Supplier Insider: Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

Based in San Diego, California, Orphagen
Pharmaceuticals is paving a path to deliver revolutionary drugs for the
treatment of diverse chronic and rare diseases The overall goal is to create a first in class drugs it’s a huge desire in the industry today to find new
targets so you can have new approaches to the disease. The company has built a
unique platform for discovery, development, and commercialization of
small molecule drugs for orphan nuclear receptors Nuclear receptors where we
have not identified functional ligands are called orphan receptors so they’re
unpaired for nobody nobody loves them so we bring them that love. With the help of
cutting-edge screening technology CEO Scott Thatcher says his company has a
successful track record of finding small molecules to unexplored targets from the
human genome. We’re taking new targets and we’re showing that the molecules
that hit those targets are active in models of disease. The innovative tools
at Orphagen Pharmaceuticals help create new drug discovery programs and advance
research in areas like adrenal cortical cancer in autoimmune disease. We’re
talking about autoimmune disease so we’ve partnered a program to a company
in Japan that has now entered phase one to try outs for psoriasis. Why are
researchers and scientists so intrigued with this kind of approach to drug
discovery? First new classes of drugs that’s where you get the most value
that’s where the FDA gives you breakthrough status that allows you to
get in some cases to the clinic faster than competitions. and as Orphagen
continues to lead the way for novel drug targets its commitment to new therapies
remains a top priority as it eyes a future for the world-class operation. We
figured out how to screen some targets for example a kind of brain cancer,
sickle cell anemia, but we have not found a partner yet to move those forward with
the resources that are needed Ruben Galvan reporting for

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