Tactus Therapy – Speech Therapy In Your Hands

A stroke is a really devastating illness. It happens in an instant and your life is
changed forever. When a stroke happens, it doesn’t just happen
to one person, it happens to the whole family. At Tactus Therapy, we want to improve the
stroke recovery journey. We want to give hope that recovery is possible. People can practice, they can improve, they
can learn to communicate better. We want to strengthen the relationship between
people and technology to use that technology to enhance the therapeutic process. Using an app frees up the therapist to really
focus on what matters, which is the client. I can focus on the things that I do best. I can focus on cueing them, I can focus on
watching how they react, how they’re processing, how they’re problem solving. And I don’t have to worry about taking data. I’m not making tally marks on a piece of paper
anymore because I know the app is recording that data for me. The exercises that you do when you use a Tactus
app, they’re based on scientific evidence that these therapy techniques have been shown
to help people make gains in their recovery. We know that it takes so much repetition to
change the brain. One of the most powerful things I see when
I watch a client use the app is that they can do it by themselves. Technology doesn’t provide therapy on its
own, but technology gives us the tools to empower people
to take control of their own recovery, and to get better faster. Relationships are everything, because when
you have a stroke, you realize what matters in life, and it’s the people that are around you. Tactus apps encourage collaboration between
the clinician, the client, and the caregiver, to all focus on the same goals: the client’s
recovery. Tactus Therapy: Speech Therapy in Your Hands

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