Symptoms Of End Stage Liver Disease – Common Symptoms And Best Treatment For Cirrhosis

the liver plays numerous important roles in the body it actively participates in metabolizing vitamins minerals proteins fats and carbohydrates it converts glucose to glycogen and helps in the storage of glycogen vitamin and minerals it also plays an important role in blood purification and detoxification it also synthesizes plasma protein and blood clotting agents it produces and excretes bile juice which helps in breaking down fat bile plays an important role in the digestion of fats when the liver is damaged and is unable to filter excessive bile from the blood serious problems may occur the presence of excess bile in the blood may cause the skin eyes and nails to look pale this condition is known as jaundice it is an indication of liver damage or failure there may be a number of other signs of liver failure which we will discuss in the following paragraphs symptoms of liver damage the early symptoms of liver damage include fatigue weakness lack of appetite loss of energy weight loss and nausea a damaged liver cannot remove ill Aruban from the blood the skin in the white part of the eyes become yellow due to its presence in the blood this condition is called jaundice which is one of the major symptoms of liver damage nails change in color and appearance they'd become more curved clubbing and look white rather than pink loss of appetite occurs and may eventually result in weight loss and anemia there is in digestion or improper metabolism of proteins fats and carbohydrates 20% of patients suffering from liver diseases notice darkening of their skin color the stool of the patient becomes lighter in color this is due to the absence of bile in it irritable bowel syndrome is another common sign of liver damage in many patients of liver damage an enlarged liver is observed this is called hepatomegaly there is dilation of the abdominal part beneath the lower right ribs the severity of the above-mentioned problems may increase the pressure on the diaphragm this may further result in breathing complications polydipsia excessive thirst and polyuria frequent urination are other important symptoms of liver damage an important function of the liver is to remove excessive fluids with the help of kidneys from the body when the liver is damaged the body starts retaining fluids which is known as bloating one of the most common symptoms of liver damage is the formation of more than five spider nevis spider Nevis is a red spot surrounded by fine blood vessels present just below the skin this signifies that the liver is not able to detoxify the estrogen hormone from the blood resulting in the dilation of some of the dermal arterioles there is a delay notice than blood clotting as the liver is no more able to produce an important blood clotting protein fibrinogen in more than 50% of male patients of liver damage enlargement of the breasts and shrinkage of the testes is observed in the advanced stages of liver damage symptoms such as nose bleeding presence of blood and vomit and stool is observed blood and stool which may result in dark black or tarry bowel movement liver damage may also lead to brain and nervous system disorders like changing moods agitation confusion hallucinations numbness in the arms and legs poor attention etc causes of liver damage alcoholism hammock roma ptosis that is excessive deposition of iron in the liver selves clots in the portal vein metabolic disorders genetic disorders liver adenoma cysts or cancer viral infection all types of hepatitis that is autoimmune toxic a B C D and E primary biliary cirrhosis mostly occurs in women body's immune system attacking and destroying the liver cells this is quite uncommon liver damage treatment and precaution to diagnose any type of liver damage you need to undergo few tests which will also find out the cause behind the damage once the diagnosis is over treatment will depend upon the cause of liver disorder or disease some of the diseases which need immediate and proper medical attention and treatments are autoimmune disorder glycogen storage diseases hepatitis a b c and e wilson's disease Hammacher o mitosis cancer etc some of the diseases may get cured by medication whereas some may require surgery liver transplant may also be done in case of complete liver damage to avoid any type of liver damage one can follow some simple and effective tips alcohol is considered to be the major reason behind liver damage alcoholic liver diseases are usually noticed when they reach advanced levels as they show very less to no symptoms this makes it very difficult to cure so the best thing one can do is to reduce the consumption of alcohol keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids the liver is an organ which is metabolically very active it is highly important for the survival of the human body despite all this the human body can withstand the loss of approximately 60% of a normal liver this is because the liver has the ability to regenerate itself still any liver problem should not be taken casually in case of the occurrence of the aforementioned liver damage symptoms you should immediately consult a health care professional for necessary intervention disclaimer this Buzzle article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice you


  1. END STAGE OF DISEASES 18 04 2019

    Success Of Homeopathy :: Failure Of Mine


    What a more inhuman than to leave the suffering patient in his last moments , to writhe in the agonies of dissolution, surrounded by weeping friends. The true physician will embrace the opportunity to exercise his skill at these moments. It has come to pass that I am invited frequently to stand at the bed of moribund patients, when I never attend during their curable ills, and as many times do I thank the Great Master for the wonderful means of allaying the pangs of the flesh, without resort to the necessity of departing from that law which I have so many times pronounced universal; even in the last moments —a euthanasia.==Dr J T Kent, Emergencies—Euthanasia from St. Louis Clinical Review,: 7,Page 293—295 (1884)

    Who can write it ?, he, who do believed that a Homeopathic Physician does not know that his cases are incurable, and he selects the remedy, that may palliate the sufferings of the patients in incurable cases and cures the patients in curable ones . As a poor follower of the Homeopathy I have many experiences, of success and failure, success of Homeopathy and failure of mine that narrating below.

    Table One

    Congenital Problems of Baby Patients

    Success of Homeopathy in A Case Of Cerebral Palsy:

    Case no B/B/14,. Male eight years of age, came on 28-05-1986 with diagnosis of cerebral palsy as reported :- Mild bilateral diffuse changes with proximal cerebral- arrhythmia . Pulse 144, irregular, Temp. 101, F. , Wt. = 17 Kg. Other symptoms were as = abdominal pain, wants to lie on abdomen, moist tongue, no stool today, hot-wants hard fanning’s, SULPH 30 three doses prescribed and the patient was cured. . On 04-06-1986 again the patient came and some more important points recorded as :–(1)= cannot walk rapidly, occasional tendency to fall in front and due to repeated injury on mandible a deep ulcer formed and persisting. (2)=This issue was the first issue, conception within one month, no history of use of abortive medicine. (3) During the pregnancy , mother had abnormal craving of uncooked rice . (4) Delivery – normal. (5) Past history =/a/ =teething at 10 months, /b/= walking and talking at four years of age. /c/=reputed measles like rashes up to one and half years of age /d/=repeated skin eruption at winter up to six years of age. (6)Family history og hernia of father and Hutchinson’s teeth of paternal grand father.


    28-05-1986 fever as written above—R/ SULPH 30, three doses three hourly with successive strokes.

    04-06-1986 No problems -=- SULPH 200, two doses as above.

    27-08-1988 Within this period patient came irregularly for different problems and I also tried to treat him constitutionally. Medicine applied according to symptoms were KALI. BI., KALI SULPH, SYPHILINUM, HEPAR SULPH etc.. Surprisingly enough no more falling happened within this period, what can I get more from the parents than to discontinued the treatment ?

    Failure Of Mine =A Baby Of Bony Agenesis :-

    Case no K/I/277, a baby of four years of age came with following findings

    (1) X-Ray report Evidence of hemi vertebrae are seen in lower cervical, dorsal, lumbar and sacral vertebrae with scoliosis to left side. Evidence of short neck. Evidence of 11 th. ribs on right and 10 th. rib on left side. Lower sacral vertebrae and coccyx are not visualized, Both sacrum-iliac joints are normal.

    (2) Raised TSH ( 7.46—22-12-09), weight 13 Kg. , deformed baby with pigeon shaped chest, webbed neck pulse 68—72 per minutes ;normal heart sounds. Intelligence normal, talkative,

    (3) The baby was the first issue, conception taken after one years of marriage. To delay conception, parents were taken contraceptive tablets. During pregnancy, mother had not been suffered from any problems. Now the patient brought to me to discuss the above diseases, and present cough and cold, recurrent respiratory distress.

    (4) Treatment :- According to the history of use of contraceptive before pregnancy I prescribed CORTISONE 200(Hapco), two doses. Later the baby came on 11-07-10 with symptoms of grinding teeth during sleep, desire for chill and sweet = MERC COR 0/1—0/3 and on 14-08-2010 SYPHIL 200, four diluted doses with successive stroke at seven days intervals prescribed. Her respiratory problems were cured. No more previous anti thyroid medicine applied, and no adverse withdrew result shown. Though I advised to continued our constitutional therapy to cheek the rapid violent manifestation of the forthcoming diseases, but not cane again ( 13-06-2011)

    Table Two

    Cancer Cases

    Success/ Some Remarkable Positive Changes in Adeno Cystic Carcinoma ( ? Brain)

    Case No Kanch Ex. Came on 07-05-93 , female , thirty five, two issue, h/o operation of nasal polyp in 22-01-91, and May 92 after which patient lost his vision of rt. eye . Now/then came with. Complaints of

    (1) Hanging of mass from both nostrils ; (2) Protrusion, almost hanging of both eyes. Rt. eye had no vision, left was foggy. (3)Undigested vomiting, dyspnoea, aching limbs, amel. by tight bandage. (4) Last menstrual date 15-04-93, cont. 3-4 days. (5)B. pressure 80/60 m m of Hg, pulse- 120 P/m. (6) Too chilly patient, thirsty ++, hungry, anhidrosis, lies on left side bending knees; loquacious, tidy, weeping for problems, sympathetic, fear of cat, lightning; food desire for warm, egg, salt sweet, sour . (7)In family history h/o mothers death at four years age of patients. At past h/o diphtheria of patient at 7 – 8 years of age


    07-05-93 R/MERC CYN 200, two doses.

    05-06-93 over all improvements as reported, R/ DIPHTHERINUM 200, two doses.

    Comments :- This patient came up to 18-03 95. As I seen her eyes taken normal position though vision not returned, nasal mass subsided , patient also tried to made suicide on jumping within a wheal on 14-10-93, when she was improving. After her death her husband again came to me with his new girl friends, and daughter and son . Homoeopathy offered her great relieve, changed her furious horror face, that I consider as a great success ( copy of diag. AIIMS available.

    Failure Of Mine :: Adeno Carcinoma Of Breast:-

    Case no K/I/64, fe, 35, came on 03-06-2000, for treatment of her Respiratory Distress. She was restless too, could not able to move, anemia +++, pulse 100 p/m, BP 120/80, hot, thirsty ++, excessive hungry, , wants hard fanning, desire for cold tea, salt, sleep- normal, cough aggravate lying on back, good gentle cooperative behave. On examination her huge inflammatory lump on right breast, right upper quadrants seen , it was already operated six months back, after biopsy and other treatment this development happened..

    Treatment started with ARS IOD o/1, applied up to o/13 with relieve of asthma. As they were conservative , had not allowed me to see the case. Further. On 05-10-2000 again the called me that her total breast with lump was fallen, pectotralis major without skin opened. Unbelievably it was true that she developed a new fine external epithelium , and like a male chest ( right ) without nipple . She had severe anemia . Surely some blood could extend her life, but I had no scope and she died.

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