Symbols Explained – Part 3 – Pentagram – Star of David

in this series about symbols we have primarily covered hand symbols I cover them first because these are things we have tendencies to do ourselves and it’s important to understand things so that we do not promote the wicked or the file ourselves because of our lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6 a much known scripture says my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge so as we begin to understand these different things we begin to slow this down and reverse it but there is much more than these hand signs that we need to be aware of this world is filled with symbols these symbols have been used to communicate different things to different people but what you will find is that the majority of these symbols are used to transmit the occult you must understand why the word a coat can normally scare someone because it sounds evil but at the base a cult simply means hidden much of these symbols were used to communicate things that only the initiated would understand but today we are in the age of information so if we choose to dig deeper we can get a grasp of what we are seeing now I am certain that there are even in deeper levels of understanding to be symbols that we are not aware of the information that these men put into books like Albert Mackey’s Masonic dictionary are all surface level knowledge Masonic writers like Carl Claudie wrote that cut through the outer shell and find a meaning cut through that meeting and find another under it if you dig deep enough you may find a third a fourth who shall say how many teachings it is not my intention to dig so deep in fact the first layer I have found that a cultists have created and use this symbol to communicate their occultic ideas that’s enough for me to stay away from it the reason for these videos is because what was once held a secret and amongst the wicked is now being brought out to the light all because they want to transmit the acceptance of their false god and his coming error of worship their goal has been to subtly introduce the world to their religion while never telling you that you are accepting a religion so when you start saying things like oh it’s like ying and yang or we all need balance you may think that you sound deep but what has happened is that you are just speaking in the terms of a form of occult reasoning or another example is when you place a symbol on your car or at your home and you think that you’re representing and supporting a certain nation but in fact you’re representing the occult these are examples of deception and when you examine yourself you can see just how true Hosea 4:6 really is if you are doing things bigger than you are representing Elohim but in fact you are representing Satan is very easy to understand why this lack of knowledge could destroy you so I believe it’s time to reverse this trend and that’s why I’ve made this series and I hope that’s why you’re watching let’s begin the pentagram I hate this symbol and though most understand it means Lucifer and worship many still don’t have much information about it say in this and witches love the pentagram it has always been used in ritual magic and a juice for divination the conjuring of spirits and the summon demonic help in the dictionary of mysticism we learned that the pentagram is considered by a cultist to be the most potent means of conjuring spirits when a single point of the star points upward it is regarded as the sign of the good and a means to conjure up benevolent spirits when the single point points down and a pair of points are on top it is the sign of the evil Satan and is used to conjure powers of evil so what they’re trying to say is this pentagram pointing upwards is used for good and the inverted pentagram pointing downwards is used for evil now this understanding goes into another teaching on the occult there’s white magic and black magic like in The Wizard of Oz they have a white witch in a black witch the white witch was good and the black witch was evil now sure people would like to place race into this but it’s not necessarily about race though I’m sure there’s racial undertones to it magic is separated into two and those that do white magic believe they are doing positive benevolent things but this is false they are conjuring up demons but they think because their purpose is for good they are doing the good thing people who practice black magic know exactly what they’re doing and they don’t hide it so in this explanation about whether the point is up or down there truly is no difference magic is magic it’s just the white magicians are received they are doing good you may meet a lot of people who practice white magic like Wiccans do not be deceived by them or what they say there is no good magic conjuring spirits and demons is extremely dangerous and always advised against the difference in whether it is pointed up is simply a representation for witchcraft and the inverted pentagram is a representation for Satanism so this is the witch’s pentagram and this is the Satanist pentagram but in the end it doesn’t matter no matter what it is a symbol used to represent a cult magic and white magic Wiccan witchcraft uses the symbol to represent the five elements of nature earth air fire water and spirit the top point corresponding to spirit the unifying element many Wiccans will wear this as an amulet and believe it to bring good fortune and ward off harm they are often referred to as Pentacles and they are often used in windows and doorways to bless and protect a dwelling this may be true but only because they are brought in a demon that is doing the protection the point you should understand is that when you see someone wear this they are more than likely a witch when you see these symbols in people’s homes you should understand they play with witchcraft are they really just are doing things they don’t understand either way is dangerous television and movies let them portray witches as these dark evil figures that are just conjuring a magic under some evil pot conjuring up spells but in fact witches are just people who practice magic some white magic some black magic they don’t wear a sign on their back saying that they are witches and they look very much like any other person except they conjure up spells if you have spoken with people in the outside world it’s highly likely that you have spoken with witches one or two at least that you did not know we’re witches men should know this especially because a lot of times you can meet a very promiscuous women and she’s giving up very easy but it’s in fact because she’s a witch and she knows she’s placing a spell upon you you must understand that this world is very wicked and Satanists just don’t go around broadcasting that they’re placing spells upon people sometimes they do now when the pentagram is pointing down as it is on the Satanic Bible the star signifies the Church of Satan’s symbolic power from hell former witch Mason Worman n Satanists bill snow Belen emphasized that to the magician the inverted pentagram has one use only and that is to call up the power of Satan and bring the kingdom of the devil into manifestation on earth it is also used to represent the goal of Mendy’s they have placed ahead of the Baphomet within the star it represents evil point-blank so the pentagram is a very important symbol used in calling demons and as an aid in the casting of spells no matter how you see it used it represents wickedness and evil which is often draw the pentagram and then placed a circle around it this is used to conjure up the demon and the circle is used to contain it actually it is said that any occult symbol is considered to be more powerful whenever a circle is placed around it this is pure wickedness and I’m pretty much done explaining it you will see the sign everywhere and you must have an understanding that evil is attached to it I remember in 1999 when the movie belly came out this was a movie heavily promoted to the hip-hop rap community the first scene of this movie began with a casting of a spell on its audience they were summoning a spirit using a child who was supposed to be DMX in the movie drawing a pentagram while DMX said he sold his soul to the devil it was pure wickedness but everybody watching the movie they had no clue that they were casting a spell on them everything that was happening in the movie after that was all a part of that spell that they started off with in the beginning of the movie it’s just an example of how they plays wickedness in our faces and we devour it willingly because we lack knowledge and understanding now you will know what you’re seeing and I’m certain you will see it everywhere it’s not a coincidence that the symbol that we all use to represent the star is a pentagram keep that in mind I also want to add that you may see these witches and maybe it frightens you because you know little about them or you never really believed they existed please understand if you are born again the Holy Spirit is greater than those demons and principalities they have taken on what they do cannot come against you if you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit do not be scared of witches and warlocks Satanists and their demons but don’t go playing around with them either there is nothing to fear if you have the ruach ha’qodesh it will protect you against their darts but don’t go around playing with them or trying to battle against them if you don’t really know how to war in the spirit just because you’re not to be afraid of them doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble I just want to make that clear the hexagram or Star of David I spoke about this symbol briefly in my history of religion series about King Solomon part 6 but I didn’t go into great debts this is another symbol that has been used to confuse many it’s primarily because of the names used to represent it but this symbol needs to be broken down this symbol hides many layered inner meanings in its most basic form this symbol consists of two interlocking equilateral triangles forming a six pointed star you see the six points from this symbol you have four other symbols this goes back to the symbols and elements used in witchcraft these symbols represent the four basic elements and it is what occultist and which is used to bring power within their spells the basic elements are earth air fire and water if you started thinking of Earth Wind and Fire you’re making a good connection know the name of that group is not a coincidence it’s just evidence of the occult all around you anyway the symbol for water is the triangle pointing downwards this symbol for fire is the triangle pointing upwards if you go deeper you will actually understand these symbols to mean the connection between man and women listen how it’s explained in The Da Vinci Code this is the original icon for male so rudimentary phallus known as the blade represents aggression in manhood simple still use today you connect these two and this is how you get the hexagram the air symbol is this the upward pointing triangle with a line going through it and the symbol for Earth is its opposite the downward pointing triangle with a line across it these four symbols are all in the hexagram so with all these symbols of witchcraft mixed with one symbol you can see why it is such a strong symbol for witches and occultus but let’s add to that understanding it is also a sexual symbol as the fire and water symbols like I said earlier also represent male and female organs it represents a sexual union when the male triangle penetrates the female triangle it produces the hexagram and it is the most wicked symbol in witchcraft bill Schmoe Belen a former Satanist tells us – the sorcerer the hexagram is a powerful tool to invoke Satan in fact this is where the word hex as in putting a hex or curse on people comes from I know that’s interesting because many of us have heard the word hex meaning curse but not many of us have correlated it with an actual hexagram is deep but let’s go deeper if you examine it closely you will see something you may not have ever expected six-six-six look it has six points then it forms six equilateral triangles then in its interior you will see a six-sided hexagon this shows six six six revealing the number of the Beast of Revelation so this symbol has many different things going on within it but none of them are good it is a heavy symbol used in the occult world so let’s adjust the elephant in the room although this symbol is now the most commonly used and recognized symbol for the State of Israel in Judaism it was not always so in fact this symbol only began to be recognized as a symbol for about 200 years it’s called a star David but you will not find any mention of it in scripture of history of King David bearing the symbol now a reference to Solomon because they also call it the Seal of Solomon there is legend of him with this symbol but it is not from the point of view of the Bible Solomon was a very wise King but he also made very big mistakes you should watch part six of my series of history religion to understand more about him the references to him using this symbol come from the side that are against Yahweh it is said that among the eastern nations King Solomon is again esteemed as a great magician who had great power over the spirit world it was said he gained this power from Satan who gave him a ring of power with a symbol on the ring this symbol is known as the Seal of Solomon and it is this hexagram this symbol was supposedly used on Solomon’s ring and gave him the power to understand and communicate with animals and to conjure up spirits to do his bidding this is what the Seal of Solomon is it is not found in Scripture but spoken about do Freemasonry and the occult but this is all that I could have to do with Israel in fact scripture actually speaks against the symbol Amos chapter 5 verse 26 says but ye have been born the tabernacle of your Moloch and Choi young your images the star of your God which he made to yourselves this is the star of their God it’s the hexagram this symbol is everywhere it’s also hidden on the US dollar bill there was much things placed in the design of this dollar bill that’s why as all the designs have changed in the different denominations the one dollar bill has been constant this is not a symbol of Yahweh this does not represent him he does not mix with the occult and pagans so when you are seeing this you must understand that their deception trapped and surrounding this symbol this symbol was used by the converted Jews in Europe it became a family crest or shield by the Rothschild family during the 19th century the Rothschilds brought much of the land in Israel from the Arabs and Turks and were huge supporters of the Zionist movement these are terms you should research on your own Zionism and Cays ours this will help you understand who Yahshua is speaking about in Revelation chapter 2 verse 9 in chapter 3 verse 9 so after the Holocaust the Rothschild family donated the land they owned of what was known as Palestine at the time the United Nations then gave this land to these converted Jews so that they would have a homeland and we never have to face the kind of oppression and slaughter they had during the Holocaust thus the State of Israel was created the hexagram also known as the Magan David or shield of David or Star of David or Seal of Solomon was adopted as a symbol of the nation but this again has nothing to do with Yahweh but everything to do with Satan with all the different pieces of symbolism tied into it along with the use from which is a Satanist it’s obvious that this is nothing that Yahweh wants to use to represent his land do not be deceived by this hexagram or Star of David or Seal of Solomon whatever they want to call it it is used by witches to con spirit it is a powerful symbol for the occult but these two symbols are just purely wicked though you see them everywhere you may wonder what you’re looking at and I hope this explains enough to you that you do not use these symbols if you worship Yahweh the one true God of Israel or you may be able to identify witches in koltes when you’re outside in the public they don’t walk around broadcasting their beliefs but they are definitely out there if you recognize certain things and symbols you can be aware of who you are encountering when you see people using these symbols you must question what you are seeing it’s either that they are heavily deceived or they are in fact a deceiver always understand the more we see these symbols and the more they are generally accepted the more we know how far we are from Yahweh and how close we are to Satan today we use a completely satanic symbol to try to represent Yahweh’s people to the world well that’s what the knowledge of the world today wants us to believe it’s just like Satan to use his symbol to represent when he wants to pass off as Yahweh’s chosen people and if you understand this level of deception and may help you understand the much bigger piece to this deception this is not a video to explain this in-depth I just encourage you to try to understand this on your own like I said go to Revelation chapter 2 verse 9 and 3 verse 9 and research kazar Zionists I hope this video opens your eyes to the things you were not aware of your world is inundated with witchcraft and the occult the only problem is that most of us don’t know it when you start gaining knowledge you gain power against them preying on your ignorant you also gain discernment so that you are not taking advantage of we have all been deceived by these symbols it’s time that the deception stops you must understand that Revelation chapter 12 verse 9 said and the Great Dragon was cast out that old serpent called the devil and Satan which deceives the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him this scripture says he deceived the whole world this channel is about waking you up to the deception and more importantly filling you up with his word so that you can grow your relationship stronger with the one who truly matters this world is passing away and when you’re able to see the influence of the enemy and our culture my hope is that you not only gain power over all this deception but you also gain continuous conviction to get right with Yahweh today because clearly time is running out if you want to understand about that more I encourage you to watch my video about proof that we are in the end times so listen thanks for watching if this has blessed you please like it and share it with others spread the knowledge if you’re not subscribed to this channel please do so my goal is to prepare you for the Messiah don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram thank you everyone that supports this ministry you are all a blessing to me I hope this video has helped you may Elohim bless you thanks again I love you all

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