Symptoms on Gallbladder disease

hello everyone welcome to the trace blood today I'm gonna tackle 10 sometimes of called bladder disease these are the sentiments that I'm suffering before I found out that I have a gall stones that stuck on the duct going to my gall bladder so the doctor told me that I need to do surgery so this all the symptoms that I've been through Fred knows they yeah and vomiting so when we experience nausea and vomiting because we cannot they just our food well it's tucked already so that's why we thrown up we felt bloated and seems like you know this there's a gas on your throat that you have to spit it out so that's why you suffering Hosea and vomiting ii find fatty and greasy stools it is not normal to always have a fatty and greases doors normally it happens to me to have a fatty or greasy stools when I eat something heavy like it needs or even just a burger yes I quickly have a fatty stool and Gracie stool when I eat those kinds of food so if you experience this I have to visit gastrointestinal doctor to find it out what's going on on your stomach then another sentence that I've experienced is being between shoulder blades yes it's really painful especially on the right side of your back sorry I'm using my left hand because I'm using the stick of my phone on my right hand but the back portion in our right side that's the most painful thing that I've experienced then another sentence that I've experienced itching or strike in yes I started to have dry skin for almost a month I thought that time it ever suggests only from my skin asthma because I have a skin asthma since then so I thought it was from skin asthma but later on I found out that it's also a sign in a sentence for having a gall bladder disease all you have to do is to use lotion for hydration because our skin we need to the hydrate our skin the lotion that I recommend to you is sit a fill there's another one settle the stronger one is repair and hydration it caused a little bit but it's worth it because we need to take care of our skin our skin need oil so that will not be hydrated and you will not suffer it dry skin before you can write on my skin and one more thing the moisturizer that I found it just this what during after my operation I found out that there's a moisturizing that is tempted and scanted rather this is unscented they call that Curie nobody now when you go to the dermatologist is the first one they will can offer you Kiwi cream it's nice also the set of you but you like the chili cream because it's really moisturizing when you put in your body it seems like buttery but after a few seconds it will become dry alone so it's nice to moisturize your skin and prevent that from dry skin and next sentence that I been through also headaches and migraines so then again I just thought that it's normal for me because when I was 12 years old I cannot expose to the Sun because I have a severe migraine I always in and out and clinics because of the migraines so I all normally drink once time to subside headache but I saw in one of the YouTube channel before it he was a doctor it occurred also the sentence of the called bladder and I saw what that headaches and migraines can be a sentence also for gall bladder disease because he says that we can suffer the headaches and my creams because it is it is already it is the inflammation of our gallbladder so which means it is poisonous so that so that's why we have a headache I'm sorry I have to move the next sentence is the chemical sensitivity less sensitivities then again I thought it was from my rhinitis because I have rhinitis and I was so very very sensitive to smells like for example the fragrance if the perfume is so strong I gotta tolerate that after a couple of minutes we're gonna start sneezing and there's always being here in my nose bridge in my nose bridge but when I visit my gastrointestinal doctor and she explained to me everything about the sentence that I had and she told me that it's all the symptoms also for the gallbladder so if you have like less than tones be aware please visit gastrointestinal doctor because they are the one only the one will kind of figure out if you have any call brother problem so it's better to go visit your doctor and find it in early stage because in my case oh my I suffered severe pain I cannot barely walk because of the pain so the doctor told me I need to find a surgeon within a week to perform a surgery so if I were you if you have this sentence yes don't be hesitant to go visit your castro intestinal doctor because it's better to be cure than suffer those pains really it's very very painful one of the symptoms also that is afraid is the skin rashes I thought it was also related to my skin asthma I always have skin rashes that time but I always ignore it because I thought it was from my skin after later on I found that that it's also the symptoms for having a gallbladder disease then what because my my gastrointestinal doctor told me that our skin is the reflection on what's going on inside our gastrointestinal system so we must be aware of this yes it's religious and next one the phantoms that I'd suffer is the eye t-bonds pain the pain that is from or the pain that is from our hip going to our knees actually I have I know so that I will not forget look I'm going to share with you but I keep on looking at them King those are the sentence that I've experienced in if you have those if you have those sentence please be aware of your of your helped it's better to be cured then to prolong agony it's a really painful I've missed out what I have to do okay if you think that this video is helpful is like and please subscribe to my channel and press the notification bail for my to notify you for my upcoming videos I can share more about my journey on my laparoscopic cholecystectomy that's that's the term they used for my surgery because I do an open surgery until next video

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