Taking a stand against cancer

I study molecules that one day may transform the lives of people with cancer. I reactivate the body’s own ability to fight back against cancer using the immune system. We look to find tumours’ vulnerabilities, and we develop molecules that target those weaknesses directly. We develop cutting-edge technologies that provide early valuable insights into the way our molecules work. I analyse tissues to understand the nature of tumours and how to beat them. I help transform our most promising molecules into drugs through elaborate technical design and development. I generate scientific imaging data to see the impact of our molecules on the tumours. I study the molecules’ activities in early clinical trials to see how they can help patients fight their cancers. I ensure our scientific discoveries meet all criteria to enter clinical testing with patients. I ensure we’re bringing all these exciting innovations from the lab to the clinic as quickly and as safely as possible. Together, we are taking a stand. Taking a stand. Taking a stand. Taking a stand. Taking a stand. Together, we are taking a stand against cancer.

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