Taking AAKG Before Bed: Harmful?

You’re thinking about taking aakg before bed, you may want to rethink that. Let’s jump right in this is quick and dirty FAQs, we’ll explore it we’ll get right to the answer. I’m David Barr and if you’re looking to get bigger faster Stronger get leaner, go longer, hit that subscribe and then the little bell so you don’t miss anything. The idea behind using arginine before workout and before sleep is to increase the natural growth hormone boost that we already have during these times. Unfortunately what we see is that we end up shooting ourselves in the foot. By consuming the arginine we end up blunting our natural growth hormone response. We don’t want that. It’s shooting ourselves in the foot the good news is Natural growth hormone levels don’t really seem to do anything in terms of body composition, muscle growth, fat loss that kind of thing It’s really about those long-term Adaptations which we get from strength training anyway so no worries there. But still not something one mess around with. When it comes to before bed We don’t actually have direct evidence of this But it probably follows the same rules as before bed, not something you want to mess with whenever we mess with our natural Spikes and hormones we end up shooting ourselves in the foot. We see this with exercise in arginine growth hormone and probably a really good bet that the same thing happens before sleep, so Definitely not something you want to mess around with using arginine or arginine AKG Before sleep. Stick to casein. Casein has been covered in depth it is just awesome I don’t make any money off it, but it’s rock-solid. I have a full video on that. I’ll link to it here or here One of those places we’ll figure it out. But he seems the way to go. So there’s a frequently asked question answered. If you found this video helpful You probably know someone else who could use it. Share it with them They just might owe you a protein shake! Until next time, Raise The Barr


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