Supplements – Does Your Cabinet Look Like This? – FORD BREWER

Do your supplement cabinets look like
this? If they do, you may want to watch this video. I routinely will get requests from
patients that say,” doc I’m taking all these supplements. Will you take a look?
Will you tell me what you think?” and this is this is my most recent one. Over the
past couple of days and the list goes on and on. This is a two-page list.
usually the lists are two to three pages this is another one this is
one that I saw earlier this week and you know they get into, for example, the B
vitamins C vitamins different sources for different supplements – within the
same supplement category. this is page two of this second patient – again multiple sources
multiple ingredients. How can all this stuff – how can you tell whether all this
stuff works or not? now it’s gonna sound again like I’m
complaining. This is my bathroom closet it is a spillover from my bathroom
cabinet which is in a little bit better shape and that cabinet in turn is a
spillover from my bathroom sink. So you know what I’m just as bad as the rest of
us regarding looking at supplements and trying them out. So if you do that – and
I’ll talk with you a little bit more about my response – there’s actually a lot
of information that you can find about supplements and there’s also some logic
to thinking about supplements as well – in terms of information and resources. This
is a great resource here obviously besides dr. Google or dr. YouTube you
know the problems with dr. Google and dr. YouTube is that you tend to get
opinions much more than evidence and on this channel there
that’s one of the major focus points of my channel is to provide evidence as
opposed to opinions. This is the National Institutes of Health website for the
office of dietary supplements. As you know there are hundreds of supplements
and this is a – this contains a full list of fact sheets for those supplements
here’s an example out of the list here’s just the As – you know they’ve got –
tons and tons of lists of fact sheets they also provide a science background
on supplements as well I will provide the links for the
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements under the video. Here’s a – speaking of which as
we go down the list here’s the T’s and the Bs the Ws and the Ys. Now the
first patient I mentioned had – he did a logical thing. He said, ” look I am going
crazy trying to keep up with all these supplements. I’m seeing a naturopath.”
That’s what he was telling me and he said, “I asked the guy, ‘you know what. Let’s
just get to one thing that gives me everything.’ or at least as much as
possible.” So this is what the naturopath gave him. This is that IntraMa. as
you start looking well you got vitamin A from multiple sources C,D,E – multiple
sources what does this start to remind you of – a multivitamin. This is a – now
they’re developing a new multivitamin and again – that’s part of the problem.
With the entire supplement market, it is very, very difficult to pin dow. We’ll talk about why in these next two or three slides and these final
images. This is part of my response. I’m gonna start
using this on a regular basis with patients when they ask for these reviews
let me .. – give me a minute I need to read some of this because
there’s important information in here for this topic. Let me first mention a
couple of caveats regarding supplement reviews. First the supplement – the
universe of supplements – is a large one and it’s growing every day and shifting
and moving. No supper supplement is perfect, but many do show evidence of
some positive impact. Now let’s take niacin as example it’s been shown to do
very many positive things including the only thing that will help increase HDL
good cholesterol ,which is very important. However it’s got a problem. Every
solution – it seems creates another problem ,or brings with it other problems.
It causes flushing. So now – there are solutions to the niacin flushing problem.
There are multiple preparations which improve that. Well again back to the
issue of every solution creating a whole new set of problems. So then they did a
lot of research using forms of niacin which didn’t flush. One of those forms
was adding laproprian. Lapropriont is a chemical that basically decreases
the function of the the prostaglandin which helps niacin increase HDL. so guess
what? now there’s a bunch of studies which show that ” niacin doesn’t
work “. Well the reality is most of those studies include lapropriant – so again
there’s this huge debate about whether niacin actually works or not. You’ve got
the European Society of Cardiology recommending niacin the ACC doesn’t and
again just tune in to youtube or Google and you’ll see all the evidence you want
of that debate. Now very few supplements are truly dangerous the FDA is
conservative regarding safety requirements aspirin may actually be the
biggest exception it might be the most dangerous
OTC out there. You’ve heard that many of us have heard that and why is that? it
was approved long ago. and it’s – the FDA a tends to have a difficult time going
back and changing its decisions and recommendations .so you end up with the
question – are supplements the Fountain of Youth -or are they just more expensive
urine? I don’t think they’re either. Again it’s more complicated than that. I wish I
could say they’re all more expensive urine – and I used to say that. As I get
deeper in terms of researching there’s clear evidence that they do help –
berberine curcumin NAC pqq – tons of them have evidence that they help. now do they
help as much as lifestyle ?do they help as much as a 20 pound weight loss?
No way !if you need to lose 20 or 30 pounds – YOU CAN’T SUPPLEMENT YOUR WAY OUT OF A BAD LIFESTYLE. you can’t supplement your way out of
refusing to exercise – you can’t supplement your way out of eating a lot
of carbs if you have insulin resistance or diabetes. Here’s another thing to
remember – if a supplement really did help a lot ,usually Big Pharma is going
to find a way to manipulate it just a little bit, make it prescription level
and charge a ton of money for it – and make a ton of money with it. I don’t
say this to beat up on Big Pharma Pharma. In fact I’m not the big pharma
hater that most – actually most of my viewers are. if you don’t believe that
let me give an example the statins. the statins were some of the most profitable
drugs ever. in fact they were the most profitable drugs ever until fairly
recently I think they may have been unseated. statins came from supplements.
a supplement that’s still very commonly known – red yeast rice. so what are you gonna
do? are you gonna stop taking supplements? yeah I don’t really think you
that we will. there’s too much of a swan song. so I think I’m going to end
up continuing to do reviews – supplement reviews. Speaking of which – this is page
two where I go through the list regarding each – DHEA, some of the
thyroid supplements, vitamins D, K krill krill oil etc etc and page three so
thank you for your interest


  1. I do have a lot of supplements. I have an alternative doctor who likes to put me on them. What I was hoping he'd do was to monitor me eating better as well as exercising, sleeping, etc. But, I've always com out of his office with more supplements and power drink powders. I soon forget to take them, as he chided that many of his patients do. But as you have said here, you cannot take enough vitamins and other supplements to make up for an unhealthy lifestyle. Or, said like this – "You can't out-run -supplement -prescribe -meditate, the fork (eating right). Eating right trumps every medical procedure out there. It's so simple yet so difficult to do consistently. Of course, that would exclude trauma medical procedures. That's my opinion of course. Is it too simple-minded?

  2. As a functional medicine physician, I can honestly say I have gone through many periods of taking a large number of supplements.

  3. Very encouraging to see a doctor that is open to trying supplements. Most docs, I have encountered doesn't even consider them.

  4. Excellent, looking forward to your reviews on supplements ! A very important subject, thank you for your time, knowledge and assistance .

  5. Great video Dr. Brewer. I've had a few problems with supplements. Some supplements work synergistically but manufacturers aren't very good at notifying people of adverse effects. Blood thinning or platelet aggregation ones have caused me some bruising. I was taking pine bark extract (Pycnogenol) is the trademark name I believe. This is touted as a near panacea but believe most of the research was paid for by the manufacturer. To my point about synergistic effects. Any combination of Ginko Biloba, Nattokinase, aspirin, pine bark extract, turmeric, vinpocetine and probably some fish oils or krill oil could lead to undesired results . Anyone on Coumadin or Warfarin should really give their Doc a list of everything they're on. I myself have downplayed my supplement usage at the doctor because I'm afraid I'll look like a kook. I'm not claiming any of these supplements are bad. It's just easy to overdo it and not have the big picture on things. I am certainly grateful for your assessment of the research because there are too many videos out there that are all roses and unicorn farts.

  6. I find myself with a similar problem. Now there are certain things like extra Vit D2, Co Q 10, Fish oil Etc that one really must take individually but I too have thought about the efficacy of a really good quality multi Vitamin/Mineral that would genuinely take care of the bulk of our generic supplementation for good health. It can all get out of hand quickly and then you end up throwing a lot out. A quality, digestible, one pill/ or liquid option to fill the nutritional gaps is desirable. One that is reasonably priced. not cheap but not some designer pill by the Facebook chiropractor of the month. Not some power pack, to get you by till his seminar in Maui in the spring. You know what I mean. Just a good solid choice that is made by a well respected company. What are people here taking in that regard that they feel is worthwhile to look at in this category of supplementation?

  7. I take about 15 supplements but worry about possible interactions between them! I can find a good source to let me know if they are deleterious in certain combinations.

  8. Yeah, I have been trying to derive a formula for each supplement, based on the variables : the science, the cost, and how much of an undeniable effect they have on myself…. Some are so expensive when in the context of how many promising ones we might nedd, I recently decided to take some of the very promising supplements only 2x a week. While cheap critical supplement like magnesium 1x a day. I no longer take a cheap multi vitamin 2x daily, since I learned that they are counterproductive when fasting. I am leary of copper, c, and E supplements. Copper linked to Alzheimer's. Over half a gram of C to cancer. And a dna result that tells me me that E supplements can be harmful…. As a wild guess, I supplement with B complex (because it is water soluble and easy to pee out, but neuroprotective) , choline (based on a gene report and my anticholinergic history) , fish oil, and glucosamine chondroitin 2x a day. I fear deterioration in my joints more than any other aliment as nearly a certain result of aging, and the precipitation event of a host of other problems. I hate the cost of glucosamine but undeniably helped me during a knee attack back in 2012. Fortunately, intermediate fasting has eliminated my joint pain, but I keep up the chondrointin on the theory it can rebuild cartilage.

  9. So, (for reason below) can I get niacin as a b complex? And since wife refuses to swallow pills, is there a liquid b complex I can buy her?

  10. Supplements are becoming scarce and hard to find in Detroit. I take supplements because my primary only prescribe medicine with horrible side effects. Some deadly. Insurance company wont authorize good effective medicine. Of course sick people in pain are banned from any and all strong pain relievers. My primary gave me celebrex. I was incapacitated with horrible brain fog and no relief to pain. I now subsist off supplements. Except supplements are being removed from pharmacy shelves.

  11. I have a few supplements suggested to me by my cardiologist who opened up his integrative medicine practice and left his other practice of cardiologists. My internal med Dr doesn't want me in any except if my heart based meds. I was recently introduced to a product 4Life that shows research info on youtube. Seems viable. I'm a 50 yr old female who had a heart attack in November. Since then, I still have chest pains, pressure and was told was normal to the healing process. There's a product for the heart, headaches which I get but am resistant to try. Could you please research the product which the information sounds great. Please help. I've been struggling with a lot. Now added abxiety, weakness due to a cellulitis on my foot. Desperately seeking assistance. HELP!!!!!

  12. I take several supplements which I classify in two categories: those I will take with confidence in their benefit and those I am not so certain about. In the first I include the B6 (P5P), B9 (Methyl Folate), B12 (Methyl Cobalamine), which reduced my homocysteine levels (I have both the MTHFR mutations heterozygotic which means that I am a very poor methylator), zinc picolinate which has revived my ability to smell as well as vitamins D3 and K2(MK7). In the second category I include some which come highly recommended by authors like Bredesen and ayuverdic medicine such as Gingo-Biloba, Gotu Kola, curcumin and milk thistle, and others widely regarded as beneficial such as EPA/DHA, flax seed, cinammon, ubiquinol, lecithin.

  13. I've been been using supplements ever since 2010 when I had a heart attack, precipitated by beta blockers, which had been an off label treatment for Essential Tremor. While there is multitude of supplements I restrict them to what is likely to deal with my problems. Having adopted a supplement I monitor its effect, and cut it out if it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I take account of experts if they don't seem to be overtly commercial in their aims, if they have clinical expertise, if they have a grasp of basic human physiology, and – often – basic chemistry.

  14. Thank you Dr Brewer. I've been take a number of supplements for many years and recently came across a list of things that most people are deficient in which includes….D3 and K2, B12, magnesium, iodine and vitamin C. A problem I have found with taking supplements is that so many of them have artificial ingredients or if they are included in a multi vitamin, they are not only artificial but in such small amounts that they aren't sufficient to correct anything. Also, so many have other ingredients, that are not healthy. I check labels thoroughly to try and find ones made in the USA and are certified GMP. Sometimes that is impossible to do also. Thanks for your ongoing articles that help educate us….

  15. After 4 mo. on keto, with HIIT my CRP is 0.3 with normal supposed to be between 0 and 0.5. So I'm NORMAL! Hoorah! STICK WITH KETO AND HIIT!

  16. Supplements need to be studied, but are so much safer than pharma and much less corruption that has ensnared even our best medical professionals who actually believe the marketing of big pharma. I honestly do not trust even my family doctor, who, to his credit, is very much against statins, sleep aids, and other prescriptions that have done so much harm to people. Someone needs to put a stop to this madness. Not that I trust Europe, but they tend to be so much ahead of us in banning some of the craziness of U.S. medicine. I love the USA, but our health care system is very deficient compared to that of other modern countries and the root of its issues is all about money and the massive greed that it entails.

  17. I am actually using less supplements as time goes by. I do not believe they are more expensive urine and I believe some help, but my concern is more about my liver and my kidneys. I take a fair number of pharmaceuticals and some have liver affects and others can be harsh on the kidneys. I used to drink a lot of ice water, but as the years have gone by, I drink mostly coffee, energy drinks and protein drinks. I found I felt thirsty at the end of the day and I am trying to up my intake of plain old ice water instead of some formulated drink.

  18. Thank you. Supplements are just that. My family has a history of digestive issues, food sensitivities, abnormal sleep patterns and the MTHFR gene (homozygous). Sometimes eating the right foods is not enough if your body can't methylate, metabolize or absorb it from food. I live in a sunshine state and tested low for Vitamin D. Also have genetics for that one. As you get older, your body just does not work as efficiently. My bucket includes: Fish Oil, Glucosamine (joints), Magnesium Complex, Thorne Multi Vitamin with folate & trace minerals, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (acid reflux), Calcium with D3 & K2 (Osteopenia) & L-theanine for sleep. My chiro suggested l-theanine for sleep instead of melatonin. Just wish PCs would test for vitamin deficiencies. I have a friend who takes Kava for sleep but I didn't like what I read about it.

  19. Dr. Brewer, thanks again for another great video. There are a lot of us that are taking 4 grams of Omega-3s every day in addition to a baby aspirin. Some do not take aspirin since they have A-fib and are instead on some form of anticoagulant. The NIH (and others) have warned about the increased risk of bleeding and hemorrhagic stroke in doses over 3 grams of Omega-3 sources. Do you have any thoughts about an increase in bleeding or hemorrhagic stroke in people taking aspirin or an anticoagulant in addition to this high a dose of Omega-3s? Thank you, and pardon me if you have covered this in another video.

  20. LOL! Guilty as charged! Looks like my cabinet too. I tend to go to and at least see which supplements tend to be the best bang for the buck (not to mention purity). I just hope they're not paid off to market someone's stuff. I'm constantly "Cycling" on and off of various sups. Great video Doc!

  21. Good video. I take a high quality fish oil to boost DHA & EPA. Vit E (recommended by liver specialist) Vit D. To increase levels astaxantin is a good anti inflammatory. The best is a no sugar low carb lifestyle I believe the key to good health is what I describe. Eat real food

  22. Th supplement drawer and the junk drawer… the kids grow up and move out and the supplements move in, Lol.

    I have a lot of supplements, but I donโ€™t take them all every day. As I near bed time, I review my food log/nutrient intake and select the supplements to round out what I did not get through food/sunshine. I have also come to appreciate the role of food in epigenetics. Even 3 years ago, I would have laughed at any suggestion of Astragalus /matcha, or tumeric/pepper/ginger, & dark chocolate as legitimate โ€œsupplements.โ€ Things like angiogenesis, telomere lengthening, and dna methylation and Mtor management just were not in my radar. A lot of things have changed over the past few years!!

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