Swati Kodali, M.D.-North Shore Physicians Group

my name is Swati Kodali I work as
a primary care physician at North Shore Physicians Group in Danvers I was previously a hospitalist
at North Shore Medical Center both at Salem and Union Hospital for almost six years, prior to that I
did my residency at New York Downtown Hospital in lower Manhattan I also did my
medical school at Chennai Medical College in India I
love interacting with people taking care of them and that
is the reason why I chose primary-care medicine, what I use to miss
as a hospitalist was the doctor-patient relationship
which we did have for a few days in the hospital but not on now long-term basis I love having
that relationship with my patients now and going home at the end of the day I
feel more satisfied with what I’m doing. I’ve always
been interested in medicine in science and
interacting with people this is what I have always wanted
to do and I love what I’m doing right now

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