I would have to leave because it would hurt so bad and I just I was was becoming more and more debilitating but the more it was debilitating the more that I just trusted God that the devil is a liar and I knew that if it was getting worse that that meant that the devil was scared so this morning as we were praying and it was just like all of a sudden the cracking started leaving and I could bend forward without hurting myself and this has been years and I'm home I'm home [Applause] Gloria this is Kathy from Florida and there's a lot of muscle diseases being healed today she had my oh how do you say it Kathy they told her it was incurable but what happened this morning well this morning I was able to run around and jump and the fact that I can stand on concrete is a miracle I wrote your ministry and acid they would provide me with the wheelchair why I thought that and saying no and and the devil told me well perhaps you shouldn't go because I needed someone to push me around here because standing on concrete or having support from my neck and sitting so long and praise God I have been walking without any assistance and it's just so much that God has done I've been to a point where I couldn't turn over in bed I've been so weak but I started a friend of mine read the God's medicine for spirit soul and body she read it over me and I got up that afternoon in February and walked a mile the doctor totally gave up on me said that I would have been disabled for the rest of my life and through confessing the Word of God I am where I am today [Applause] [Laughter] hallelujah [Applause] this is Donna from Walkinshaw and Donna you telomere testimony I was sitting up there Wednesday afternoon and I've had a problem with my right ear for about 1011 years it was losing it was weakening and the hearing was losing I was losing my hearing and I would have difficulty it always turned my ear to hear what the left ear and I was sitting up there and I what couldn't understand everything here because I was positioned in that section and I had to use the right ear so I asked God I said please God I'm I don't want to miss any of this hey please send your healing light into my ear and as I was sitting there it popped and then I could hear really loud you know it almost sounded louder than this one [Applause] Gloria this is Jared Luckett from Milwaukee and he had a car accident and he received healing today also of asthma man were you in pain yes I was how my car accident two years ago and I said I never be healed and since he was Wednesday started praying over healing just kept receiving kept receiving it my neck has never felt this good in these past two years this whole week just the the the vision that God has put in my heart it's already it's already coming and the devil can't tell me nothing [Applause] sister Gloria this is Clem a Smith from Virginia and this is a classic example of obey and believe your prophets because the word of the Lord came through her to the voice of brother Copeland and she's going to tell you the rest all right brother Copeland said either at Washington DC or here last year that it is not okay for the body of Christ to be obese and I listened to him and I stayed on my diet and have lost 65 since last year that's just since last year this is Victoria Smith all the way from New York Pennsylvania she came all the way here for this moment go ahead here and I'm imagine listen I do private duty health care and I have not had health insurance and it really concerned me but I've been watching your broadcast and I've been under the teaching the word and stuff and so a couple of days ago I had pain so bad it was like the nerve endings and there was no skin there and I'm yeah my feet I'm sorry and I didn't know what to do and I laid in the bed and the pain was so throbbing it was just horrible I know what to do and so then I just kept praying and praying and I came here the Lord brought me here and and when you start praying I knew I was gonna get delivered and all the pain is completely gone [Applause] Laurie this is Alice Robinson from here in Milwaukee and for the last two weeks she's had a chronic cough and bronchial problems and she says when brother Copeland delivered that word once again she was completely healed instantly I was calm I was confident phlegm for two weeks and and it just the phlegm just kept coming up and our Holly I went to work one week and I was telling them that and they said oh you need to go to the emergency because I work in the hospital and they said go to the emergency room because you sound like you got you morning I said oh no I'm going through the kidney colon and Gloria colon ministry and I'm gonna go to help with my tissue and coming up and insulin when brother Copeland say if somebody got lung problem and phlegm just insulin Lauria this is Maddie seawood from Indianapolis Indiana and she injured her right big toe and she wants to tell how she got healed all week I've been walking around limping because I couldn't what was sore and I was sit there as you were praying I started to move it and knocking work to toe and work the toe and worked it too and I don't have any more pain and I also had this thing I've been dealing with fear and I'm scared to come up at first to tell you that I had gotten heal but I just refused to deal with fear any longer and I'm a heel then that's it this is Carolyn from here in Milwaukee from walking in the spirit church pastor Elliott that was just up there and she's had ocular implants in her eyes and couldn't read without glasses go ahead Caroline this morning when you said you spoke to blindness and then you tell us to do something we couldn't do I didn't do that I actually left and I went to the bathroom and when I was in there the Holy Spirit said but you should do something that you haven't been able to do so when I came back to my seat yes so when it came back to the seat and I sat down and I picked up my Bible and I just opened it I haven't been able to read without glasses and I can read this I could read this thank God he deserves your thanks his love never quits this is just where I opened the Bible to and I can read this thank the Lord of all God's his love never quits thank the Lord of all Lords his [Applause] sister Gloria this is Barbara Duncan from carrier Mills Illinois and she says that she was diagnosed with emphysema in 2004 and she'd like to give her testimony I would just like to say even on my way here from racing I took a capsule because I was getting congested but when brother Koch because I came for it I came for my healing for my lungs and my Broncos and and the virus of herpes zoster and I when he said to breathe deeply I did and they just kept going and going and just deeper and deeper and clearer so I thank God that I'm here oh man and I'm gonna stay this is Marilyn from Mayville Wisconsin and about a month ago she was jumping on a trampoline I love that and but she all of a sudden she had severe pain in one of her knees and and it's been hurting her ever ever since and all this week the ushers have been bringing her ice packs and she's been putting on but she's been speaking to it and all morning this morning she was just resisting and she was believing that when she came today that she'd be healed and and when we prayed the pain loud and it's gone and she's healed could I could I ask your age I am 71 jumping on a trampoline exercise lifts your life to new levels now be healthier live longer get stronger and live a more satisfied life fully enjoy your family work recreation and every blessing God has for your future begin your lifelong journey of health and wellness faith and strength with a get-well stay well packaged designed to help you live life without limits Gloria Copeland's book live long finish strong will show you how to take the promises of God for your life by faith with every scripture you'll discover how to live in God's blessing of homes every day the lifeline series healing and wellness your 10 day spiritual action plan by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland has everything you need to get well and stay well the plan includes daily readings for the morning and evening scripture cards worship music and video segments give yourself a lift get well and stay well Kenneth Copeland ministries wants to bless you request your FREE copy of the Get Well stay well packaged today take advantage of this free TV offer by calling us toll-free at 877 six one five four 267 or by going to KCMG org slash BVO beyond offer God's will is that you receive your healing and walk into fine health learn to stand on God's Word and receive your healing we are here for you so calls for prayer at any time or visit our website to check out all the great resources we offer to help you grow in your faith remember God wants you well and Jesus is your healer


  1. Out of Obedience by faith which Is pleasing to my God I confess that it's only His Will that HIS Devine Health is Governing my physical and spiritual body How Awesome it is to Know.

  2. please pray for my niece Dolly she was born premature now she's is three years old but she can't work properly

  3. It all sounds great but why is it that there's people dying all around us ? Want to heal someone……..go to a local hospital. We're all going to die either we like it or not and that's the only truth.

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